Katie Webber


Katie Webber was a defeated candidate in Fall 2005 for ASUCD Senate on the Student Focus slate.

Katie is a member of the prestigious Varsity Facebook Team

Candidate Statement for the Fall 2005 campaign

Hi! My name is KATIE WEBBER and I’m so excited to be running for Senate on the STUDENT FOCUS ticket. I’m a first year and a double Communication and Comparative Literature major with a minor in Chinese. Although I’ve only been here at Davis for a little over a month I already love it and want to be involved in making the campus and student life even better. I feel I’m qualified to be on Senate because of the following activities and experiences:

I feel that the main purposes of Senate should be to represent YOU, the student body of Davis. Some of the goals I would like to accomplish are:

These are my personal goals as well as the goals of the rest of the STUDENT FOCUS slate! If you have any questions or ideas feel free to approach me on campus, after all my main focus is to represent the student body. Don’t forget to vote November 16-17 at [WWW]elections.ucdavis.edu for KATIE WEBBER and the rest of STUDENT FOCUS. Thanks!

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