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Lake Berryessa is a place in Napa County where you can go and spend a nice afternoon. A half hour drive from Davis will bring you to the first sign of the lake, the impressive Monticello Dam, from which Putah Creek flows. The glory hole spillway is one of the outlets of the lake. The water is pretty clean (the lake provides drinking water for much of Solano County) and often warm but some of the lakeside areas are littered with broken glass and fish hooks. It's a great place to go for a swim, get out in nature and just relax.

Lake Berryessa is used often for hiking, fishing and water skiing. One may rent boats (power, kayak or pedal-types) from the resorts of the lake for a fun day in the water. Lake Berryessa is also an official [WWW]seaplane base.

There is no road access to the east side of the lake, and many of the resorts and public areas are on the west and north sides of the Lake, so expect at least one hour's drive (or a nice long bike ride — but be careful, because the road is narrow and winding), depending on your destination.

Check for the abandoned cars there that went off the edge. There are two. What part of the lake?

berryessa2.jpgAerial photo taken 4-29-07 by Andrew Leonard. Lake_Berryesssa_2.jpg

Happenings at the Lake

The Past

The Present

The Future

Things to do


See more: [WWW]Trailheads map for Napa County

Beaches and Swimming

Lake Berryessa Links


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2007-08-27 00:36:59   I normally lament the ever-present trash found even miles out a trail, but recently I was walking around some of the islands here that are currently accessible because of the low water and was very interested to find a (pull tab!) can of Schlitz Beer made in 1975. —JoePomidor

2008-08-29 23:00:51   The hikes are amazing, just be sure to get an early start in the summer and leave time to cool off in the lake. Also, beware of the abundant poison oak (leaves of three, let them be). From the trailhead right below the dam, cross over the road (or under in the dry season) and head up the valley. You'll pass an old homestead, and can get views of the valley if you continue up one of the ridges (can be made into a loop). —rrignacio

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