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Office Location
354 Memorial Union
Meeting Schedule
Mondays beginning 5:10 PM at the Mee Room, Memorial Union
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Associated Students, University of California, Davis

The Internal Affairs Commission (IAC) is a subordinate body of the ASUCD Senate. IAC reviews legislation regarding matters of association policy and procedure before they go on to the Senate of the undergraduate student government. As such, many of ASUCD's policy wonks get their start in IAC. Meetings are largely spent reviewing exciting stuff such as bylaws, Long-Range Plans, and other "internal" matters. The commission is made of nine members and a few alternate members.

IAC has open meetings on Mondays at 5:10 PM in the MU Mee Room. The meetings are typically longer than that of any other ASUCD Commission, as they have so many bills to review. IAC is also mostly responsible for writing the Long-Range Plans for all ASUCD units.

The commission has been described as "Infernal Affairs", as they get all of the hard legislation and none of the glory that comes from running programs. However, IAC does hold programs like ASUCD legislation-writing clinics. The most recent one was successful but poorly attended, as only two of the six newly elected senators attended.


Commission Chair: Nate Bentham


Name Appointment
Diana Lopez-Solorzano Winter 2013
Miriam Dombrowski Fall 2014
Adina Kuncz Winter 2014
Abhay Sandhu Fall 2014
Connie Luong Winter 2013
Jeremy Kirshner Fall 2013
Francisco Lara Winter 2013
Brian Ning Winter 2014


Past Chairs

IAC: Birthplace of Power

There is a high incidence of powerful people coming from the ASUCD Internal Affairs Commission.

A few examples:


Vice President



Unit Directors

Elections Committee Chairs

Chief of Staff


IAC was very influential under the leadership of one of its longest-serving chairs, Peter Nguyen. Serving first as member and Vice Chair of the IAC from 1992-93, Nguyen went on to chair the commission from Fall 1993 through Winter of 1995 when he was elected ASUCD President. During this era, a large number of ASUCD leaders emerged from IAC (see above), and IAC was the primary progressive resistance to the Davis College Republicans-dominated Executive Council. In fact, so many Council bills died in IAC that, for purely political reasons, the Executive Council called a closed session to discuss the job performance of Nguyen as chair in Fall 1994. Nguyen opened up the closed session to the public, exposed the political gambit to the press, forced the Council majority to back down from removing him as Chair, and caused a backlash against the Davis College Republicans which led to their fall from power in the Winter 1995 election.

Dramatic incidents


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2007-02-07 11:53:39   Where can I find the bills that have been proposed before ASUCD regarding the Pledge of Allegiance? —CarlosOverstreet

2007-02-07 12:21:27   The IAC should've known better, Mason Harrison anyone? I don't think it's a big deal but then again I wasn't there. —GregWebb

As such I want to prevent any speculation or claims regarding this incident, I dislike drama and would like to not see it on this wiki. ~DavidPoole

Linking the video is rather pointless due to how the video itself is rather misleading. The only substantial part of the entire clip is when someone who isn't even on the commission tells the camera man to turn it off. Most people who watch it have absolutely no idea what is really going on, and I'd rather not have misleading clip posted here to confuse people. Aside from that, if people feel that the event is worth a paragraph on this page so be it. ~Matt Shannon

2007-02-28 16:53:32   Wow. That video is ridiculously stupid. —TusharRawat

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