Liberty's Flame


Liberty's Flame is a conservative (not necessarily Republican) paper put on by the Young Conservatives Foundation (YCF), a nonprofit registered corporation that exists solely for the purpose of putting out the paper. YCF gets its funding from grants from other conservative organizations and advertising space. Unlike the liberal papers on campus, students do not subsidize its production.

Most (or possibly all) members of the YCF board are or have recently been members of the Davis College Republicans

AS PAPERs cannot produce the quality of printing they would like, and they have the resources to produce it without AS PAPERs, so it is printed elsewhere, possibly by a company in Sacramento. They did print one issue a couple years back through AS PAPERs, which was pretty hilarious because Jon Otero wrote about how they were abandoning their principles by getting public funding.


A publication unleashed by the Davis College Republicans.

I am pretty sure this is a libertarian publication and not republican?PhilipNeustrom

Liberty's Flame is an ASPAPERS publication created by the DCR. -DanMasiel

Definitely DCR. I have a copy of one of the best issues, if you're interested. - BrentLaabs

Actually it's not put out by DCR, YCF and DCR are two different groups on campus...true there is a bit of overlap in the membership but they are in fact different entities.

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