Justin Patrizio


Justin Patrizio is a third year Philosophy student and an independent ASUCD Senator. Justin was an independent candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Fall 2008 ASUCD Election.

The following is an excerpt from his campaign website [WWW]http://www.projectnosh.com/senate:

"I have already begun working with organizations on campus to improve student life. When elected, I hope to continue working on the following projects already under way:

Increasing Accessibility to Financial Aid Information

Going Green

Increasing Campus-wide Wireless Internet Coverage

More generally, I hope to increase student involvement in campus projects and programs. The best way to do this is to increase accessibility and information, and discourage the uneven distribution of resources and political power that slates like L.E.A.D. and other past organizations have depended on. I believe all students deserve the same opportunity to get involved, and the same rules regarding resources should apply to everyone, not just those running independent. L.E.A.D. has an infrastructure set up that consistently grows year after year and this gives each L.E.A.D. candidate a distinct edge over the competition. Slates are divisive and can encourage candidates to conform to the ideals of the slate in order to improve their chances of winning. I am opposed to the idea that conformation and subordination to a party or slate somehow entitles a candidate to greater resources"


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2008-11-11 23:32:48   Him and Greg will do good work on the Senate. (Assuming, of course, that the independents win any seats) —JoseBleckman

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