Kerry Rowland-Avrech


Kerry Rowland-Avrech


Kerry Rowland-Avrech is a local artist and muralist.

A member of the Davis Mural Team, she was also Artist in Residence of the Log Cabin Gallery in 2011 and 2012, and former board member of two art associations in Northern Calfornia. Her exhibition in June, 2012 at the John Natsoulas Gallery was a success, and she is slated for another show in December, 2013.

Local Murals include Windows (2nd and G Street), Splash (H and 3rd), Royal Dance (Palm Court). Collaborative murals include: Tribute to Giuseppe Arcrimboldo - by John Natsoulas Gallery (C and 3rd Street, across from Farmer's Market, and Through the Looking Grass - by Myron Stephens, with Kerry and volunteers (4th and I Street, Ace California Natives Yard). As a member of the Davis Mural Team, she assisted on 8 or the 10 murals. She was the restoration artist for the Columbus Cafe Mural by Terry Buckendorf, in 2013.

Kerry w Louis.jpg
Kerry with Louis LaBrie and Dan Corbin, 2013

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