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November 2012
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Club Information

Club Overview

[WWW]League of Legends is an online game. The League of Legends Club at UC Davis is a student club aimed to get fellow summoners together to meet friends and have fun. At our official meetings we have small events, socialize with others with similar interests, and watch and play League.


Membership is not required to come to club.

To sign up as a free member you can click [WWW]here.
To join our email group to get monthly updates about upcoming events click [WWW]here.

However, you have the option of being a paid member for $15. To pay for membership talk with one of the officers.

Membership unlocks many cool aspects of our club such as:


The point system is a way for us to thank you for your contribution to the club and contributing to the growth of the League of Legends community. At the end of every quarter you can come to our last meeting where we will have a list of prizes with their point equivalents along with a list of member names and the number of points they each have. Points do not carry to the following school year.

Prizes include, but are not limited to:

soraka banana.jpgSoraka Bananagp orange.jpgGangplank Orangebracelet.jpgTons of Damage Wristbandtrinity force.jpgTrinity Force Keychainteemo hat.jpgTeemo Hatrammus hat.JPGRammus Hatblitz.jpgBlitzcrank Hoodie

Upcoming Events


10/13: FIRST GENERAL MEETING @ 7PM! Come find out what we have planned for the school year, meet and greet our current members and have some fun!

10/14: IN-HOUSE GAMING SOCIAL @ 6pm! Bring your computers for a night of in-house games! Bond with faces new and old over joyous blood shed in "Find the Teemo!" Prove your mettle in ULTIMATE BRAVERY! Test your agility in The Donger Dash!


10/16: WORLD'S REBROADCAST & GAMING SOCIAL @ 5:30pm! Come and relax with us! You can bring your computer to pick up some games or just come to hang out! We'll also be doing a recap of worlds and viewing clips and games as requested!

10/18: SOCIAL/WORLD'S FINAL VIEWING PARTY TBA! Come relax, eat, and party with the League of Legends Club as we count down to see who claims the title as World Champions of 2014!

All locations TBA.

Officer Information


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Past Presidents


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