Instructional Performing Arts Center


One unique architectural item on the Davis High School campus is the performing arts facility. Completed in 2005, the building cost around 9.3 million dollars to build. It features an auditorium for shows, side rooms for class rooms, and other features. Drama students had previously acted out plays in the adjacent Veterans Memorial Building and band students performed concerts in the MPR, a small room with bad acoustics. Now both of those groups have a new facility to perform in.

In addition to the 515-seat Richard Brunelle Performance Hall, two music rooms are located next door. One is used as an instrumental rehearsal room, and the other is for vocal music. The Madrigals and all of the other vocal ensembles call this room home. ROP Stagecraft also holds classes in the 12,000 Square foot facility. The drama room is now also adjacent to the facility, whereas before the facility opened, it was across the DHS campus and a parking lot from the performance space.

The theatre is availiable for rent to all types of performers. For more information, contact Steven Schmidt, the current theater manager. Phone: 530-757-5357. E-mail:

Previous Large Productions in the IPAC

March 2005 - Remember Tomorrow (Original student written musical)

October 2005 - Dessert Theatre (Cabaret-style dinner theatre.. Without the dinner.)

December 2005 - The Day They Shot John Lennon (Presented in repertory with Songs of Ourselves)

December 2005 - Songs of Ourselves

March 2006 - Seussical the Musical

April 2006 - A Tribute to Tony Fields - Featuring a Salute to the 1980's

Future Produtions

June 2006 - E. Brattesani Enterprises Presents: "Aurora, A Display of Illumination"

Problems with the Facility

Unfortunately, the new theater facility has its drawbacks, because it was designed by someone who had never designed a theater, and no theatrical consultant was hired to proof the design.

  1. The fly rigging is not properly set up, so lighting instruments are visible from under the borders.

  2. The control suites are not soundproofed from the house, but they are from each other

  3. Our two trapdoors are so far upstage that they are practically unusable.

  4. There is a random catwalk that is useless and goes nowhere.

  5. The fire control and alarm system is not designed for a theatre, which makes it difficult to use different types of theatrical smoke, haze, and certain other stage effects.

  6. There is a 32 foot wide projection screen, but nobody in the school district has a projector powerful enough to project something 32 feet wide.

  7. Live mixing is hard, because all of the speaker clusters point straight into the house, and not up into the booth, which is approx 15 feet above the house itself. (Temp fix: ZepBrattesani has constructed a table for the audio mixer to go in the back of the house, where the speaker clusters are pointing, this was used in the production of Seussical

  8. The grand drape is too far upstage to be used effectively as a main curtain, and therefore is hardly used.

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