Keith Shively


Keith Shively is an ASUCD Senator (Elected Fall 2004), and the first one in recorded history to be elected as a conservative. Conservative senators (notably Christopher Goren) have been elected in the past, but they've always kept their political beliefs on the downlow until elected. Some, like former ASUCD President Sara Henry remain "in the closet" until their farewell speech. Others, like Goren, whup out their throbbing conservatism as as soon as they are in the Senate and proceed to thrust it proudly about.

Aside from marketing himself as a conservative, Keith had another campaign trick up his sleeve which has been declared by many observers to have been the best $14 ever spent on an ASUCD campaign — He took out an advertisement on Facebook.

Part of the secret to his success may have been his consultant, George Andrews, who in the past has worked on large campaigns in the "real" world, such as Michael Dugas' campaign for Congress in 2004. Keith's campaign was also spear-headed by extensive get-out-the-vote efforts on the part of the Davis College Republicans (DCR).

Keith has a [WWW]website for his senate campaign.

He is also a member of Alpha Gamma Omega (AGO), a Christ-Centered Fraternity.

The California Aggie approves of Keith's [WWW]performance as a Senator.

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