March 2004
Katie is shy, but very playful and sweet. She rarely harms her owner, MargieHalloran.
Her favorite things are dental floss and tuna. She can be skittish but she is very sensitive to the
well-being of Margie and comforts her when she's sad.

katie1.jpgKatie hanging out.

Katie was a teenage mother at four months old, and was taken in to a shelter. A UC Davis veternary student found her in that shelter and, since Katie was sick and going to be euthanised, that student rescued her from the shelter and cared for her at home. One day, while studying for a music history test, Margie went over to this student's house and met Katie for the first time, and it was love at first sight. Several weeks later, when Katie was healthy enough to leave, Margie adopted Katie and they've been best friends ever since.

katie2.jpgKatie likes to play on stairs.

Katie has lived with AllisonMears and NatalieKitchiner, among others who are not on DavisWiki. People have described Katie to be a bit of a pest, but very cute and sweet.

When Katie was a kitten, her favorite thing to do was eat homework and bank statements. This did not bode well with her owner or roommates.

katie3.jpgMargie has a Katie doll, and it's hard to tell the two apart!

Currently, Katie is living in Sunnyvale with Margie and her family, including three other cats by the names of Dotty, Daisy, and Stanley. Katie will move out when Margie does and live with her. Katie can not wait to move out, because she hates Stanley, Dotty and Daisy, as they are mean and sort of smelly.

Katie's full name is Her Royal Highness and Majesty Our Reverend Lady Katherine Galinda Sunshine Pussywilwo Douglass Shelby Dingleberry Halloran III Esq. PhD, which was a group effort by Margie and her friends. Don't ask Margie what a "pussywilwo" is; she made it up one day whilst playing Oregon Trail and it stuck.

Katie received her PhD in Advanced Rug Peeing in 2007.

katie5.jpgKatie has also been known to eat Margie's homework.

Katie likes to play with dental floss, chase laser pointers, look out the window, and sleep in the crook of peoples' knees. Her new favorite thing since moving to Sunnyvale is to run and frolick outside, and Margie hopes she can get a place with a yard so that Katie does not have to remain indoors.

katie6.jpgKatie stops to smell the roses.

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