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  *Crêpe Suzette - orange Marmalade spread on a crêpe and topped with Grand Marnier! bien sur! ($4.25)


The Silo
M-Th 7am-5pm
Fri 7am-2pm

La Crêpe is great if you want a crêpe from a real Frenchman, as the owner is from France. Though housed in the The Silo it is not run by Sodexho but is a small franchise. The manager of La Crêpe used to own the Crepe Bistro, and at least one other employee is a past Bistro employee as well. Prices mainly range from $2.25 for a simple sugar & butter crêpe to $6.95 for the hearty Poulet Provençal. First of all, you can choose a "Breakfast Crêpe," a "Daily Specials" crêpe, a "Make Your Own" crêpe, or a "Dessert Crêpe"! (exciting isn't it?) In addition to the type of crêpe, be prepared to tell them whether you want a white or wheat crêpe upon ordering, if you want jack, swiss, or cheddar cheese, and what type of sauce you'd like (pesto, mornay, or curry). Most of La Crepe's savory crepes are available ovo/lacto vegetarian style, but both the mornay and curry sauces are prepared with chicken broth & white wine.

A crêpe has been described as a tortilla that has a consistency similar to a pancake and has been folded and filled with various goodies. An alternate description would be a really thin omelet with lots of flour mixed into it to create a eggy soft wrap. Depending on the filling, they can be sweet or savory.

  1. Breakfast Crêpes
  2. Daily Specials
  3. Make Your Own Crêpe
  4. Dessert Crêpes

Breakfast Crêpes

For Those who want a "Breakfast Crêpe" the following choices are available:

Daily Specials

Now, for that eager diner who would like to try one of the delicious "Daily Specials" are in for a treat! Enjoying your savory crêpe is easy! All you have to do is choose from "white flour" or "wheat flour". Cheese comes in ALL the savory crêpes, so you get your choice of either Jack, Swiss, or Cheddar cheese. :) YUM. There are also three sauces available with these savory crêpes. They are: Mornay*, Curry*, and Pesto. The first two are free of charge, but be warned! Pesto costs extra! So, anyway...back to the yummy. Next, you pick your crêpe, and there is quite the selection!

ALSO! *Note for the Vegetarians in da house: both the Mornay and Curry sauces contain chicken broth. just FYI!

Make Your Own Crêpe

Finally, there are a variety of choices available for the hungry student who wishes to create his/her own perfect crêpe. There are 2 easy steps. 1. Start with a plain crêpe. (White or wheat flour) ($1.95) 2. Pick the fillings...each filling has its own price; pay attention before you add $10 worth of fillings! Also, make sure that each thing you pick complements each other, or just be aware if they dont.

And now for the...

Dessert Crêpes

All the dessert crêpes are topped with powdered sugar and can be topped with whipped cream if you request it! You can also add Chocolate or Nutella for an additional cost.

La Crêpe also has a seasonal strawberry selection for their dessert crêpes. these are:

So anyway, i hope my little (BIG) menu helps you with all your crêpe selection needs! As the take-away menu says, "Merci et bon appetit!" -JulieLujano

Prices correct as of late 2005.


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A bit expensive for breakfast, but the people are nice and the food isn't bad. Try an Orangina while you're there.

I recommend the Florentine or the Coq au Vin crepes. Or, if you prefer, any of the omelette ones are good. - AndreyGoder

My fav Crêpe place in Davis, IMO better than Crepeville or even the now defunct Crepe Bistro. Spinach and/or broccoli and/or mushrooms crêpes with swiss cheese and mornay sauce were my favorites. - JevanGray

I recently tried Bacon, Jack, Avocado, and Mornay Sauce - YUM! But I miss the cool guys behind the counter :-( - LizaAbeja

I personally prefer the crêpe cart (also referred to by its formal name "La Crêpe") to Crepeville any day...but hey, thats just me. - JulieLujano

I HIGHLY recommend Alain's Avocado crepe. It's fantastic.— AnnaHamilton

2005-10-20 10:09:59   I like Crepeville's hours and coffee refills (ooh there's an idea for a page), but the Crepe Cart is amazing. Although I have few reasons to go on campus since graduation, this eatery is perhaps the best one I can think of—at least around lunch time. —JaimeRaba

2005-10-20 13:00:04   I'm a fan of the Kathmandu crepe too. —AlexPomeranz

2006-03-08 16:21:11   I love the french kiss... I just wish they heat it a lil longer so alllll the chocolate melts —JoAnnaRich

2006-06-02 01:22:06   The Kathmandu crepe is what i've blown almost all my pseudo-cash on. It is delicious... —PaulArden

2007-04-13 19:16:43   I missed Crepe Bistro, and was so glad I found them here. Delicious! —EdHenn

2007-05-08 11:28:00   If the owner is there watch out, he won't let you get "weird" crepes as it is insulting to his style of food. By weird I mean ingredients that wouldn't normally be seen as going together. —StevenDaubert

2007-09-26 16:49:38   I have never had an onion soup as delicious as the one they used to have at Crepe Bistro. They should bring the recipe over here. —CalamityJanie

2007-09-29 12:11:54   I agree that the French Onion Soup from Crepe Bistro was some of the best. Great idea to bring it over. —CJSD

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