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These are reviews of Little Prague from 2005. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2005-05-16 23:20:07   The weekend brunch is not particularly impressive, though the patio *is* pretty nice! For the price, portions aren't exactly um, hearty, and the food doesn't taste particularly good... not bad, but not particularly good. The bread was pretty darn boring for a place that claims its own bakery, too! My recommendation for best breakfast remains Caffe Italia! —AlphaDog

2005-05-29 23:40:20   The food was apparently better when the owner's wife used to cook it herself, but I was too young at the time to tell the difference... These days, we put it down to the food being Bohemian rather than Moravian. Still, when they have it, get the szegedina goulash (I may have possibly mutiliated the spelling on that one). You can definitely see the German influences on the potato salad though. —JenniferPetrik

I love the food, but the waiter is EXTREMELY rude. — EllenWoodall

2005-06-15 20:16:16   Well, in contrast to Ms. Woodall, my experience at Little Prague was waiters and waitresses who are almost too attentive and polite. But I guess everyone can have a bad day sometimes. —JaimeRaba

why thank you, mr. raba, for your comment. actually, i've had great service from the waitresses - it's just this one waiter that's horrible. that said, the food is amazing and well worth risking a snotty waiter. —EllenWoodall

2005-06-15 20:39:24   What do you guys recomend and what are the prices? I'm going there Friday... —MichaelGiardina

2005-06-15 20:48:01   I liked the duck coated in pistachio nuts and the venison special. Or vice versa— I'm not sure. The potato pancake appetizers are pricey but good, so I'd recommend you get them during happy hour. Their breakfasts are really good too, especially the options that come with dumplings. —CraigBrozinsky

i'm of czech descent, so i love it all, but the goulash is amazing and so is the bratwurst. the vegetarian struedel is really good also. —EllenWoodall

2005-06-16 02:21:33   Goulash is quite good. Not a huge fan of the pork schnitzel or the stuffed chicken (an occasional special item). Everything else I've had there is good. Really though, the atmosphere makes it. —EricKlein

2005-06-17 05:02:13   The service and the atmosphere of Little Prague was absolutley great. A folk band was playing while my roomates and friends ate, although there was a bit of social pressure to tip the musicians. The food itself is pretty good, but in my opinion just not good enough to warrant the huge prices. I had the special which was chicken with fruit baked in it ($24). Generally everyoen at my table was more than happy with the food and dessert (although ifound dessert a little lacking..but the again Davis doesn't have any great dessert places), but we were shocked at our bill. Definitely recommended to those who have a twenties in their wallets. —AlvinTsao

2005-06-17 23:12:15   Went there today with a large group. We were unaware of a grad special with no item on the menu under $22. So, we hit up Sudwerk instead. They had a grad menu as well but better prices. —MichaelGiardina

2005-09-15 01:53:01   Great setting, great food, great beer. They do NOT cater to college types though, as is evidenced by the prices. Excellent place for a sit-down dinner, or a few drinks on the patio, but be prepared for the $8+ 22 oz beers. —ChrisLambertus

2005-10-02 09:54:25   Not a good choice if you're on a schedule! I made reservations for 6:30pm on a Saturday (yesterday) evening ahead of an 8pm showtime at Mondavi. We were seated immediately, but our appetizers didn't materialize until 7:10! The main course, arriving at 7:30, we took in a box and I'll be having it for breakfast this morning. The staff was polite and appropriately apologetic, suggesting that appetizers are normally a cause for delay and that if we informed them of our plans ahead of time, we would have received priority. —ErikAnderson

2005-10-21 19:09:11   Late night at the bar....turn the lights down! Way too bright in there for the setting they are trying to create. Also, a flourescent lit fridge with pies in it looks a bit weird in a bar. It makes me think I'm at a cafeteria or Baker's square or something, not a hip new bar. The one night I've been there the bartenders were extremely slow. Patient and friendly, but slow. That in itself is not that big of a deal. I'm patient and can wait a bit for a drink....but the sorority girls and frat boys clamoring and pounding on the bar and yelling "Hey!" and snapping their fingers gets very annoying after awhile. Lots and lots of potential though. Extremely friendly wait staff, nice decor, and great beers at great prices. —JeffSpeckles

2005-10-22 10:07:55   I agree about the lighting. I asked them to turn them down one night, and it made a huge difference. But the next night, it was back to Walmart lighting. —CraigBrozinsky

2005-11-19 11:43:55 I've been to the new Little Prague bar several times and enjoyed it. However, tonight I was treated extremely rudely by a man that I believe to be the owner. He wanted to "scan" my driver's license in some little machine. I was reluctant to allow him to do so, and asked some questions about the proess first. Like- what kind of information was he gathering about me and what parties would have access to it? This seems like a very reasonable concern to me. He seemed to be indignant about the fact that I would ask anything about this process. He said yes, he would have a list of all the people that attended the bar that night, and that it was somehow for my own safety. In my books, this is a violation of privacy. When I told him that I'd like to pass on the "scan", he said it was optional, but that he also had the option of not serving me. In the end, he told me and my friend to leave the bar. We wanted to wait (without drinking) for a third friend who was joining us but he did not allow it and told us to leave the bar.. escorting us out. What country is this??? Is this 1984??

It was obviously very bright in the bar- so my id could easily be seen. Also- this policy doesn't have anything to do with underage drinkers. I'm in my 30's... and a man next to me who was clearly in his 60's was submitted to the scan. —LindaRummay

2005-11-23 10:44:24   It's a transaction. Transactions, by, nature, involve the cooperation of two parties. Basically, Linda initiated the transaction by walking into the bar (or up to the bouncer, or whatever). He asked for authorization to complete the transaction (eg. letting her in the bar) in the form of an ID. Linda, through 10 years or so of experience, expects a simple ID check, he instead prepares to scan her ID, possibly collecting personal information for an unknown purpose. This wasn't part of the expected transaction, so Linda asked the other party to explain what was going to happen with *her personal information*. Legitimate, don't you think? —DomenicSantangelo

By the way, Domenic, oh hallowed guardian of privacy, why do you post a picture of your CDL with your real name on the internet for all to see if it is such cherished information? Oh, you've done a fantastic job of blurring out your address. I guess you don't live on Sycamore Ln anymore. That way no one can (gasp!) mail you a letter. I'm guessing you got that spiffy new ID just this week, right after the 2005 holidays. Am I right? How are the lines at the Davis DMV mid-December? —JeffSpeckles

2005-12-12 13:29:46   The food is good, but beware of the specials as they have special prices as well...we were pretty shocked by the bill (I found it rude that they didn't specify it when we ordered) —GilCo

2005-12-22 21:56:13   Fuck these assholes and their scanners. Did this guy get busted for serving too many teeny boppers alcohol and E? —ApolloStumpy

2006-01-06 13:31:26   Nope. Little Prague hasn't been busted. If they keep relying on the scanner as their ID check they will be eventually though. —JeffSpeckles

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