How to Write an Effective Restaurant Review


Also see Society of Wiki Restaurant Reviewers.

Ok, you've gotten back from a restaurant and the experience was worthy enough that you want to share it with the world via the wiki.

Let's start with the good review — it's a lot easier. Go for it, gush and celebrate! What did you like? Specific comments can help other people decide whether it's a place they want to try or not. Was it the food itself that made you happy? The way it's cooked, the ingredients or freshness, maybe variety? Whatever it is, just be sure to mention if any personal preferences helped decide your review. Maybe you loved the service or the atmosphere. How about good prices or large portions of food? Delectable desserts? It's a nice gesture to recommend any specific dishes that caught your eye.

Now for the harder review — a negative one. There can be a lot of potential reasons you want to share a negative experience. Maybe the service and restaurant quality and practices were subpar, or even [WWW]unethical. More commonly, it's something about the food that lets people down, whether it be the freshness, the ingredients and flavor of the meal, the price, or even authenticity. You've had a lousy time, you feel that your money was wasted, and/or you weren't respected. Maybe you even feel violated or sick. Take a deep breath, first; a self-composed frame of reference is the least biased. Second, you will want to share your negative experience, but you want to try to do it effectively — so others can take heed!

The Society of Wiki Restaurant Reviewers hold higher standards and are considered experts in the art of restaurant review. They recommend you write some or all of the review while still at the restaurant, while it's fresh in your mind. That way, you can check on details right then. Above all, be as honest, accurate, and objective as you possibly can. Things they recommend you to note and think about to reach their level...


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Thanks, Edwin, for pointing out that the SWRR are "considered experts (cough, cough) in the art of restaurant review". I can't begin (really) to tell you how much hard work, study, and practice goes into preparation for the discipline (ahem). You are accordingly recognized as being of Superior Taste for your astute observation. —SWRR

2005-11-05 09:30:57   great page, should be useful when we get around to reviewing restaurants weekly. —AlexNorris

2005-11-12 10:08:05   Someone with the appropriate software should make a 4-up PDF of restaurant review cards. —ArlenAbraham

2005-11-23 12:03:52   but hide the cards lest the restaurant notice and be extra nice for a good review —MarieHuynh

2014-07-05 00:20:14   This is very helpful. I am trying to create reviews for the prices only and environ. I have no budget for ordering. —baloydilloydi

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