This page is written with a Davis-specific slant. For general information, see [WWW]LocalWiki.org.

The LocalWiki project is an ambitious effort to help other local communities create information hubs as fantastic as the Davis Wiki. Right now, the project has two main components: new software, designed from the ground up for local community usage; and a focused stewardship of individual pilot communities.

"When will Davis Wiki be running the new software?"

While developing software is a major initial aspect of the project, our aim isn't to simply upgrade the Davis Wiki. At first, we have to focus our attention on the initial pilot communities. Davis Wiki is really successful, but people need to see radical successes elsewhere to help spread collaborative local media. Davis Wiki is also quite mature, and if we aimed to immediately support everything on the Davis Wiki or immediately port over Davis Wiki to the new software we would lose focus that would be better spent on the initial pilot communities.

So the plan is to work with one or two pilot communities until they're in a good place. At that point, we'll step back a bit and figure out what functionality and features should be running on the Davis Wiki. We've been building everything to be extremely flexible, software-wise, so if there's functionality we develop for one community that isn't needed or wanted in Davis we can turn it off or alter it. We'll also be able to add new features based on feedback from Davisites who are currently using and editing the Davis Wiki. It's also worth noting that our current grant funding is explicitly for new/pilot communities, so this is another reason why our initial focus is on new places. In a nutshell: we have limited resources and insane ambitions.

"How can I help?"

Up until last week we've been 100% focused on writing new software. If you're a programmer and want to help out, please do! Everything is entirely open — [WWW]information on all that is here. We're going to be doing a big open source outreach push in the next month — and hopefully hold a few hackathons in Davis and SF.

We're now shifting gears a bit as we figure out the first set of pilot communities. More on that in a week or so.

More later, post questions here and I will answer. You can also shoot me an email at philipn@gmail.com.PhilipNeustrom

What's the plan as far as migrating Davis Wiki to the new software? —TomGarberson

Hi all...I created this page to discuss the migration (when / if) to the local wiki software.

I just checked out the [WWW]DentonWiki, which looks amazing. Anybody have any news on this?

Thanks —aroach12

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