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Andrew Sindel
November 2012
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Club Information

Club Overview

[WWW]League of Legends is an online game. The League of Legends Club at UC Davis is a student club aimed to get fellow summoners together to meet friends and have fun. At our official meetings we have small events, socialize with others with similar interests, and watch and play League.


Membership is not required to come to club.

To sign up as a free member you can click [WWW]here.

However, you have the option of being a paid member for $15. To pay for membership talk with one of the officers.

Membership unlocks many cool aspects of our club such as:


The point system is a way for us to thank you for your contribution to the club and contributing to the growth of the League of Legends community. Every so often you will be able to trade your points in for small prizes or raffles for large prizes. We are in the process of revamping our point/reward system to include schwag from sponsors along with skins, and RP codes.

Prizes include, but are not limited to:

soraka banana.jpgSoraka Bananagp orange.jpgGangplank Orangebracelet.jpgPentakill Wristbandtrinity force.jpgTrinity Force Keychainteemo hat.jpgTeemo Hatrammus hat.JPGRammus Hatblitz.jpgBlitzcrank Hoodie


Upcoming Events

Raja's Fundraiser
Time: Tuesday Jan 21 5:00PM - 9:00PM
Location: [WWW]207 3rd st.
Paid members get 2 points(per guest they bring including themselves) if they (a) turned in the flyer when they pay their bill and (b) send their receipt to our club (via scanning and e-mailing us at ucdlolclub@gmail.com, or giving us the physical receipt)

Winter LAN!
Time: Sunday, Feb 23, 9:00 AM to 7:30 PM
Location: Arc Ballroom

It’s time to play head to head against your fellow summoners and win a ton of prizes! This tournament is sponsored by Riot (yay you get free skins) and GUNNAR so far and we expect to be sponsored by Monster and Twitch in the near future. And before you ask – YES! We did figure out the internet and it will be up and running by the time you arrive.

Rules are essentially the same as last time aside from the fact that this will be balanced, but we are leaving the balancing up to you. Please read the rules [WWW]here for more info.
Sign up [WWW]here
Check the bracket [WWW]here

Regular Events

Gaming Social
Time: Every Friday at 7:30 PM
Location: [WWW]Surge III
These are our cool get-togethers where you bring your laptop (or desktop and monitor if you are hardcore) to play League in a room full of your fellow UCD peers. We have mini competitions and regularly have prizes.

Officer Information


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Past Presidents


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