[wikipedia]Linux is an open source operating system that is free in [wikipedia]more than one way. Most relevant to community-minded Davis is the philosophy that drives Linux development: (1) you should be able to know exactly how your operating system works, (2) you should be able to change it if you don't like how it works, and (3) you should be able to freely share it with others. It's no surprise that the DavisWiki is served off a Linux machine.

Linux is freely downloadable online (e.g. see options on [WWW] and allows you to run a treasure trove of high quality free software applications. The software most useful to the academic community (office suites, mathematics and statistics, and Internet communications) is well represented, and some recent distributions of the OS have gotten so [WWW]user-[WWW]friendly that 9 out of 10 grandmothers can use it.

The computer science major at UC Davis is very Linux/Unix centered. As such, many students taking CS classes run some variant of Linux on their machines so they don't have to live in the dungeon. OS X also works for this purpose.



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2009-01-07 23:21:40   I just put Ubuntu on my parents (and grandparent's) computer. No problems. —CodyDuncan

2011-01-27 09:03:59   I can recommend [Puppy Linux], its a lightweight linux distro that can run from a usb stick and run on old computers - [WWW]

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