Japanese Food


Japanese Food can be found in a variety of venues in town including several restaurants. One of the most common types is sushi.

[wikipedia]Sushi (literally "vinegar rice") is a type of Japanese food that is quite popular in Davis. You used to be able to see a line in front of Fuji Chef in the morning before it opened, but the opening of Davis Sushi Buffet a short distance away thinned things out. The California Aggie Marching Band-Uh has a sushi eating challenge. There are many opinions about which sushi restaurant is the best in town. Several of these restaurants offer all-you-can-eat buffets.

Japanese Food is of course now also sold in most supermarkets in the form of sushi, nigiri, edamame beans, and gyoza potstickers. At least three of Davis supermarkets make their sushi on location:

These markets offer good quality sushi at lower prices than restaurants, without the service.

Although the existing Japanese restaurants of today are centered around sushi along with a few core dishes of Japanese cuisine, Davis was once home to Japanese restaurants that provided more variety:

Popular Food Items Beyond Sushi

Now go eat! You'll need all that mercury and PCB's someday....

Which is your favorite Japanese joint?

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Should we just redirect this to Restaurants? Seems like it's already covered.BrentLaabs

This should be more like Thai Restaurants.CarlosOverstreet

2005-10-30 22:37:57   I can make you takoyaki...it's not hard —JeffNakamura

2006-02-20 10:33:06   This has more to do with homecooking than eating out. Does anyone know how to make a good Zaru Soba soup base? I can get the noodles, wasabi and nori at the Nugget, but I'm stuck on making the soup base. Also, if there's any local restaurants that serve good Soba, I'd like to know. —GrumpyoldGeek

2011-03-24 17:20:39   Fuji Chef. They always have long lines for a reason people!!! The rolls are tight and with the right price. Love this place!! —YogiJen

2011-08-10 16:20:56   Do any of these restaurants offer okonomiyaki? —CovertProfessor

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