Institute for Data Analysis and Visualization


BigWallSafe.jpgThe tiled display wall in IDAV's Virtual Reality Lab.


The Institute for Data Analysis and Visualization or IDAV (formerly known as CIPIC) is actually not just the graphics group as many people first think, but rather a research unit that encompasses several different groups.

The graphics groups ([WWW]website):

The interface group ([WWW]website):

The bioinformatics group ([WWW]website):

Virtual Reality Lab

The first thing people always notice in the VR lab (and how could you not?) are the big toys.... um, I mean the VR equiment.

We have two primary VR environments.

  1. The 'Big Wall'. Our newest setup is a 18x9 tiled wall. The wall is made up of 6 tiles (3 across, and 2 down). Each tile has a resolution of 1024x768 pixels, and each tile has 3D stereo vision support (using active projection). Additionally, the wall has head tracking for the main user, and a tracked control wand to interact with the virtual environment. The end result is absolutely amazing. We are currently working to add support for spatial audio as well (using position tracked headphones).

  2. The workbench. This is our original virtual environment. It also supports 3D stereo images, however it uses a single display (a massive CRT projector, that originally cost a shockingly large amount), and the screen is more horizontal than vertical. It also has head tracking and a wand. In addition, it uses tracked gloves, and the gloves add a button to each finger.


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