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Jonathan Soo Hoo was a candidate for ASUCD Senate during the Winter 2012 ASUCD Election running as an independent. While he was a candidate, he did absolutely no campaigning, and did not win. The morning of election results, he released the following statement,

He is known for being a leader of Conservative causes around the UC Davis campus and across California.

  1. ASUCD Election
    1. Platform
      1. Prudence:
      2. Fiscal Responsibility:
      3. How Chess imitates Life:
    2. Where I stand:
      1. Occupy UC Davis/Wall Street

ASUCD Election


candidate.jpgCandidate, Jonathan Soo Hoo's flyer


My name is Jonathan Soo Hoo, I am a political science & history major and a candidate serve you as a senator in the ASUCD Senate. People have asked me, “Why are you running for the ASUCD Senator?” I tell them, “I do not see myself as running, I see myself as walking – walking in God’s Kingdom, trying to walk in the path which God has paved for me”.

Platform Initiatives:
1. Prudence
2. Fiscal Responsibility
3. What I learned from Chess

I have never served in the ASUCD, and I never thought I would serve in the ASUCD Senate. However, I have seen the failures of the ASUCD to react properly with respect to the Occupy Wall Street Protesters on Campus, and, after much prayer, I have decided its my calling to run for ASUCD Senate, to shake up the establishment, including dedication to prudence. I am a ready to serve you as a Senator in the ASUCD.

I would appreciate your vote, a vote for an individual who has the proven experience, and the leadership to take a wrecking-ball to the establishment.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Soo Hoo


Perhaps the gravest and most frustrating individual thing, for me, after the events on November 18, the ASUCD resolution talked of “military grade” pepper spray, of which does not exist, demonstrating a lack of research. Furthermore, the ASUCD Senate did not do a prudent job researching the events, inasmuch as, they hastily jumped to conclusions without talking to officers at the events. I have done that, and as a senator, I will ensure prudence when dealing with a tough decision – I will gather all of the information from both sides of the conflict, and make a common sense conclusion based on that.

Fiscal Responsibility:

The ASUCD Senate deals with a multi-million dollar budget each year. Every year, it spends its budget, yet we still have random incidents where the Coho ceiling begins leaking during the winters. Why? There has been a flagrant dereliction of duty in terms of the allocation of funds. We should only provide funds for things necessary, and not upgrade everything under the sun every year. We need to understand fiscal responsibility, and if the ASUCD senate has extra money, it’s the student’s money, and we should not shy away from giving it back to the UC Davis students.

How Chess imitates Life:

In chess you learn the importance of calculating moves in advance, and understanding cause and effect relationships. I am a nationally recognized expert in Chess, and from Chess, I have learned many things about preparation, logical thinking, and the need to understand every side of every argument. That kind of objectivism helps cure problems of group-think.

Where I stand:

Occupy UC Davis/Wall Street

My message to those Occupy Davis folk is short & simple: Protesting on the quad if fine, but encamping on the quad is not. In short, Get off our Quad.

I am a reasonable person, and if you want to protest, that is your right, BUT it is not your right to occupy the quad. And to the police officers, my message is simple: I appreciate what you do, and please, enforce the law.


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2012-02-07 22:06:15   Anyone who tries to use their religion to boost their political platform has A LOT to learn about leading people.

People have asked me, “Why are you running for the ASUCD Senator?” I tell them, “I do not see myself as running, I see myself as walking – walking in God’s Kingdom, trying to walk in the path which God has paved for me”. KEEP THAT TO YOURSELF. Stop shoving your religion down everyones throat. How does this have anthing to do with what you think you are going to do for UCD? It doesn't... you are just trying to score brownie points with Christians and ostracize people of other religions. YOU ARE NOT GETTING MY VOTE, AND MANY PEOPLE I HAVE TALK TO AGREE.

2012-02-07 23:54:44   I am glad you brought this criticism up:

Firstly, let me state this very clearly, I believe in God, I am a proud believer in Jesus, and I am not going to apologize for my faith.

Second, it has everything to do with why I am running: I am not an individual who came to UC Davis, said "Oh I want to be in the ASUCD Senate" and has geared myself to running by serving in the ASUCD every which way I could. Perhaps, that is the problem we have now: too many individuals run for senate, and get elected by gearing themselves for the position, but in the process become all to accustomed with the way business is handled in the ASUCD Senate, and allow for a sort of group think. I am an outsider, who is not afraid to step on some toes, and support take my experience leading outside of ASUCD and bring it to the Senate. I am especially ready to step on the toes of the Occupy UC Davis folk who have a flagrant disregard for the law. If you do not like that, I am not your candidate, and please do not vote for me.

Thirdly, please stop misrepresenting me with the straw-man logical fallacy argument.

Finally, did I mention God or my faith in my platform initiatives? No. I did not.

And to fellow UC Davis students: Look this is what we are up against. Individuals who will write scathing comments because an individual because they are proud of their faith. I am focused on the issues: I am representing the majority of UC Davis Students who want the Occupy Davis off our quad, yet are too afraid to voice their frustrations. I am unapologetic, and I am willing to step on some toes to make it happen. We need to restore prudence to the ASUCD Senate, and I will ensure we focus on gathering the facts before making senate resolutions condemning the police's actions. —JonathanSooHoo

2012-02-08 08:55:27   So you want to support and represent the students of UC Davis even though you hate half of them (liberals, protesters and gay people I am assuming because you were a supporter of the anti-gay platform of Rick Perry). "See, What we are up against?" Wow...attacking the voters... that is really going to get you a lot of votes, buddy..... NOT! You being so proud of being an unapologetic toe stepper is not going to get you any votes either. Just some advice, people do not want a total jerk representing them. I don't even know you, but from your ridiculous campaign information above and even worse, your above comment, I can see why you are a total outside. :) You must be doing this for fun because there can not be any way you can actually think you have a chance at winning. Your going to take the wisdom you learned from chess????LOL. Chess is not the real world... its a game!!!!!!!! —mathewAcre

2012-02-08 09:28:27   Jonathan,

First, with what power will you be able to kick out the Occupy movement protesters? I agree that being a ASUCD Senator is a high ranking position and the Occupy protesters must leave, but you will have no control over their right to protest, regardless of how many toes you step on. Please stop blowing smoke up our asses.

Second, its great that you are a proud believer in Jesus Christ! I too share that same belief, but to announce a statement like, "I see myself walking- walking in God's Kingdom" is clearly a sign to win the Christian vote. I love my religion, and I love my politics, but I make sure to keep them far apart. If you were not trying to win over the Christian vote, then why did you bring up God in a political advertisement? Don't pull the straw man fallacy card, when you clearly had another incentive.

Third,when you publicize on social networking sites, expect to get some bad feed back. Don't bash the people who will be voting(but probably not) you into office. Frantically attacking individuals shows bad leadership skills, be more like Ronald Reagan, a true leader, and less like Rush Limbaugh, a whinny entertainer. —AndrewBusch

2012-02-08 09:50:46   As a Christian, I am troubled by your campaign. God is bigger than any of your petty politics. I doubt Jesus would approve of you making him a part of your campaign. Surely you've read [WWW]Matthew 21:12-17, no? Jesus doesn't take too kindly to people who use God for personal gain. Implying that you're God's candidate qualifies. Also, [WWW]Matthew 6 has a lot to say about righteousness and making a show of it.

Furthermore, although ASUCD issues rarely intersect with issues of Christian morality, you've chosen a rare issue that does. And you're on the wrong side of it. Jesus called us to love everyone. He condemned violence. He would not support the violence Occupy UC Davis has received at the hands of the UC Davis Police Department. And the protestors were [WWW]Christlike in their response to the violence inflicted upon them by people sworn to protect them. —WilliamLewis

2012-02-08 17:55:34   WHAT!? I am what the UC Davis students are up against??!! Why because I respect other people's religions? I too am a christian, but I wear it in my heart and not on my sleeve. You say I write scathing comments because you are proud of your religion. I would encourage any and everyone to be proud of their religion. But there is a time and place. You obviously are too pompous, immature and self-rituous too realize that.

Also, I am not trying to misrepresent you, like you accused me... I am going off of the campaign platform you yourself wrote to represent yourself. Maybe take the critique and try to grow from it instead of making a ridiculous claim that I am what the UCD students are up against.

Geez...If you can't take the heat then stay out of the kitchen (and the kitchen is politics). You have totally showcased your lack of leadership in the way you responded to my comment, which you called "scathing" but was really just an honest reflection. A person running for an office of any kind should respect and appreciate people's feedback, regardless of if it is complementary or not. You attacking me just shows what lack of understanding you have for others.

Finally, how dare you be so presumptuous to say that you "represent the majority". We are all individuals and for you to be so off base to make the claim that you speak for many, just further illustrates that you are the exact type of person we do not need in office.. You sure as hell do not represent me (and by the way... I am a Christian Republican). —AnitaLee

2012-02-08 21:53:16   Before deciding to enter this contest I never thought I would run, never had ambitions to run, and really wanted nothing to do with student government. I was happy in my niche supporting causes on a statewide and national level. But I personally feel as though there is a higher calling. I know some of the thing that I say, not everyone will agree with, and thats fine, but I am just trying my best to walk the path God have laid out for me. Thats why I am a candidate, and I think it important to understand why people decided to seek office. I understand this campaign will not make me the most popular person on campus but I can take it. To conclude: my faith is the catalyst for my campaign.

I do not want to let the reason for my candidacy distract from the issues at hand and the platforms of my campaign: Prudence, Fiscal Responsibility, and what I learned from my years as a competitive chess player.

You are right, I cannot really force the occupy davis folk off the campus, but as an ASUCD Senator, I would write legislation condemning the Occupy Davis movement's flagrant disregard for the law. I would also be a voice for reason and fact gathering before jumping to conclusions when future such as the events on November 18 happen. —JonathanSooHoo

2012-02-09 08:38:51   FAIL! hAHAhahahahhhahahha!!!

"In chess you learn the importance of calculating moves in advance, and understanding cause and effect relationships. I am a nationally recognized expert in Chess, and from Chess, I have learned..." You added 3 commas into these two sentences when you no commas were needed at all and for some odd reason capitalized the word 'chess'. Unless chess is your moms name it is a common noun and deserves no capitalization.

Sorry but we need literate people in office who can actually create clear thoughts. This is 3rd grade writing and you still couldn't do it correctly. The writing center helps people like you, dude. I would quit trying to be senator so bad and instead try to meet the University Writing requirement. Haha. Newsflash: Senators kind of have to know how to write a proper sentence. —MayDay23

2012-02-09 08:56:26   Hi Jonathan.

I think it's great you have faith in God (I personally don't care for it, but I won't hold that against you). However, I question the decision to tell everyone that "my faith is the catalyst for my campaign." Because, as WilliamLewis has stated, I hope you've read Matthew 21:12-17, Jesus doesn't take too kindly to using him as a tool for self gain. What ever happened to actually practicing what you preach? I realize that it's tough to disassociate yourself from an important aspect of your life, but frankly, I don't care. If you're going to be running for public office, you better be damn sure you're speaking for your peers and not yourself.

Another point I'd like to bring up is your leadership experience: how exactly does being the Director of Finances & Public Relations for the UC Davis Archery Club lead me to believe that you will be the ideal Senate candidate? You're going to have to clarify. What were your duties as State Chairman for the California Students for Rick Santorum? For Ricky Perry? And what exactly did you do for the DCR? How does your experience help your peers? Under the assumption that you are a conservative leaning student, how closely do you identify with the political candidates on a national level?

Chess is great game, it certainly encourages players to think ahead of the opponent, and that's a great mindset to have in politics. But again, back to the original question, how are you going to use your skills to help the student population? Do you have any initiatives you would like to see in place as soon as you are elected into a Senate position? —timchin

2012-02-09 09:48:23   Why are all your ideas circulated around the pepperspray incident? It was like 4 months ago... get over it! Everyone else has including the occupiers. Let it go. Aside from that, there are so many logical fallacies in your writing it is ridiculous. Military grade pepper spray is just the street name for the high weapons grade agent which is more potent than normal mace that you can buy at a store. How do I know this???My dad owned a tactical gear and rifle shop for over 20 years. Military grade pepper spray absolutely does exist, it just is not classified under the layman’s term “military grade”. Looks like you showcased your own lack of researching.

And quite honestly, the response you made to the first comment made you look like a complete baby. Grow a pair. The criticism wasn’t even that bad and you chose an ad hominem rebuttal.

And why the hell do you keep saying “I never thought I would be running.” That is irrelevant and says nothing. Who cares? What does it matter? Being ASUCD senator is nothing something someone dreams of their whole life. Most of the other candidates never thought they would run; it was just an opportunity that dropped on their lap.

Finally, as a word of advice, I wouldn’t be so proud of the fact you supported someone whose campaign was a total crash and burn and who dropped out because of it (i.e. Rick Perry).

2012-02-09 14:20:37   Do you have a name for the hand gesture you're doing in the facebook cover photo? I like it. —MikeyCrews

2012-02-09 16:21:03   Hey God....

2012-02-09 16:29:28   I bet this is how he feels right now: [WWW]

2012-02-09 16:31:34   Hey Jonathan, you say you're walking with God but it looks like God Is walking the other direction on your campaign. —jdmz

2012-02-10 00:15:31   Jonathan,

Let's face it we'll probably both be sharing the honor of holding the Most Hated Person on Campus title - nothing wrong with that at all. I think you have legitimate concerns for the campus you walk on but here's my advice for you - don't run against things, be FOR something. Wrecking ball to the establishment politics was something I practiced for years in ASUCD, I had a little fun with it but ultimately it got to a point where I had a difficult time actually getting things done. There is room for conservative leadership in ASUCD, fiscal conservatism because the students don't want to see their money wasted. I hope you take the time to research the ASUCD budget and come up with some examples of spending you'd like to see stopped. You, will probably never be satisfied with your student government, but there's a fiscal conservative haven for you amongst the Business and Finance Commission, should you be unsuccessful but still want to be involved I suggest you apply to be on the commission.

Good luck. —GregWebb

2012-02-10 12:15:58   Jonathan,

2012-02-11 01:03:18   snaps —jdmz

2012-02-11 01:45:46   snaps —jdmz

2012-02-11 02:04:52   I like your shirt bro, keep things going. —Dozer

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