This page is a who's who for KDVS DJs. Please don't just make it a list. You can always find the detailed schedule for the current academic quarter [WWW]here. Something out of date on the list? Go ahead and fix it!

DJ Name Real Name Format Time Slot Blurb
Dr Andy Andy Jones Poetry and Technology W 5-6pm Dr Andy teaches writing, Technocultural Studies and literature classes at UCD. His show is called "Dr Andy's Poetry and Technology Hour"
Bill Wagman & Robyne Fawx Bill Wagman & Robyne Fawx Folk Music Sat 9am-12pm The Saturday Morning Folk Show (alternating weeks with each other)
Mike Leahy Michael Leahy Folk Music F 6:00-8:00pm Mike Leahy has a show called Cool as Folk where he plays folk, alt-country, bluegrass and the like. Sometimes he has artists on the show for interviews.
DJ Rick Rick Ele Rock/Experimental/Genre-Defying M 10pm-midnight Garage/scuzz-punk ineptitude, knuckledragging thug-rock of the lesser primates, high-falutin jackoffnoise, glitched-out electro booyar jamz, art-damaged skronkrock
Ed Erik Noftle Rock/Etcetera Formerly on Th 22:00-23:00 Eclectic, sometimes new releases in rock, experimental and electronic; sometimes older releases in soul, french & italian pop, country, krautrock, post-punk, hop-hop, disco, RIO, and obscuria
Klinger & Oddy-Knocky Heather Klinger & Oddy-Knocky Punk/Garage/Rock-n-Roll/Post Punk/Power Pop T 20:00-21:00 A variety of underground punk rock pics. Mainly obscure & not-so-obscure vinyl, and favorite new releases.
Elisa Rocket Elisa Hough Indie pop/electronic/folk pop/fun Formerly on Mon 1-2:30 pm Analog Oatmeal: Upbeat fun to help you enjoy the weather
DJ End-Stop David Nguyen Pop/Rock/Electronic/Folk Thur 2:30pm-4:30pm [WWW](Life is) Full of Possibilities: oozing high-fructose corn syrup out of your speaker!
France France Kassing Public Affairs M 8:30-9:30am The show is called It's About You. Expert guests (e.g., Howard Zinn) discuss issues and events in order to assist you in better defining your personal ethics and opinions. Has been on the air for years.
Dj Blonde Joseph Bleckman Public Affairs Formerly on W 9:00-9:30am California Focus:California State news show. Been on the air for a year, with his public affairs show occurring during the summer.
Unknown Ryan Valentinsen Public Affairs W 8:30-9:00am The Breakdown: National news show.
DJ Empire Steve Ostrowski Public Affairs Th 8:30-9:30am The Empire Nation: National/Local news show.
Punk Roge & M. Riots Punk Roge & Riot Punk/Hardcore/Street Punk/ Political Punk/International Punk/ Riot Grrrl Sun 12am-3am [WWW]Neonate (Fighting For A Future) is on every Saturday at midnight right after [WWW]Joe Frank. Chaotically good music mixed with political, social, and local punk talk as well as shows and events you don't want to miss. Take a listen to the punk movement in motion.
Brian Ang Brian Ang Poetry, Experimental, Guests Sun 5-7pm Farewell Transmission: Opaque art thing
DJ Sharmi and DJ Pari Sharmi Basu and Parijata Prabhakara International, Eclectic, Electronic, Folk, Rock, Indie, Hip-Hop, Noise, Experimental, and Bollywood classics! Formerly on Thur 4-6am Weirdo Begierdo's Kids Korner
Calamity Janie Janie Lozano Rock, Punk Tu 11:00pm-12:00am Rx Handlebar Moustache with Jerett
DJ Ted Ted Buehler Velolution (Public Affairs) Mon 5 - 6 p.m. bicycling in Davis, Davis bicyclists, and anything else about bicycling that catches our fancy
Ophelia Forealia Alina Asrian Electronic W 9:30am-noon. it's all about the house music.
Emily Emily R'NR fun! Sun 7-8 p.m. The Treehouse Surf/trash/beat, 66/77 punk, power pop, garage, and girl groups galore for hackneyed troublemakers!!!
Corey O Corey E. Owens Eclectic Every other W 8-10p.m. [WWW]Organic Vinyl - "All vinyl, all the time"
David D Young David D Young Spoken Word, Eclectic, Jazz, Rock, Blues, Punk, Experimental Sat 9-11pm [WWW]Upper Realm Shrieks: Music & Words: A continuously evolving show where I'm constantly changing the combinations of genres; mixing mainly Bluegrass, Blues, jazz & Rock with occasional Words thrown in/in flux.

Some DJs seem to disappear from the airwaves during the summer - that's partially because the freshmen DJs are booted from the dorms with the rest of their first year kind, and thus endure a temporary exile in their home towns.


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2006-07-07 16:39:46   KDVS DJ’s: Fabulously talented, but notoriously monotone. —MichaelGiardina

2007-09-29 23:53:04   are we keeping the old entries for archival purposes? a handful of these shows either now have different times or don't exist. . . —KellyCorcoran

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