1. What is a Keg?
  2. Buying a Keg
    1. How many do I need?
    2. Who sells them?
  3. Use and Abuse
    1. Kegs 101
    2. Tapping a Keg
    3. Etiquette
    4. Games
    5. Special Concerns
    6. Environmental Impact Reduction

What is a Keg?

= Buying a Keg = go to Aggie liquor

How many do I need?

Keg Size # of 12oz. Servings # of 16oz. Servings
5.0 Gallon 53 40
7.75 Gallon 82 62
13.2 Gallon 140 105
15.5 Gallon 164 124

Who sells them?

Use and Abuse

Kegs 101

Tapping a Keg

  1. After transportation, let the keg itself settle for a bit. A good rule to follow is 30-45 minutes.

  2. Remove and discard the plastic cover from the opening.

  3. Carefully insert the tap in and twist with the lever facing up. Facing up!

  4. Push the lever down. You don't have to pump at first because there is already pressure. You usually have to fill 1-2 "courtesy cups" that will be entirely foam.



Special Concerns

More party laws and other host information can be found at

Signs of Alcohol Poisoning
*Repeated, uncontrolled vomiting
*Slow or shallow breathing - less than 13 breaths per minute or more than 8 seconds between breaths
*Cold, clammy, pale or bluish skin
*Unresponsive or unable to be awakened

Environmental Impact Reduction

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