Individual Major


An Individual Major is an opportunity for students to determine their own majors, given the courses available at UCD. If you have some concept that can't be served by an ordinary major program, this is for you. Also, it's a good way of getting the most out of your student fees. Both the College of Letters and Science and College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences offer individual major programs.

[WWW]The what, why, and how of making your own major for the college of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

[WWW]The PDF Handbook for Individual Majors in the College of Letters and Science

Past Individual Majors:


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Isaac Bonewits somehow received a degree in "Magic" from the University of California, though it isn't specified which one...MatthewTom

2009-05-03 19:38:38   Do these get logged, so you don't have to re-create them from scratch if you want to do one? —BrendanChan

2010-03-15 18:21:51   i majored in biophysics =) the process wasn't too hard, though it definitely takes time, and from what i understand a lot of them get turned down so put together a good portfolio! —MiranPark

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