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Jack Zwald was a Chinese, Communication and International Relations student at UC Davis (2007-2011). During his time at UC Davis, he served as the 2010-2011 ASUCD President. He ran as a former ASUCD Senator on the L.E.A.D. slate (with Previn Witana for Vice President) in the Winter 2010 ASUCD Election. In the Fall 2008 ASUCD election he ran for Senate, and won, with the LEAD slate.

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Winter 2010 Presidental Candidate Statement

Fellow Aggies, we are Jack Zwald and Previn Witana and we are running for President and Vice President with the LEAD slate. We have both served on the ASUCD Senate and are approaching the recent 32% fee increase in a practical way to provide real solutions to the real issues. Jack Zwald is the current Political Director for the Davis College Democrats and Previn Witana is the current Philanthropy Chair for Delta Lambda Phi fraternity.

Fall 2008 Senate Candidate Statement and Activities

Hi, I'm Jack Zwald and I'm a second-year International Relations major and Chinese minor who hails from the Central Valley, and I am a proud member and candidate from the Leadership Empowerment Activism Determination slate.

I'm currently the Vice Chairman of the Academic Affairs Commission and have collaborated with the university administration on a number of projects. As Vice Chairman, I stood against the waste of student money and helped craft the new General Education system by advising the GE task force on students’ needs. He hopes that his efforts then and in the future will help students to navigate the sometimes complex general education system. He has also worked with L.E.A.D. over the last year to improve student life. Jack will be a strong and experienced voice on the Senate regarding these issues. Other ASUCD experience I have are as a former intern for ASUCD Senator Andrew Peake and the former Voter Registration Coordinator for the ASUCD Office of University Affairs. As the Voter Registration Coordinator for ASUCD, I vigorously worked to increase student voice in politics.

I'm an avowed Liberal and an active member of the Davis College Democrats. During the last Davis City Council race, I actively supported student and renter-friendly candidates. As such, I support Barack Obama.

Platform Issues

The administration has road-blocked any attempts to build more lights in favor of a night time aesthetic. I propose we undertake a survey of sufficiently lit corridors on campus, and produce and distribute maps with these safe routes highlighted for easy nighttime navigation.

The Entertainment Council has hosted student viewings in the past to great popularity, but never on a large scale with regular showings. I propose to work with the Entertainment Council to improve on their already exceptional program in order to bring films to campus and improve entertainment options, including live performances such as Rocky Horror Picture Show, for all students. I would like to eventually have films showing on the quad every Friday in spring quarter. This would provide a fun and safe outlet for UC Davis, and would be a great way to strengthen our student community.

UC Davis students are being gouged by text book prices and while the reserves system in the library has been successful, there is the often overlooked cost of readers made off campus. Additionally, this cost can never be recuperated since there is no buy-back program for readers, as there is for text books. Students have no choice but to pay the Davis Copy shop, because there are no alternative sources for required readers. As an ASUCD Senator, I would work with professors, the book store, and Davis Copy shop to get at least one copy of each reader on reserve in the library to help alleviate the high prices of reading materials.


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2008-11-09 17:55:08   Jack is a pretty cool guy. I've seen him actually working a lot around the ASUCD offices, so I'm sure he'd make a good Senator. So I'm hereby issuing an endorsement-like statement on behalf of Jack; you should vote for him #1. —BrentLaabs

2009-10-16 13:32:02   I voted for Jack, and I've never looked back. —EliYani

2010-02-20 19:14:55   I remember a couple of years ago he came onto our wiki as a nobody and a pawn of LEAD to attack their enemies. Now, not only is he their leader, but the leader of all of ASUCD. Man, time sure does fly. —PaulAmnuaypayoat

2011-01-13 20:12:45   I just had the good luck of meeting Jack on the bus. He's very friendly and personable; I can see why he got elected. —AndrewHarrison

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