Illegal in Davis


This page is dedicated to everything uniquely illegal in Davis. If these could be linked to the correct city ordinance, it could make this page more interesting. If you're trying to search the muni code, you can add to your google search.

If you know it's illegal then add it to the list:

  1. Snoring too loudly.

  2. Pub bouncing with an open container (a Susie Boyd law.)

  3. Zipping through stop signs on your bike or Bicycling drunk. — Illegal everywhere, but enforced far more in Davis than other places.

  4. Clothes lines? (40.26.080 looks legal, more information needed)

  5. Nuclear stuff. —Berkeley is also a Nuclear-Free Zone

  6. Roosters. (5.01.020 up to 6 Hens ok, Rooster not ok.)

  7. Installation of Ceiling Fans without a building permit.

  8. Light pollution (Chapter 8.17 Outdoor Lighting Control)

  9. Shooting a pump, spring, or gas powered bb-pellet gun inside city limits.

  10. Cutting trees that are on your property that the city has declared ownership of.

  11. Smoking outside while standing still. Technically, you cannot smoke while loitering, so smoking around an establishment you are doing business is okay. Otherwise, you must be going at least 0.5 m/s. (Chapter 34.02.010)

  12. Parking without a permit. This is illegal everywhere, but with a zoo of parking permits on and off-Campus, it's especially easy to do in Davis. (Chapter 22.08)

  13. Bug bombs cannot be used anywhere in Yolo county.

  14. Fireworks. OK in Woodland and Sacramento, but not Davis.

  15. [WWW]Urinating or defecating in public (Chapter 26.01.045). That includes the police station front step, unless you're 5 or younger. Inside an office within the police station may be legal.

  16. Bicycling with headphones on both ears. Bicyclists [WWW]must obey the vehicle code , which [WWW]requires statewide that one ear remain headphoneless.

  17. Being annoying. (Repealled in 2010. (Ironically, many people were annoyed by this very annulment.))

  18. Jaywalking

  19. Scavenging recyclables from Recycle Bins . Note, this is a statewide law (Assembly Bill 1778), but often better-enforced in Davis than in other jurisdictions. For more, see [WWW]


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The problem with upscale communities (i.e. Davis) is that they accumulate too many overly restrictive laws. People tend to make laws against things that they would never do themselves, without considering that other people may.

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