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7 2011-06-14 08:19:25 CovertProfessor    view raw print
6 2006-08-07 21:44:50 WilliamLewis Link to the FCC db.  view raw print
5 2006-07-19 18:44:26 JasonAller removed [[BR]]s  view raw print
4 2006-07-17 00:17:38 JeffLeCates Little nits, table formatting. Thanks for showing me the way.  view raw print
3 2006-07-16 22:20:58 JabberWokky Nits, spelling. I was interviewed on Univision for the 2000 election scandal.  view raw print
2 2006-07-16 22:17:04 PhilipNeustrom minor  view raw print
1 2006-07-16 22:15:38 JeffLeCates New page for an old TV station. My table skills are weak; could use some help.  view raw print
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