Landscape Architecture

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First floor (excluding Hunt 100) Hunt Hall
Office Hours
(8am - 5pm)
(530) 752-3907
(530) 752-3367
Web site
[WWW]Department Webpage
[WWW]American Society of Landscape Architects webpage

The Landscape Architecture program, aka LDA, is a program at UC Davis whose stated aim is to "increase the quality of life through the development and preservation of landscape design and planning processes that are meaningful, relevant and sustainable". They are fully accredited by the [wikipedia]American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA).

Landscape architecture is considered both a department and a major, though the Landscape Architecture major is the only major in the LA department. It does not have its own graduate group, but works closely with the Geography Graduate Group, and has ties to the Graduate Group in Ecology and the Community and Regional Development Graduate Group. The LA department belongs to the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

A graduate of the undergraduate program is qualified to become a licensed Landscape Architect. They are housed in the first floor (except for Hunt 100) Hunt Hall.


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I have been told that West Manor Park was designed by UCD Landscape Architecture students. Can this be confirmed? —NickSchmalenberger

Landscape Architecture is a really awesome major. Good art skills + Love of nature, people + Construction know-how. I loved it! RachelCat

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