Kerr Hall


kerr_moving.jpgThe big move of 2005

Kerr Hall is located on the west side of the Quad, between Wellman Hall and Wickson Hall. It was built in 1969. This building formerly housed the offices of the Davis Honors Challenge which moved to Surge III, and the Mathematics and Statistics departments, which moved to the new Mathematical Sciences Building. The question of the new occupants of Kerr Hall existed for some time, however the latest word is that Kerr Hall will have the Political Science Department bestowed upon it. Kerr Hall is named for [wikipedia]Clark Kerr, 12th President of the University of California.

Following the retreat of the Math departments the majority of the 2nd-6th floors were abandoned for a year, leading to the facilities decaying to the point where it looked as if WW3 had hit it. In the summer of 2007 it began to be restored, with the DHC offices moving from the 1st to the 5th floor. This means that the DHC labs no longer suck, but are rather now in a classy setting with a cool view. And much more comfertable temperaturez.

During its disuse, the building was a prime spot for: the cleanest bathrooms and Urban Exploration

Most recently, as of Fall 2009, the Communication department has left Everson Hall, and relocated to the third floor of Kerr. The World History Project and a few communications professors share the first floor. Half the second floor seems to be taken up by the DHC. The fourth through sixth floors are under construction.

During the renewal of the building, each floor is planned to be color coded for no particular reason:
First floor: Yellow - Moving chaos
Second floor: Brown - Linguistics
Third floor: Orange - Communications
Fourth: Olive Green - Political Science and Political Science Computer Lab
Fifth: Baby Blue - Political Science
Sixth: Brighter Yellow - Political Science TAs

At seven stories high, it is one of the tallest buildings on campus and in Yolo County. Kerr Hall also proudly sports the antenna for KDVS on its rooftop.

If you're ever in need to fight a medieval war on campus, Kerr would be an ideal location to set up a defensive front for the following reasons:

kerr2.jpgIt has windows that are perfect for archers as well as windows that are fully shielded from the sides. sundial.jpgDuring medieval warfare, of course, you'd likely not have access to modern clocks, which is why the sundial in front will come in handy. This sundial is officially known as Meyer Sundial.

Kerr_Hall_Improvements_Sign.JPGSign announcing improvement plans for the building.

Kerr door.JPGThe entrance to the pathway between Kerr and the basement of Wellman.

A cool thing about Kerr Hall is the tunnel that connects it to the basement of Wellman Hall. There is, however, a lock on the door between them. The trick is that this lock is one-way, and you can always enter Wellman from Kerr, if you happen to be in Kerr when Wellman is locked up.

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