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Davis has so many restaurants that offer Latin American, Spanish, Tex-Mex, Southwestern and Mexican food that it is often difficult to know where to go and what restaurants to avoid. Below is a compilation of Latin American Restaurants with important rating information, including Price, Quality, Service, Chips and Salsa, and Misc, to help the hungry Davis masses find a place to eat! Mmmm....

For those that like veggie burritos with vegetables in them, check out El Mariachi, El Toro Bravo, Tres Hermanas, and Taqueria Davis.

Many people go to Woodland for better Mexican food. So there is also a compilation of Woodland favorites on this page to help guide your mini trips.

  1. Davis Locations
  2. Woodland Locations
  3. Former Restaurants

Davis Locations

Quality: Reviews are mixed, the consensus seems to be that they are good for a chain
Service: fast, assembly line style
Chips and Salsa: costs extra
Misc: student discount (free drink)

Chuy's Taqueria
Quality: reviews seem to be fairly positive, although mixed reviews, specialties seem to include fish tacos and carne adobada
Service: order at counter, they bring the food to you
Chips and Salsa: 1 basket of chips per party

Del Taco
Service: Chain fast food.
Chips and Salsa:

Dos Coyotes
Quality: Reviews tend to be pretty positive. It's Southwestern, not Mexican or Tex-Mex. Some recommend the Colorado or Paella Burrito.
Service: Order at the counter, leave your name, they will call it and bring you your food.
Chips and Salsa: Must purchase chips; 6-8 salsas to choose from. Chips come with some meals
Misc: Some outdoor seating.

El Mariachi
Price: $4.50-6.00
Quality: great salsas and [wikipedia]horchata but the food has mixed reviews
Service: Order at the counter and wait for it to be prepared.
Chips and Salsa: Huge salsa bar with wide variety to choose from. 1 side of chips come with most meals.
Misc: Some outdoor seating.

The Green Burrito
Service: Chain fast food.
Chips and Salsa:
Misc: paired with Carl's Jr.

El Toro Bravo
Price: $1.95-11.95
Service: Order at the counter and they'll bring it to you.
Chips and Salsa: Chips and salsa come with some meals.
Misc: Some outdoor seating.

Taco Bell
Service: Chain fast food. Order at the counter/ pick up at counter.
Chips and Salsa:

Taqueria Davis
Price: $5-6
Quality: reviews are fairly positive
Service: order at the counter they bring it out to you, service is noted to be quite friendly
Chips and Salsa: 1 basket served per party, help yourself salsa bar
Misc: Burritos with egg and potato are unusual and flavorful.

Taqueria El Burrito
Price: $2-10
Chips and Salsa:
Misc: Open till 3am Thursday-Saturday

Taqueria Guadalajara
Price: $2.90-7.00
Quality: reviews are fairly positive, but somewhat mixed.
Service: Order at the counter.
Chips and Salsa: self-serve all you can eat; a few salsas to choose from.
Misc: Outdoor seating at South Davis location.

Tres Hermanas
Price: Entrées and tacos are $8-$14
Quality: Reviews are mostly positive
Service: Mixed, especially for the bar at night
Chips and Salsa: Served free with meal
Misc: sit down, full service, plus a bar at night. Large outdoor seating area.

Woodland Locations

[woodland]Silvina's Basket
Price: $ 2.00 - 16.00
Quality: best Chili Relleno in the Davis/Woodland area
Service: sit down ,full service, Taco's , lunch buffet
Chips and Salsa: free chips and salsa.
Misc: The New Flavor of Old Mexico

[woodland]Tacos El Paisano Restaurant & Taco Truck
Price: $ 2.00 - 5.00
Quality: best tacos in the Davis/Woodland area according to the people who have commented
Service: order at the counter or truck, you pick up the food
Chips and Salsa: free chips and salsa at sit-down location; salsa only at truck.
Misc: one dollar tacos including tax

Price: $ 2.50 - 7.00
Quality: only positive reviews. Everyone seems to love the homemade maza tortillas, and gorditas. [Note: In Spanish, a gordita is a pleasantly plump young girl.]
Service: order at the counter, they bring you the food
Chips and Salsa: 1 basket per party, 4 salsas and various comments
Misc: closes at 6:00 pm

Price: $ 1.00 - 3.00
Quality: best churro of your life, only $1 per giant curvy piece.
Service: family owned truck - Loreno Llamas, his wife, and son are extremely hospital and nice.
Chips and Salsa: n/a - no savory items here. It's all about the churros, mango ices, and cold/hot corn drinks.
Misc: Open every day 2pm-10pm

Former Restaurants

La Esperanza (Davis)
Price: $8.00-15.00
Quality: Mainly negative reviews. Few people have enjoyed their experience here
Service: Waitresses and waiters will take your order.
Chips and Salsa: all you can eat provided for the table while you are waiting for your food. Two kinds of salsa.
Misc: Closed August 28th, 2009.

Agave (Davis)
Price: Appetizers are $7-$12, entrées are $14-$21
Quality: Reviews seem positive
Chips and Salsa: Fresh, homemade chips?
Misc: Full tequila bar, happy hour drink specials. Was once Soga's, then Agave, then Soga's again, now closed.

Baja Fresh (Davis)
Chips and Salsa:

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