Jungle Juice


This is a drink you can make when you've got a whole houseload of people and a limited budget. There are many, many variations on this drink including the counter-intuitively delicious addition of vanilla ice cream. Below is one recipe for 20 gallons of the good stuff. But beware, this drink can kill.

Now, you're wondering, how am I supposed to store twenty gallons of this stuff?! Well, in a trashcan, of course. Clean a 20+ gallon trashcan out very well and line it with several clean heavy-duty trashbags. Come on, lighten up—or buy a new trashcan for the occasion if your old one is too dirty. I guess you could use a large fish tank as well, but please remove the fish first. While ice cream may add a pleasantly palatable surprise to jungle juice, dead goldfish do not.

Now, you can imagine that this recipe is intended for parties that will remain in one place. Unlike a 40, or I suppose a keg, no matter how many people are lending a hand, it's just not easy to run down the street while lugging a trashcan full of jungle juice. And yes, it will probably stain your carpets.

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2005-09-13 13:53:58   in the Midwest, they call this stuff "whop" —JanelleAlvstadMattson

2006-09-27 09:38:43   A simpler jungle juice recipe: for smaller quantities can be —DianaChristofersen

2006-09-27 11:20:39   In Florida, this (or any similar "dump into a trashcan" mix) is called "beverage". Often served out of coolers, which have the nice tap on the side (normally used for flushing the water out). —JabberWokky

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