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2010-02-11 15:28:14   Little Prague is a decent college bar, but they get really paranoid about fake IDs. They always look at me suspisciously, like my ID is fake, and they ask me things like the address listed on my license and whether or not I wear contacts. One day I suspect I'm going to come here and not be let into the bar! —bear

2010-05-08 12:34:42   I'm just going to say this. The Bar staff are either overworked/understaffed (which would be my guess judging by how flustered they always are) or the manager on duty for the bar is just a huge bitch and makes them all miserable. Or both. Either way it shouldn't take us 25 minutes to be able to close out a tab. Getting drinks? fine maybe, but not closing out a tab. As far as the manager, he seems very nice to me. The food, I ate there once and had the goulash if i remember correctly and it was nothing short of disappointing and bland. I can make better goulash at home with half the seasonings and 1/3 the price. The atmosphere is great though and I just wish I could enjoy going there but I always come away disappointed. —asuri

2010-05-15 21:45:53   Good for dancing, bouncers are cool. Bartenders are horrible. They are either have no idea what customer service is or don't care. My suggestion, drink elsewhere and then go to Little Prague to dance. —contour66

2010-06-19 10:20:55   I LOVE AFRICAN NIGHT HERE!!!! —thelt1212

* * What do you mean they!?

2010-06-25 13:32:29   Wow, I won't be going back to this place. We arrived for happy hour, which only featured certain beers and only lasted an hour and a half, and waited an extremely long time to get our drinks while the bartender talked on the phone. The food was reasonably priced for happy hour, but less than stellar. The potato pancakes were tough and weirdly flavored, but the duck nuggets were quite good. We were the only ones in the place, I can't imagine how bad service must be when it's busy. I might try their bakery items in the future but I won't go out of my way to visit here again. —cerise

2010-06-30 11:58:14   I really regret patronizing this place. I've not once had a good drink there, and the customer service is horrible. Case in point: Last night, I ordered a Hendricks and tonic from the bartender. (Who could screw that up, right?) I was pretty sure that I saw her mix in another gin with the Hendricks behind the bar, but I didn't say anything until I tasted the drink and did not taste the Hendricks at all. I asked her point blank: "Did you put another gin in this drink?" She said she didn't. I said, "Really? Because I can't taste the cucumber flavor of the Hendricks at all." She said, "That's all I put in it." I suppose I should have pushed it and told her I was simply not satisfied with the drink, but I was so sick of her attitude that I just let it be. Especially for $8.50, one would think that the normal response when a customer is clearly unhappy with their drink is to offer a replacement. But apparently the bartenders at this establishment are not trained in customer service. Or bartending, for that matter. —CatherineFung

2010-09-06 18:53:19   just back from the happy hour. The soups and salads are not included in the happy hour going by the full price i was charged for them inside the 4-5.30 window. weird place. not going back.. —snehalt

** I went to the bar, and not the restaurant. I did order from the happy hour menu. The bar menu says, all drafts at reduced prices at happy hour, the bartender "explained" that only 2 out of 5 are on reduced prices, that too only a certain size. I ordered a liter pruzovic, which was almost stale. Anyway, I will stick to Sudwerk for now where fresher house brewed beer is 6.XX per liter**
* Nice, considering the bar doesn't serve Pruzovic. That and the fact I have never heard of anyone complaining about getting a nearly 30 oz. beer for $4.00 vs a normal non-happy hour pint for $4.50. In additon there are many more than 5 types of drafts beers and always have been.

2010-10-03 00:23:11   I think I'm going to contact the establishment and find out what officially the cover policy is. I've been here several dozen times and twice told they were charging a cover "every night" by the same bouncer. Whenever he's not there, no one asks for a cover. There was another time he was pushing people to pay a cover for an illegal immigration defense fund and letting people in only after several minutes of guilt tripping. Considering all this I'm wondering if it's legit or not? Does LP actually charge a cover or is this just one random shady guy doing bad business without the owner's knowledge?

Anyway needless to say a cover in davis is just lame. The entire line I was in walked away refusing to pay. —OliviaY

2010-10-25 19:00:38   I went in saturday night, not only did we have to pay a cover, which is stupid in davis no one charges a cover. but when I ordered a drink from the blonde bartender I was forced to pay 10 dollars for what should be a 6 dollar drink! To be a jerk or just ironic she then didn't charge my friend for his drink! On top of all that mine tasted terrible. I don't think we'll ever go back, especially if we have to pay to get in, and it wasn't even busy! From now on we will go to sophias or g street pub where its much more fun, little prague is boring and thieves! —mikea88

As for a cover charge in Davis.. who else does this?

Ket Mo ($5.00) every night there is a DJ
Graduate ($5.00-$10.00) Every night the have live music or a DJ
Sudwerks ($3.25) Every Wednesday for their dollar pint night

and there are others as well whenever there is a DJ or Live Music event.

Bars do the best they can to provide the entertainment you want and the environment you deserve, some better than others depending on your taste. Personally, I feel Little Prague, Sophias and Froggy's would be the bars I would establish the most (G Pub on non-crowded evenings going to miss them when they close) but I don't go to the bars often enough to care save for when I work, which I do at Little Prague. I am open to any communication anyone wishes to send to me and will discuss anything that arises with the owner of the establishment.

As for what you get for your $3.00 cover:
You get a dance floor, DJ, one of the largest bars in town and a great outdoor patio atmosphere, not to mention what we feel is great customer service from the bouncers and bar staff alike... The $3.00 cover (less than the cost of a Latte) and this is the breaking point for a bar? I find this humorous. As for other options in town, yes, there are several and, unfortunately, one of them will be shuttering it's doors soon. I recommend everyone explore and decide for yourselves which bars are for you and which bars are not. — Wes-P

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