Hutchison Hall Computer Labs


CorrectHutchison_1.jpgA View of some of Hutchison 75's computers and printers.

Hutchison Hall's Basement (Rooms 73, 75, 78, and 93)
Regular Hours
Monday - Thursday: 8AM - 10PM
Friday: 8AM - 6PM
Saturday - Sunday: Closed
Summer Hours
Varies. See [WWW]

The Hutchison Hall Computer Labs (Rooms 73, 75, 78, and 93) are computer labs located in the basement of Hutchison Hall. Room 78 is the open access room. Rooms 73, 75, and 93 are computer classrooms.

These labs are often pretty empty due to them being in a slightly out of the way place and not being very obvious (in the basement). PLS21 is held here in room 73 so the room is often reserved. As always, check the signs outside the doors to the labs before entering to see if the room is reserved or not. That way classes will not be disrupted.



Hutchison 73 has:

Hutchison 75 has:

Hutchison 78 (Open Access) has:

Hutchison 93 has:

The Hutchison labs offer:


CorrectHutchison_2.jpgRemember to check the signs outside the classroom doors to avoid disturbing classes.

CorrectHutchison_3.jpgA View of some of Hutchison 75's computers and scanners.

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