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reach.jpgLEADers at the R.E.A.C.H. Retreat 2007. Front:Albert Parnell, Madisyn Coniglio Middle:Molly Fluet, Naomi Amaha, Dwaimy Rosas-Romero, Genna Carnes, Darnell Holloway, Julie Hooper, Eddie de la Torre Back: James Schwab, Ravi Deepak, Kareem Salem.

L.E.A.D. is an acronym for Leadership, Empowerment, Activism and Determination. Founded in the Winter 2000 ASUCD election at the R.E.A.C.H. Retreat, and active between 2000-2010, L.E.A.D. was the longest running ASUCD slate in modern ASUCD history. For most of its history, L.E.A.D. was the progressive, left-leaning slate, especially during the years where it fought for control of ASUCD against Student Focus and GO. L.E.A.D. won the executive office 7 times during the years it was active on campus, and at its height controlled 10 out of 12 of the ASUCD Senate seats. See also: [lead]Lead Wiki

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LEAD Mission Statement

"LEAD seeks to accomplish seven goals: Diversity; promote respect, equal opportunity and access, and a safe environment for all identities. Social Justice; empower and connect students to leaders and groups that help the underserved and underrepresented, that promote global prosperity and that uphold human rights for all persons. Environment; advocate environmental concerns as a significant priority in university decision making, increase student participation in groups and programs which conserve natural resources, restore environmental quality, and reduce the environmental impact of the campus and community. Student Quality of Life;increase the diversity of the student population, mental and physical health resources, and entertainment options; improve the resources and funding available to students and student groups. ASUCD Reform; develop and implement policies and programs that guarantee the integrity, transparency, efficiency, outreach, and access of the student government. University Reform; advocate for University policies that guarantee an affordable, diverse, safe and healthy academic and campus environment. External Advocacy; maintain a strong student voice in city, county and state governments through the advocacy of student-friendly policies and laws."

L.E.A.D. Accomplishments

LEADquilt.jpgThe LEAD Quilt, made from generations of LEAD campaign T-shirts. It once existed on the office wall of the ASUCD President, but it is now lost to the [tvtropes]ravages of time.

Fall 2010

This election was LEAD's worst in many years and resulted in the termination of the slate.

Winter 2009



Fall 2009

Winter 2009



Fall 2008

The California Aggie [WWW]endorsed four of the six LEAD candidates. Jack Zwald was also endorsed by both the Davis College Democrats and the Davis College Republicans.

Winter 2008


Winter08.jpgThe LEAD Winter 2008 slate, in back: Ivan Carrillo, Sergio Blanco, Andrew Bianchi. In front: Ramneek Saini, Erica Oropeza, Rebecca Schwartz, Poonam Dayalji, Molly Fluet Senate

Fall 2007

group.jpgThe Fall 2007 slate; Lula Ahmed-Falol, Erin Harrington, Chad Roberts, Lauren Thomas, Tracey Zeng, Johnathen Duran

Campaign Managers: Kevin Powers and Amy Hartstein. Treasurer: Missy Whitney
LEAD Platform, Fall 2007

Winter 2007


Campaign Manager: Helio Costa Treasurer: Paul Harms

Fall 2006

LEADF06.jpgLEAD Fall 2006 Slate, from right to left, Albert Parnell, former candidate Sandra Ramirez, Dan Xie, Andrew Peake, Molly Fluet, Daryl Suyat

All six candidates [WWW]were endorsed by The California Aggie

Campaign Manager: James Schwab Treasurer: Paul Harms

Winter 2006

slatewin06.jpgLEAD Winter 2006 Slate: (Front row) Darnell Holloway, Genna Carnes, Dwaimy Rosas-Romero, Jarvis Burston,(Back Row) Andrew Bianchi, Ravi Deepak, Naomi Amaha, Marvin Zamora

James Schwab was the campaign manager. Paul Harms was the Winter 2006 campaign treasurer.

Fall 2005

James Schwab was the Fall 2005 campaign manager. Paul Harms was the Fall 2005 campaign treasurer.

Winter 2005

The Davis College Republicans, under the direction of George Andrews, gave LEAD the DCR endorsement, helping to ensure the landslide executive victory.There was a L.E.A.D. Press Release discussing the accomplishments of the LEAD during spring of 2005.
Treasurer: Usenima Inyang

Fall 2004

Treasurer: Usenima Inyang

Winter 2004


Treasurer: Nathan Thomas

Fall 2003

Treasurer: Go Funai

Winter 2003


Campaign Managers: Nathan Thomas and Kari Mansager. Treasurer:Go Funai

Fall 2002

Fall2002SenateResults.jpgElection results from the Fall 2002 Election. Voter turnout was around 8%.

Campaign Managers: Manuel Carmona and Kari Mansager. Treasurer: Atul Nair

Winter 2002

olderlead.jpgLEAD circa 2002, from right; Go Funai, Chad Sterling, Jasmine Bhuva, Kari Mansager, Caleb Hervey, Atula Nair. In front; Nathan Thomas, and ?


Campaign Manager: Deanna Mills. Treasurer: Rosa Quintero.

Fall 2001

People's Collective Candidates

Winter 2001

In response to massive violations of election codes on all sides in the previous election, the elections committee instituted a system of violation points. If any candidate earned three or more violation points, they would be disqualified. Each candidate was given a copy of this policy, the election codes, and signed a statement saying they agreed to follow the codes. Later, the LEAD ticket argued that the campaign agreement they had signed was "unconstitutional" and that they therefore didn't have to follow it.

Going into the election, the election committee had assessed two violation points to the LEAD slate for various violations of the elections code. LEAD, in a landslide election, took all open positions in the election. After the election, LEAD was charged with five more violations of the election code. When the elections committee declined to issue a violation point (and the other four alleged violations were pending), the person who brought the violation appealed the decision to the ASUCD court. The court found that a violation had occurred, issued a third violation point, and disqualified the LEAD slate, thus giving the seats to the runners up.

The day after the decision, the LEAD candidates held a rally in which they bashed the decision as racist. At the same time, suspicious "KKK" fliers appeared around campus, resulting in the local paper "The Davis Enterprise" contacting the KKK's Grand Wizard in Indiana for a quote. They were likely posted by LEAD in order to play the victim and justify their accusations of racism. According to one student, "the first time I saw the flyer, I assumed that either [Bledsoe] did it or DCR did." At least one UC Davis custodian observed the an African-american and caucasian student posting the fliers during the wee hours in the morning. Although it was never proven, rumor had it that these two students were Tiqula Bledsoe and his campaign manager, Edgar Chen.

After spring break, the ASUCD court reconvened and reexamined their ruling. They came to the conclusion that while LEAD had violated election codes, the elections committee had the discretion in issuing violation points. The other four alleged election code violations had been dismissed by the elections committee at this point. The court found that the elections committee hadn't investigated those allegations thoroughly enough before dismissing them, so it remanded those violations back to the election committee for reconsideration. After reconsidering the matter, the elections committee declined to issue any more violation points. Those that had brought up the violations appealed again to the ASUCD Court and the court asked for the parties involved to prepare briefs. Before they could hear the case, the ASUCD Court changed their mind and stated that they would not hear any more appeals on the matter. Rumor has it that LEAD's threat of a lawsuit against the university caused Larry Vanderhoef to pressure the ASUCD Court to drop the matter.

By the Fall of 2001, students were more angry than ever at Bledsoe. The television show "Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher" came to UC Davis and held an un-televised version of the show in the UC Davis Rec Hall. One of the panelists was Tiqula Bledsoe. As Maher introduced the first panelists, the 2,000 member audience politely applauded. But as soon as Maher introduced Bledsoe, the audience erupted with a resounding "BOOOOO!" that lasted for nearly a minute. Maher responded, "Wow! We'll have to hear what YOU did!"


Campaign Manager: Edgar Chen.

Fall 2000

There was no LEAD ticket in Fall 2000

Winter 2000


Campaign Manager: Edgar Chen. Treasurer: Deanna Mills.

LEAD in the NEWS

Sacramento State L.E.A.D.

Slightly related, in an apparent attempt to copy L.E.A.D. at UC Davis, Sacramento State students established their own slate called L.E.A.D. (Leadership, Empowerment, "Action", Determination). It is unknown when this slate originated and it's connection with L.E.A.D. at UC Davis.



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2006-10-23 01:12:22   Any talk on a platform? A NO on 85 resolution representing women should not be too tricky for L.E.A.D. Or would this be too obvious an opposition to CDP? Please comment. —TylerFelix

2007-09-10 17:47:03   Okay Leaders, Thanks to SteveO I'm on to you... I know you guys are the cancer that is killing the DavisWiki. —StevenDaubert

2007-10-25 11:44:19   i love LEAD. —DanXie

2007-11-09 19:43:14   Whats good folks. Great to see that UCD still has LEAD living strong as well as alternate opinions and beliefs as well. Good luck to the new candidates. Peace and Progress,
L.E.A.D. Fall '02' —CalebL.E.A.D.

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