Jim Provenza


Jim Provenza serves on the Yolo County Board of Supervisors. He previously served as Trustee of the Davis JUSD Board of Education from 2003 to 2007. He is also a legislative advocate for the Los Angeles County District Attorney and has been working in or around the California State Capitol since 1989.

Media Coverage

*Jim Provenza involved in car crash, overturns car he hit. Was he texting or on the phone at the time?

Neither Aggie link works, and the Enterprise now has a paywall. —DonShor


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Campaign Literature

Provenza_Supervisor_2008_front.png Provenza_Supervisor_2008_back.png

Jim_Provenza_Mailer_2008_Front.jpg Jim_Provenza_Mailer_2008_Inside.jpg Jim_Provenza_Mailer_2008_Back.jpg

Provenza_2008_A_1.jpg Provenza_2008_A_2.jpg Provenza_2008_A_3.jpg Provenza_2008_A_4.jpg

Provenza_2008_B_1.jpg Provenza_2008_B_2.jpg Provenza_2008_B_3.jpg Provenza_2008_B_4.jpg

Provenza_2008_C_1.jpg Provenza_2008_C_2.jpg Provenza_2008_C_3.jpg Provenza_2008_C_4.jpg

Provenza_2008_D_1.jpg Provenza_2008_D_2.jpg Provenza_2008_D_3.jpg Provenza_2008_D_4.jpg

Provenza_2008_E_1.jpg Provenza_2008_E_2.jpg

Provenza_Letter.jpgfollow-up letter sent to those who talked with his precinct walkers

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