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Think "Lame" as in "lame horse"... these are entries that need work or need to be put down. The topic might be interesting and the entry well worth spending time on, but they can't walk the walk as they are currently written.

  1. Probably Unsalvagable
  2. Questionable
  3. Desperately in need of some hot gnome lovin'
  4. Stubs and Starting Points
  5. Copy and Paste Jobs
  6. Jumble of Conversation
    1. Discussion

Probably Unsalvagable


Desperately in need of some hot gnome lovin'

Stubs and Starting Points

These pages are a little skimpy — they need more content or just a better writeup. Help them. They are good ideas, just need a bit more content.

Copy and Paste Jobs

Jumble of Conversation


2005-12-03 17:20:16   I think the lamest pages on the wiki are the ones that are essentially pages for people (UserPages) that have absolutely no content on them. There are some bad examples of pages that don't have anything informative. I think that's pretty lame. —JohnDudek

2005-12-04 00:43:54   Sam's/Politics is relevent to some extent, however it could definitely be pared down to a summary of both sides' points, to remove the pointless bickering. The only real question is if that is done, would it be worth putting on the main page, or keeping it seperate. —JosephBleckman

2005-12-04 15:30:22   Nobody forces people to read these so-called lame pages. One man's junk is another man's treasure. I think they should be left for further development, rather than deleted because certain individuals think they can force their values onto the entire wiki community. In fact, I think this general lack of temperance with the delete command is making the wiki lame. —JaimeRaba

Don't kill one of my babies. —ChristopherMckenzie on the KDVS discussion.

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