Lake Spafford


Lake Spafford isn't a lake so much as a place south of Mrak Hall in the Arboretum where Putah Creek becomes obese and then thins down again. It is named after Ed Spafford, who was ASUCD President in 1953 and Vice Chancellor for many years(??-??). Also known as the location of the Picnic Day Battle of the Bands, and a good place to find kids feeding ducks.

lakespafford.jpgLake Spafford in early May 2006 at sunset. spafford_model.jpgA model showing one previously proposed future for Lake Spafford. Mrak Hall is top center. lakespafford_sign.jpgLake Spafford Sign

Plants found around the Lake

Benches, Memorials, Trees


2010-after-rains.jpgLooking very clean after some rain in 2010, looking east from foot bridge

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