Local Monarchs


Davis is and has been host to a number of monarchs, mostly declared by particluar groups or self-declared.

Party King

The Party King of Davis is one of the most widely accepted monarchs in Davis. The title is held by the host who gives the best parties in all the Dominion of Davis.

ASUCD Monarchs or Officers Who Are Also Monarchs

California Aggie Monarchs

Daviswiki Monarchs

Residence Hall Monarchs


DPS has bestowed the crown of King of Tercero on four people thus far. The title appears to have actually been accompanied by a crown and ceremonies:


While these titles are all essentially spurious, please do not create a title specifically to put it on this page. Note that all the current listings are either a title given by winning a public contest or at least generally known, purportedly accepted by a number of their "subjects," in infamously bad taste, or a combination.

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