La Raza Pre-Law Student Association



Tuesday at 7:10pm, Location Olson 261

La Raza Pre-Law Student Association (LRPLSA) serves as a conduit for a collective pre-law student voice. They work on issues of discrimination such as race, religion, and sex affecting Latin@ and other disadvantaged communities. La Raza Pre-Law is a non-profit student organization with a progressive agenda that seeks to protect and advance the civil rights of individuals who are underrepresented while undergrads at the University of California, Davis and in respective communities. La Raza Pre-Law also seeks to bring about positive change by addressing legal issues dealing with, but not limited to immigration, education, healthcare, and employment issues. LRPSA works to promote and sustain the academic success of any prospective law student at UC Davis.


Our regular meeting time is every Tuesday from 7:10-8:00pm in Olson 261 for the 2014-2015 academic year

Board Members (2014-2015)

Contact Information (2014-2015)

Please contact one of the co-chairs for more information to join! or

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