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We must keep as our goal turning away from production for war and expanding production for peace.png This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town.
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PO Box 1336, Davis CA 95617
Call to schedule, appointments available 7 days a week
(530) 220-5650
Nancy Houlding (ISA Certified Arborist), Don Perkins
California Contractor's License #874837
Serving the greater Davis area since 2000
Payment Methods
Cash, Checks, Money Orders

Kiwi Tree was a family-owned and operated professional tree company located in Davis. Kiwi Tree was fully [WWW]licensed and insured by the State of California, the [WWW]International Society of Aboriculture, and the [WWW]American Society of Consulting Arborists. Kiwi Tree was dedicated to preserving and maintaining both the health and appearance of local trees, as well as providing professional and courteous customer care.

2009 Recipient of the City of Davis Environmental Recognition Award (Business Category).

Tree Services

Kiwi Tree employs proficient, experienced climbers that are trained in electrical hazard awareness.

Arborist Services

Consultation is available to assess damage and health issues, including pest and disease identification and treatment options. Kiwi Tree can also assist in developing restoration/management plans for long term maintenance. The company is familiar with local flora and environmental challenges and can recommend appropriate plants and trees that thrive in this area.


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2009-03-10 17:14:15   I've used Kiwi Tree for several years now and I've always been quite pleased. They always did a great job whether it was removing dead trees and grinding out the stumps, or trimming the branches of our fruit trees. They are also very reasonable on pricing, friendly, and honest. After paying them they needed to come back because of a equipment problem and the did without any prompting. I'd recommend them without question. —templets

2010-01-17 11:46:32   Just had two trees removed by Kiwi Tree (Don); they did a great job. Fast, and a reasonable price. —GerryPez

2010-10-11 18:23:04   Best tree service ever - they've helped me several times, most recently today when they left their dinner to come to the Co-op and free a car that was pinned under a fallen branch. Super nice, super smart and good rates too. —JulieCross

2012-08-14 13:39:01   Kiwi Tree did a quick and effective job removing some large, precarious branches that were growing out of a Mulberry Tree into our house and our neighbor's house. They let me deal with the green waste to save $$. Actually the whole thing seemed pretty cheap considering the risk involved in operating power tools while climbing. —MikeyCrews

2013-03-20 09:02:15   Kiwi is a great tree service company. I've used them several times now and I am always pleased with there service and pricing. Just dont deal with the oweners wife she is alittle out there in left field —MJones

2013-04-16 17:07:51   (MJones) I am grateful for your verbal applause of my tree work. Yet I find no mention of your name in my database. Perchance you be using a Nom de Plume. Maybe you have Kiwi Tree confused with another Tree service? Anyhow please feel free to call me at (530) 220-5650, to clarify that my wife is not "alittle out there in left field" Regards
Don Perkins:..Not a Nom de Plume —DonPerkins

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