Juvenile Justice Statistics


City of Davis

Juvenile Arrest Statistics for 2007-2008

Comparative Assessment of Juvenile Arrests
August 1, 2006 - June 8, 2008
City of Davis Police Department

Aggregate Juvenile Arrest Data:

Offense Aug. 06-07 Aug 07-08 % Change
Violence 49 19 -61.2%
Alcohol Related 24 37 +57.2%
H&S (Drugs) 19 16 -15.8%
459 PC (Burglary) 29 28 -3.4%
10851 VC (auto theft) 3
488 PC (Petty Theft) 6
594 PC (vandalism) 22
490.5(A) PC (shoplifting) 9
Total 121 140 +15.7%

Burglary(459 PC) is charged, instead of shoplifting (490.5 PC), if the person had the intention to steal before they entered the store or place of business.
Violence arrests included: 242 PC (battery aka fighting); 243(b) PC (battery against a peace officer); 243(d) PC (battery with serious injury), 243.5 PC (assault or battery on school grounds); 245(a)(1) PC (assault with a deadly weapon, not a firearm); 415 PC (challenging someone to a fight or trying to instigate a fight); 211 PC (Robbery)
Alcohol Related included: 25662 B&P (possession of alcohol); 647(f) PC (drunk in public); 23152 VC (driving under the influence).
H&S included: 11357(b) H&S (possession of marijuana); 11357(e) H&S (possession of marijuana on school grounds); 11377(a) H&S (possession of drugs/narcotics); 11360(a) H&S (selling marijuana)


Exactly 25%, or 1/4 of juvenile arrests were repeat offenders.


22% of juvenile arrests were non-resident juveniles.

Group crime:

32% of juveniles committed the crime for which they were arrested in tandem with one or more person(s).

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