Jewish Quarterly

Please refer to: The California Jewish Review
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Our Credo Was

Jewish Quarterly aims to provide a voice for Jewish students on campus. We are a forum for capturing diverse viewpoints and highlighting the struggles, achievements and perspectives of Davis's Jewish community. Jewish Quarterly strives to inform, educate and entertain while fostering a sense of community on campus. Jewish Quarterly is published at the very least once every quarter, and accepts any submission pertaining to the Jewish community to be evaluated for publishing.

Jewish Quarterly History

About once a year, someone comes up with the great idea of trying to publish the Jewish Quarterly that year. If they're lucky, they publish one issue that year. That would-be editor usually has a lot of trouble generating interest from writers. I have said several times, to several editors, that to generate interest in the Jewish Quarterly, you need to have a big meeting on a week night, with pizza and attract writers, throw around ideas, and make it clear that this paper is going to go somewhere. They never really got that formula down. I hope the Jewish Quarterly takes off this time. — KenBloom

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