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500 copies, three times a year
Winter 2005

The International Affairs Journal (IAJ) provides a forum for students from around the world to explore and discuss international issues. The emphasis of the IAJ is the international connectedness it aims to achieve amongst young scholars whose passion and curiosity for world affairs cannot be limited to the classroom.

The IAJ produces two publications: the International Affairs Journal at UC Davis twice a year.

International Affairs Journal at UC Davis

The International Affairs Journal at UC Davis is comprised of articles and research by students with a range of multidisciplinary perspectives on important issues in the international arena. These 3-10 page articles are intended for an educated yet diverse audience.

The IAJ accepts articles from undergraduate and graduate students from any accredited university in the world. Each issue has a Forum with articles covering any subjects relevant to international affairs, as well as a “Regional Spotlight” which allows students to present their research on a particular region.

The International Affairs Journal at UC Davis is published three times a year. For more information on submissions, please visit [WWW]The IAJ Webpage.

International Update

The International Update presents 500-1500 word articles covering issues in a specific world region. The best student columnists from around the world are invited to write as regular columnists, while guest submissions are always welcome from students, professors, or others interested in international affairs. All published articles are posted on the IAJ website.

The International Update goes beyond being "just another news site" by providing current perspectives on critical issues from the brightest students around the world. Students are encouraged to both consider and challenge each other’s ideas in the pursuit of a more enlightened understanding of global trends.

For information on how to apply as a columnist for the International Update or on how to submit a guest article, please visit [WWW]The IAJ Webpage.

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Current Staff

Executive Staff
Name Title
Mariya Ryazantseva Editor-In-Chief
Executive Editor
Senior Staff
Name Title
Gabrielle Grow Features Editor
Sarah Goodman Features Editor
Danny Zhu Financial Manager
Sara Islas Chief Production Editor
Jacob Rice Publicity Chair
Caroline Moyer Web Editor
Sarina Duncan Secretary
General Staff
Name Dept
Elif Senvardarli Web
Rebekah Wu Publicity


The International Affairs Journal was founded in Winter 2005 with 6 people on staff. The content for the initial issue was almost entirely made up of articles provided by the staff, and only a few hundred copies were printed. By Fall of 2005, half of the founding members had graduated, and a major push was made to recruit new members to the IAJ. In order to maintain the highest level of academic integrity, staff members were no longer allowed to publish their work in the peer-reviewed areas of the journal; however, the section introducing the Regional Spotlight and quarterly interviews remained for staff members interested in writing for the IAJ, in addition to publishing as columnists for the International Update on the website. By the end of Spring 2006, the IAJ Staff had climbed to 18, over half of which remained on the staff for the Fall 2006 issue.

Despite the inevitable slowdown over the summer break, the Fall 2006 issue saw the largest number of article submissions to the Journal, and a publication target of 801 journals ("Over 800 units") was set. Despite the challenging goals, the loss of staff to election campaigns, and the hurdles of managing an ever-larger staff, the Fall 2006 issue published at the end of the Fall Quarter, and is available in the International Relations Office and the Political Science Department, where later issues can also be found.

Previous Editors-in-Chief
Christopher Hermanowicz Winter 2005 to Spring 2005
Dan Wollrich Fall 2005 to Spring 2006
Patrick Rogers Fall 2006 to Spring 2007
Olga Machkine Fall 2007
Nick Schroeder and Minh Cao Winter 2008 to Spring 2008
Rahul Devaskar Fall 2009 to Current


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2006-05-20 16:59:11   This journal is a publication out of AS PAPERs, and isn't any more "prestigious" than any other publication out of AS PAPERs (except that they have more money). They seem to have a habit of wearing business suits, and being self-proclaimed "professionals". I heard rumors that they want to charge contributors to publish their work if they submit more than once. I don't know how they got it in their heads that simply calling themselves "professional" will actually get them recognition as an academic journal. They should stop trying to fool people. —TeddyAdorno

2006-05-23 16:59:10   I've only been apart of the IAJ staff for a little over a month now, but I can say I have yet to wear a business suit to a meeting. Although, come to think of it, I would look pretty snazzy in one. —AlvinTsao

2006-05-23 20:06:27   I am afraid that Teddy is ill informed about the Journal, our mission, and our philosophy. If he or anybody else has any questions about the IAJ, feel free to contact the Journal staff at I also encourage students to check out the Journal website or look for the publication on AS Papers racks around campus, to judge the Journal for yourself! —KyleAtwell

2006-07-27 03:47:02   I generally like this publication. I mean, I don't really like to read it (no offense to the staff involved). From what I've seen the IAJ publishes a lot of essays turned in for grading at UCD. While I'm sure the essays are very interesting and informative, I don't like writing my own, much less reading someone else's. —SS

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