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Pets who have been missing for one year or longer may be listed here rather than the Lost Pets page. If you see your pet listed here and it has been found, please delete the entry or even better...add it to the Success Stories page! Thanks!

Archived lost or found pets

FOUND DOG: 1/4/13. Male Chihuahua mix, rust-colored with white paws

found on Sunset Court near Anderson. Call 530-753-3183.

Update 1/10/13: Dog was taken to the animal shelter on Sat 1/5/13. As of today, he still has not been claimed or adopted.

FOUND CAT: 12/12/12. Brown Tabby Cat

Upload new image "cat found 12_12_12.jpg" very skinny intact male brown tabby cat found in the Arbors Apartment complex on Olive Drive. No collar, no microchip but is litterbox trained and loves people. If you have any information please contact Rachel at (805)338-0269.

FOUND CAT: 12/8/12. Female Tuxedo

Upload new image "cat_2012-12-08_tuxedo.jpg" No collar or microchip, vicinity of Duke & M Streets, Davis. Call 530-753-7605

FOUND CAT: 11/18/12. Large Gray

Upload new image "hoover.jpg" Near corner of Anderson & Covell, mid-November. This cat is fluffy & friendly, and has been sleeping on our porch for the past several days. If you recognize him/her, please email sjmcdonnell@mac.com.

FOUND CAT: 11/11/12. Olive Tabby, Medium hair

Upload new image "la habra cat.jpg" Found near La Habre Court, South Davis, early November. No collar. Medium hair tabby with white socks and white chest. Please contact Leah at 530-304-8288 or Jerry at 541-232-0836.

FOUND CAT: 11/3/12. Black/Grayish Female

Upload new image "photo.jpg" Found Female Around Valdez St. 708 Valdez St.

LOST CAT: 9/15/12. "Posey". Calico

Upload new image "Posey2.jpg" Posey is 1 ½ years old and weighs about 10 pounds. She is very friendly. Posey lives at 743 Anderson Rd in Davis. Posey got out at 4:00 AM on 9/15/12. She hasn’t been seen since. She has an Avid Microchip # 057-856-057. Please call Philip: 530-304-3321 or email: palba@gbis.com.
Upload new image "Posey1.jpg"

LOST DOG: 9/15/12. "Cricket". Small, Black and White toy fox terrier

Toy fox terrier, she has one white eye with caterac, lost on Purdue Drive, 95616, her name is Cricket, She can not hear very well, but can hear. She runs on three legs, has no tail. Very sweet, 13 years old. Please help us find this little dog, new to the area, not used to the heat!!! my cell (415) 850 1527. My son Anthony, who actually lives there on Purdue Drive, cell phone 415 850-1423. Thank you so much. algdc3@aol.com or joton3@aol.com

FOUND DOG: 9/9/12. White, medium-sized, wearing cone

Upload new image "dog.jpg" medium sized white dog, found near bueno drive on September 9th. No collars and wearing a cone for what looks like a bloody ear. If this dog belongs to you or someone you know please call (530) 400-4974

LOST RABBIT: 8/27/12. White and Black

Upload new image "MrHat.png" Bunny is a neutered male mini lop. Went missing from my front yard on Drexel Dr. in old central east Davis. Any info would be appreciated: sightings, maulings, etc... I would really appreciate having him back or knowing what happened to him. Please call Nikki at 530-756-3210 or email nlnicola@ucdavis.edu. Thank you!

Update 1/9/13: Still missing.

LOST CAT: 8/27/12. "Tux". Tuxedo coat

Upload new image "tux1.jpg" Tux did not come home with his companion Nero, on Monday night 8/27/12. He almost 3 months old. Brown eyes with a "tuxedo" coat (All black with white paws and white chest) He has random white hairs mixed in with black hairs on his tail and a white patch on his nose. His whiskers are really long and white. He is wearing a black and white collar with a tiny bell. He was last seen on Anderson Road four doors up from the Davis Chinese Church. If you've seen him please call Alex at (530) 718-9008. Thank you!
Upload new image "tux2.jpg" Upload new image "tux3.jpg"

LOST CAT: 8/25/12. "Maddi". Abyssinian Cat

Upload new image "maddi.jpg" Lost female Abyssinian cat in North Davis. Small cat, scratch on her back, microchipped. Please call 530-570-0419 with any information. Reward for her safe return.

LOST CAT: 8/21/12. "Mara". Small black/brown torty

We've lost Mara, a small black/brown torty cat. Lost on evening of 21 Aug. 2012 from our home at the intersection of Clara Ln and Birch Ln. She has a microchip. If you find her please call 530-758-5712. Thanks, Chris

LOST CAT: 8/15/12. "Cat". Tabby with brown, black, orange and tan markings. Green eyes

Upload new image "cat1.jpg" Cat is a female tabby cat with brown, black, orange and tan markings with green eyes. She was last seen on about August 15, 2012 on Drake Drive in Davis. She has no tag or microchip. She has a shaved stomach from a recent ultrasound. She is an indoor/outdoor cat but rarely stays out for longer than a day. She loves to go exploring so if you live in the area around Drake Drive if you could check your yard or garage, she may have wandered in! We would really appreciate any info, we miss her very much!!! If you see her please call Amanda at (805) 750-9888 or Katie at (805)490-4904. Thank you!


Upload new image "Bit pull pup.jpg" Found at Nothstar Park on 8/13/12
The dog is still young, with a red collar, while with brown/gray spots. Very sweet.
please call 530-908-6714

FOUND CAT: 8/9/12. Male Grey Tabby, very friendly,

Upload new image "lost_kitty.jpeg" Found 8/9/12

He was found in Davis, on the greenbelt near the corner of Cowell and Lillard, behind the Green Terrace condominiums.

The cat appears to be a young, neutered male.

He has a medium-length grey/brown tabby fir. He has a clear white mark up his nose, and a bit of white on all of his paws.

He is small and lean, but fit, and he has an outgoing personality.

He did not have a collar, but he is microchipped. *We have tried repeatedly to contact his owner, but have received no return call.


LOST CAT: 8/7/12. "Miss Kitty". Black with some white hairs, white patch on chest.

Upload new image "Miss Kitty.jpg" The only reward I can offer is a free hug and my undying appreciation.

My cat is missing. I have had her for her entire 10 years of life. She's been with me through everything and in most of my son's life and my daughter's entire life.

She is mostly black with subtle white hairs from aging randomly placed over her body. She has also developed a small white patch on her chest, as well. Her eyes are mostly yellow, with green directly around the pupils. Her collar is NOT currently on.

She answers to "Miss Kitty" and is very docile. She used to follow me everywhere and when she didn't come home, one night, it has put me in a worried panic.

Please, please, if you see her, call J at 860.461.9072 or email me at misscinrose@gmail.com.

Last seen, where Burnside Ave and Larrabee Street intersect in East Hartford, CT on 7 August 2012.

Update 1/10/13: "I have not gotten my dear kitty back. :("

Note - I'm not sure why this is on a community wiki 3000 miles away from the cat's home. However, pictures of cute cats are what the internet is all about.

LOST CAT: 7/22/12. "Athena". Calico, short hair, mostly black w/ tortiose shell white&orange patches

Upload new image "athena.jpg" Small COLLARED Calico w/ short hair mostly black with tortoise shell patches of white and orange==

Heart Shaped purple collar reads Athena and has 2404 E. 8th Street (530)848-3095. Also Chipped Chip is 028362349. So even if collar is missing has ID Chip. Cat has white paws. Back is mostly black.

Last night [Sunday 7/22], she escaped at 2404 East 8th. near corner of Pole Line and 8th. She responds to food and may be in your garage or back yard sun bathing or hiding in a bush or in shade. Please call Brooke at (530)848-3095 if you have any information. Thanks

LOST CAT: 7/22/12. "Karma". Small Tabby w/ Sock Around neck

Upload new image "karma2.jpg" Last night [Sunday 7/22], she escaped near Pacific Drive (near north davis nugget). She has a sock around or neck or some irritated skin on the back of her neck. She is very dearly missed, if you have any information please contact Andrew @ 707-303-5407.
Upload new image "karma1.jpg"

FOUND CAT: 7/20/12. White with different colored spots

Upload new image "FOUNDcatStonegate.jpg" white with different colored spots
found 7/20/2012 at Stonegate Village Apartments
very friendly

LOST CAT: 7/12/12. "Barney". Long haired Maine Coon

Upload new image "lost cat barney.jpg" Barney is really friendly and hangs out on campus, usually near the Tri Co-ops, Segundo student housing area,
and the ARC. He is a silver/grey/white long-haired Maine Coon. He was last seen around July 12. At the time he had a collar with a nametag on it. He is also micro-chipped. He is missed terribly, especially by his brother Seymour… If you’ve seen him in the past few days, or have any information, please call 562-665-9144 (my cell phone) or 530-754-1310 (Agrarian Effort Co-op)

LOST CAT: 7/6/12. "Angus". Black with small white patch on chest

Upload new image "angus.jpg" REWARD! He is all black with a small patch of white on his chest. Small cyst on right shoulder and has ear tattoos. He is a retired blood donor from UC Davis. Please contact Ryland Behrens if found 916.591.0424 Day or Night! He is loved very much and missed more than words can say!

LOST CAT: 6/27/12. "Boris". All Black, red collar

Upload new image "Boris1.jpg" HAVE YOU SEEN BORIS? He ran away on Wed Jun 27 from Cranbrook Court Apartments (wearing a red collar at the time). He’s a 10 year old, all black cat, super sweet but very skittish. The SPCA said he is likely hiding out nearby. Note that his look-alike sister has a blue collar and is confident outdoors. Please call Anne at 510-847-9223 AT ANY TIME if you see him. Reward $ for return. THANK YOU!
Upload new image "Boris2.jpg" Upload new image "Boris3.jpg"

FOUND BIRD: 6/27/12. Cockatiel - white and yellow

white and yellow
found 6/27, overheated under a bush on Brown Drive (West Davis)
Please call Yolo County Animal Shelter

LOST CAT: 6/25/12. "Willow". Short-haired tabby

Upload new image "Willow1.jpg" Willow is a short haired tabby about two years old. He has a docked right ear and is microchipped. He is not wearing a collar. He went missing from the Willows Apartments on the corner of Lake Blvd. and Covell Blvd. on June 25th, 2012. He is loved and has been missed. If you find him or spot him, please call me at (415) 250-7562. Thank you.
Upload new image "Willow2.jpg"

LOST DOG: 6/16/12. "Chad". Light brown chihuahua mix

Upload new image "chad.jpg" Chad is a light brown chihuahua mix who escaped from the backyard on Marina Circle, Davis, the evening of June 16th. He is 4 years old, and very shy of strangers. He has a collor with a SF tag and is microchipped. If you have found him, please call us at 415-425-1064 or (415) 449-1270. Thank you.

FOUND DOG: 6/15/12. Tri-color Beagle, friendly, full-figured

Upload new image "found_beagle.jpg" Wandered into yard on Bates Drive (East Davis)

Very frienldy, female, middle aged, full-figured. No ID or chip found. Please contact Cheri at (530) 759-0334

LOST DOG: 6/8/12. "Rose". Mostly black chihuahua mix, white paws and whiskers

Upload new image "rose1.jpg" Rose wandered out of our yard on Cabrillo Ave. in North Davis in the morning of June 8th when the gardener opened the gate. She is a mostly black chihuahua mix, approximately 10 lbs. and 8 years old, with some white on her paws and whiskers. She is missing her collar but is microchipped. She is very much loved. If you have found her, please call us at (530) 400-1358. Thank you.

FOUND CAT: 6/2/12. Persian-like, black and orange, declawed

Upload new image "Fiona.jpg" Adams and Arthur 6/2/12 (Davis)

Found a female, black and orange, longed hair, declawed, persian-like cat.
Very friendly, and well kept. She is really nice and she seems young.
Please contact Catalina at (530) 400-2197

LOST DOG: 5/5/12. "Bistro". Red Mini Australian Shepherd with white bits. Dog is BLIND!

Upload new image "Bistro May 2012.jpg" May 5, County Rd 97 Woodland. Red Mini Australian Shepherd named Bistro. He is blind, scared, and new to the area. Dragging a leash, has a name tag that says "Sophie" (from my dear doggie that passed away in February). Please call if you see him or if you want to help find him: 668-4144/304-4110

FOUND CAT: 4/25/12. Long bushy tortoise-colored coat, white chin. Missing tip of left ear

Shasta & Covell 4/25/12

Small female (?) tabby marking on head, long bushy tortise-colored coat, white chin. Looks like the tip of her left ear is missing. Very friendly, very vocal. (530) 747-6471.

LOST CAT: 4/17/12. "Moo". Black and White short hair

Upload new image "IMG_1568.jpg" Female black and white domestic short hair cat went missing around the 9th of April around F street between 6th and 7th. There was construction going on so she was probably scared. Please email collinzmama@gmail.com if you've seen her!!! She is scared around other people so she may not let anyone pick her up. She has a collar with an old number and the name MOO.
Upload new image "IMG_0652.jpg"

FOUND CAT: 3/27/12. Black and White Tuxedo Cat

Upload new image "IMG_2504.jpg" (I think its a male) VERY FRIENDLY!

Found this friendly cat in downtown Davis on the evening of March 27th. The cat is incredibly friendly and playful, and is fairly well kept. I assume it is a male, though I could be wrong. It is a tuxedo cat with a black tail that has a white tip. The cats underbelly is white along with its paws. It is quiet around people, but gets vocal when left alone. PLEASE HELP ME FIND THIS CATS OWNER! I really would love to see him/her find its way home! Call or text me at (530) 524-4575 ASAP.
Upload new image "IMG_2502.jpg" Upload new image "IMG_2496.jpg"

FOUND CAT: 3/25/12. Black and white cat, injured!

Upload new image "MOOMOObed.jpg" Upload new image "MOOMOO.jpg" A white cat with black spots and tail has been found on Anderson Rd, just past Russell Blvd! White paws, black tail, a large black splotch on both its ears, the one on the left being larger than the one on the right. Also has one behind its left ear. HAS A COLLAR, but no tag. Has not been checked for a microchip yet. Pink nose. Extremely friendly, has no fear of humans, and eats and sleeps inside the house, but goes outside to relieve itself, instead of using a litter pan (the litter pan has the smell of another cat though, which might play a factor in that?). Has a torn, bloodcrusted ear and battered legs, especially on the right side. Looks as if she might have been hit by a car. Please call or text 858 603 8154 if you know anything about this cat!
Upload new image "MOOMOOfullbed.jpg" Upload new image "MOOMOOeating.jpg"

FOUND CAT: 3/16/12. Black and white, tuxedo markings, white front paws and hind legs, super friendly

Upload new image "CuartoCat.JPG" A black male cat with tuxedo markings, front white paws, and white hind legs. About 3 or 4 years old, super friendly. He was found outside the Cuarto dorms along Russell Boulevard a couple days ago and we want to help him find his home. If you think this may be your cat, please call (206) 914-5088. Thanks!

FOUND CAT: 3/13/12. Striped with white underside.

Upload new image "RrrCat.JPG" Striped with white underside. Unknown gender. Found behind the North Nugget. This cat has been wandering around the neighborhood for the last few weeks, and seems to have no owner as it has been sneaking into our house and eating the food. He/She meows often and makes "rrrr" -ing noises. Other than that very shy, it won't let us come close. I only put this description here because I saw a lost cat sign that had a picture that looked like this cat, but the sign has since been removed so I can't contact the person who made it. If you think this cat may be yours, call 530 400 6832 and leave a message, thanks.

LOST CAT: 3/10/12. "Paulie". Large male

Upload new image "paulie2.png" Large, indoor/outdoor cat. Neutered male, wearing a flea collar only, answers to Paulie. Lost on 3/10/12 near Cowell and Ensenada in South Davis. Very friendly!! Please contact if you have any information regarding his whereabouts!

Reward for finding him!

FOUND CAT: 2/22/12. Gray stripes and white tummy

Found on corner of Anderson and Russell

Found on Feb 22, 2012. I think she's a girl and seems about a year old. Very friendly.
Call (925) 451 8672

FOUND DOG: 2/13/12. Young female unspayed boxer. Beautiful markings. Extremely skinny

Upload new image "boxer 2_13_12.jpg" Upload new image "boxer2_12_12.jpg" Found near Harper Middle School

Found on Feb 13, 2012 Email rlongmft@gmail.com

LOST CAT: 2/8/12. "Beatrix". Black, short hair, white spot around right flank

Upload new image "Beatrix.jpg" Black, short hair with a tiny white spot around her right flank

Green eyes with no collar on, shy but friendly

Last seen on Arroyo Ave. at Davis (02/08/12)

If found, please call Jenny (626) 646-4584
Upload new image "Beatrix 2.jpg"

LOST CATS: 2/8/12. "Jake" and "Elwood". One Black, one brown/gray tabby.

Upload new image "mewsbros.JPG" Lost two cats near Oeste Drive and W 8th Street

Lost older long-haired neutered sibling cats. Jake is black and Elwood is a brown/gray tabby. Both are large but skinny. No collar or chips. Please call 530-601-9601. Thanks!


LOST CAT: 2/4/12. Gray Striped and short haired Tabby

Upload new image "Allycat.JPG" 5 month old short haired gray tabby cat missing since 02/04/2012. No collar. He disappeared on F and 11th st. Please call us at 510-331-1333 or 916-203-3776. Thanks

FOUND CAT: 1/31/12. Orange with some white strips, white tip on tail

Upload new image "cat.JPG" Upload new image "cat2.JPG"

LOST CAT: 1/28/12. "Tobias". Orange Tabby

Upload new image "tobias2.png" My 5 year old orange tabby has been missing for the last three days since 1/28.12. He had a red collar on with a bell, but is not microchipped. He dissapeared from my house on the corner of eighth and M street a few days ago. He usually likes to hang out in the dollartree parking lot and he even likes to go in the store too. Please call me at 818-203-9835 if you have seen him.
Thanks, Jeremy

FOUND CAT: 1/26/12. Grey & white domestic long hair female cat

Upload new image "catb.JPG" Upload new image "similarcat.jpg"Came into our house near J St. and Covell. She has a black collar with no tag and no microchip. She is well fed, and very friendly.
Call us at 909-973-7616 if this is your cat.

FOUND DOG: 1/14/12. Small white/black/brown short-haired female

Upload new image "founddoggy.JPG" Found running across Pedrick Road. We took her to Solano County Shelter: (707) 784-1359, animal #A161189 Call soon if she's yours!!
Small dog, mostly white body with black spots, black ears, black around eyes, no microchip, collar but no tag
You can reach us at (707) 225-1667

FOUND DOG: 1/6/12. Creme and White Female

Large creme and white female found in east Davis at the corner of Loyola and Monarch. Semi long hair and brown eyes, very playful. Small brown spot on the middle of her tongue. No collar, tags, or microchip. Please call (530) 574-4304.

FOUND DOG: 1/1/12. Red and white, wolfish-looking

[Image(found dog 3rd st 2.JPG, thumbnail,400)]]
Upload new image "found dog 3rd st 1.JPG" [Large dog found downtown Davis on 3rd street. Red and white, wolfish looking dog. Friendly. Please call (530)564-4655

Missing Pets

Lost Cat

I have lost a gray and white tabby male cat with green eyes white belly and white paws. He may have been seen last near sycamore and drake...
please contact Jenna at 707-322-6186

Missing Black & White Tuxedo cat in Mace Ranch on Christmas Day

Oliver is an adult male black & white cat lost in Mace Ranch (near Los Cerros and Oceano) on 12/25. If you see him, please call Marybeth at 530-902-8686. There is a reward. We miss him so much!

Upload new image "oliver.jpeg"


Lost on Wed. 11/30/11. I lost a two year old male light, orange short haired cat with a white tipped tail. Lost from in or around M and East Eighth Street. H probably has no tag. Very much missed please call (530) 231-5806 if found and/or seen.

LOST DOG Male Shiba - REWARD $200

Lost on Sunday, 12/4/11 We lost Kira a sweet 4 year old very shy and thin Shiba orange color. We adopeted him last Friday 12/2/11, and did not have time to get him a tag, but he has a microhip tag already. Please call us at (530)757-1626 or (510)290-9940, or contact us via email alex@westpower.com or cbrummers@aol.com. Thanks. Alex Takahashi & Carol Brummerstedt.

Lost Female Tabby Cat

Maya was last seen 1 and a half years ago (May 2010) on Bianco Ct (near Covell and Anderson) in north Davis; She is a 6 year old, black, brown, and white tabby, and has a microchip. She is distinct from other tabbys, as she has black swirls on her sides (not only vertical stripes). She also has white on her chest, tummy, and tops of her feet. She has pink pads.

She could be anywhere by now, and possibly with someone who doesn't even know that she is missing. We rescued her and her brother (George), who we still have, 6 years ago. They were inseparable - playing, cleaning and sleeping together all the time, and it is obvious to us that he changed when she disappeared. We still wish that she will somehow make it home through some miracle, like someone scanning her and finding out who we are. Please email Chris at degicank222@aim.com with any information about where she could be. Thanks so much!

The photos below are of Maya and one with her brother, George, on right and Maya on the left.

P.S. Some quirky things about Maya: She loves to drink out of the sink, and will run and jump up on the sink when ever she thinks you're headed to the bathroom. She sometimes shakes and tilts her head and makes a spazzy meow when she's saying hi.

Upload new image "Maya_A.jpg" Upload new image "Maya_B.JPG" Upload new image "Maya_C_WithGeorge.jpg" Upload new image "Maya_D.jpg"

Lost cat, male, dark brown with tabby stripes

Reward - My pet has been missing since 11/5/2011. He is an adult neutered male, dark brown with tabby stripes and answers to the name of CeCe. Was last seen in the Davis County Kaysville neighborhood of 4th E. 200 N. But may have been taken from our backyard. If anyone finds or has seen our cat. PLEASE contact Christina at 801-200-6017

Lost Small black and white tuxedo cat

11/1/11 in East Davis - Mittens is a small neutered male short haired tuxedo cat. He was last seen in our backyard (by the greenbelt) on Monarch Lane near Layton and Grinnel. He is microchipped but not wearing a collar. 530-758-1849.

Lost Cat: black, female, 10/23/11, near M & 8th

Lost Cat middle aged all black female spayed sagging belly, shy but can be friendly, dislikes other cats, likes to hide, granddaughters pet, lost on 10/23/11 near corner of M Street and 8th Street. Please call if found 231-5806

Lost Cat. Female Meduim/Long Hair. white/grey/carmel in color.

Snickers is 9 months old roughly and has a pink collar w/ a bell. We last saw her 10/12/11 pm on Bidwell st (where we live) in the Bueva Vida Townhouse complex. She is very freindly and nice. Please contact us with any info. Colin at (925)285-5061 or Sara at (530)723-0745 THANK YOU!

Upload new image "Snickersposter.png"

Lost Brindle, Male, Pitbull mix, Dog

My dog has been missing since Monday, October 3rd @ 8:00 p.m. He bolted down south on Lake Blvd toward Russell. He's a male, neutered, brindle, 60 lb pitbull mix. He's not microchipped. He has a blue collar with a blue leash still attached to him and a choke collar. He might be still dragging something along with him. Please contact me if you have ANY information...there is a reward.

My number is 909-702-8337 and my email is laurenpark86@gmail.com

Lost Short Hair Black Female Adult Cat

My cat has been missing since Thursday August 18th. She is an adult black short hair cat. She has yellow eyes and a small white patch on her chest/stomach. She responds to the name of Tokyo. She was bought at Petsmart and has a microchip. She was lost in Syracuse, UT- near Bluffridge Elementary. I am offering a reward of 50.00$ if you can help!

Two Missing Cats in El Macero, 9/22/11, Mousy and Portia

Please look at the file here for details Upload new file "Missing Cats in El macero.pdf,"

Lost Cat: 11 year old fluffy black female

My small 11 year old female cat has been missing for over a week on Blackburn drive in Davis near slide hill park. Her collar is off and she is not chipped. She is shy and fluffy (especially her tail) she is all black except for some grey hairs. Please call 916-899-9234 or email gina.murphey@gmail.com she likes to go in garages. I'll post a picture when I learn how.

Lost Dog: 10 month old St. Bernard mix Spayed female named Molly

Got out of house at 12:45 today (08/09/11). Blue collar with white flowers. Last seen on Alhambra and Atlantas. Please Call 753-4624.

LOST Male Cat: Orange and white tabby approximately 16months old

Last seen in East Davis near Palm Place/Dennison on July 31, 2011. Please call Lizzy (530) 554-3002.

REWARD FOR LOST ORANGE CAT: Goes by the name Scout

Orange tabby with black markings on his nose and in and around his mouth. He is a male cat, approx 8 years old. Last seen in the Cranbrook are (Gold Creek). Please call or email if you have any information. Robyn 403.616.5525

LOST CAT: Small gray female, short-hair, tuft of white on chest.

One year old, very friendly and sweet, named Honey. Last seen on 7/7/11 near Ohlone St. at Cowell , in South Davis.
Please call (530)750-2089 or email: choctaw4@sbcglobal.net Thank you.
Upload new image "Honey2.jpg"



LOST SMALL DWARF BUNNY she is light brown with a white belly.

she was last seen on Pacific Dr. in East Davis on July 11, 2011. she is very friendly if you approach her calmly and might lick you. she usually lays down like a dog when shes not running. if you find her, plaese call: (530) 750-3179 or email: raelabby@sbcglobal.net
she is missed very much!
Thank You!

LOST DOG: Small reddish/brown full bred DACHSHUND, 7/11/2011

About 3 years old : Last seen July 11,2011
please call (1530) 574-2557 or (1530) 750-3211 with any info.

LOST DOG: Medium Brown Catahula/Border Collie mix, 7/7/2011

Last seen at 5th and F on 7-7-11
Brown with leopard-like black spots. Unique blue and brown eyes. 7 months old. Please call (559) 916-4319 with any info. Thank you.
Upload new image "IMG_0506.JPG"

LOST CAT: Natasha

Small, skinny, medium to long haired, mostly dark colored and gray, tabby. Last seen near Isla Place and Corona Drive. She may have strayed onto the greenbelt. She had a blue/black reflective collar and ID tag. Please call (510) 717-9143 with any info. Thanks.
Upload new image "2011-03-12 20.12.07.jpg"

LOST DOG: Small Brown Terrier McCoy 7-4-11

Last seen Water Treatment Facility around Noon 7-4-11

McCoy went missing while on a run at the wetlands by the water treatment facility near County Rd 105. He may have been with our other large black dog waiting by our green mini van at the side of the road sometime around noon on July 4th. He has a microchip and was wearing a dog tag. If you have any information, please call 530-753-1964.

Upload new image "McCoy.jpg"



Lost Dog: Gator Last seen near Village Homes, July 1st

Small black dog. Slight limp, roughly 20 lbs. Lost at Arlington and Humboldt, near Village Homes. Lost July 1, 2011. If found please call (530) 750-1724 or (530) 574-5753 or (530) 574-4472. Thank you
Upload new image "Gator.jpg"

Lost Cat: Tupelo

5yo neutered male cat. June 5, 2011. All gray, no stripes, no bands. Green eyes. He is very tall and long and weighs 12 pounds (summer)/15 (winter) pounds. Microchipped. Lost from corner of Loyola and Buckeye. Very stealthy and may be trap-wise. **REWARD** (530)902-3001==

Upload new image "Tupelo.jpeg"

LOST: Small, gray/white tabby, short hair, male, green eyes.

Dwayne has been missing since end of April/May '11. Last seen in our backyard, 1611 Clemson Drive in East Davis. Neutered, housetrained, microchipped, we have found his collar so he would be without one. Light green eyes, pink nose, mostly gray with white tabby markings. White on chin, rimming eyes, and on belly. Very shy but will come if food left out and given space. PLEASE call me with any information—I miss him so much! (916) 599-7614 Upload new image "DwayneBelly.jpg" Dwayne2.png, center does not seem to be an image file. Upload new image "Dwayne3.png"

LOST: Thin, medium sized, brown/black (tiger) male cat, green eyes

He has a long tail, black foot pads, and the tips of his ears are black tufts. He meows a lot, is very friendly and was last seen wearing a green and yellow John Deer collar on May 28, 2011 in Royal Oak Mobile Home Community (Research Park Dr). He come to the name Monkey. Please call (707) 529-4940 with any info. Reward will be given.
Upload new image "monkey.jpg"

LOST: TWO DOGS. Last seen 5/20/11 6pm NorthStar Park

One golden female labrador and one small black male terrier. Likely to be together, both super friendly. Please call with any information 530-902-7175.

Lost: Black Pitbull Mix - Last seen at Community Park 5/19/2011 9pm

Capone is a black pitbull mix with white paws and a big white sploch on his chest. He has big pointy ears and a long tail. His fur is short and very shiny. He is very energetic and friendly. We lost him at the Celebrate Davis event at Community Park on F st. and Covell blvd. As soon as the fireworks started he took off and he's been missing ever since. Please, if you have ANY information, please please please call (916)402-7788

Upload new image "capone.jpg"

Lost - 4/25/2011 Tortoiseshell Cat "Kindle"

Grey and creamy orange tortoiseshell cat with a flame-shaped mark above her right eye. Her collar was found on 4-25-2011 in the drainage ditch that runs beside the North Davis greenbelt. Kindle has been microchipped, & I've been told that most vets will scan a found cat for free. If you have any information as to her whereabouts, please call 530-902-1163
Upload new image "Kindle.jpg"

Lost: Large Male Cat Last Seen 4/1/11 3rd and J St.

Gray Tabby/Siamese mix (stripes on head, legs, butt, body cream colored), Short hair, no chip/collar, answers to anything with obnoxious meow. If found please return to Daren (408) 828-9125 for a six-pack of finder's choice.
Upload new image "Rascal.jpg"

Lost Female Cat: 3/17/11, Mostly Gray, Short Tailed, Fluffy

Moved to Davis from Arbuckle. She was wearing a blue collar with a red tag "MOCHY" with Arbuckle address. Please call me at 530-210-8845. Thank you!
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Lost dog:Collie, 3/10/2011

My dog, Liam, escaped this morning from our house in Mace Ranch. He is a smallish collie with sable coloring (ruff, tummy and paws are white), 2 1/2 years old, 52 lbs, very friendly. He does not have a tag, just a chain collar. If anyone has seen him, please call Sylvia at 530-903-2341(cell) or 530-758-1252 (home) any time, day or night. Please help me find him, he is my family!

Lost Female Calico Cat

Small female calico cat, lost near Kalamazoo and Mesquite. Chip but no collar, friendly, talkative. Last seen 3/7/11. Call (530) 848-1968 if found. Upload new image "shubunkin.jpg"

Lost Male Tabby named Rascal

Lost on Lehigh Drive in Davis. He is very friendly and should be wearing a green collar. Last seen 2/26/11. My cell number is (530) 554-6936 and my home number is (530) 231-5935. Please help.

Lost White Cat with Blackish Tail and Hazel Eyes

lost near 749 anderson at 6pm on tuesday the 22nd of feb. (925)325-8855 His name is gilberto and he is neutered and chipped.... he has spotted back and white belly one of his feet has an obscure tan spot, and a brownish black striped head.... PLEASE HELP GET HIM HOME!!!!

Lost tabby kitten (all white paws) 2/19/11 in S. Davis by playfields park

Our kitten hasn't come home and he is very friendly. We fear he has either followed someone home or jumped in someone's car. He's about 4 months old, small, with white and stripe tabby coloring. His chest, belly and feet are solid white, with a few spots of white on his body. He's wearing a black collar but has lost his name tag. Please call 510-388-6653 if found. He's neutered and has a chip in him for tracking should he be sent to a vet or shelter.

Lost Gray kitty: near 8th and pole line in davis

We are new to the area and our gray kitty got out. He has a 4"X3" shaved spot on his back; he has medical concerns (an orthopedic pin in his chest) and requires the care of his owner-veterinary technician. Please help us find our kitty! If you've seen him, call day or night 484 225 8411 or 970 232 5381 kailabv@gmail.com He is microchipped but slipped out of his collar. We miss him.
Upload new image "niven.jpg"

Lost Cat: Male Tabby.

Lost in South Davis near San Tomas/Los Robles/Lillard/Ohlone/Mono area (1/31)
Domestic short hair Tabby, male. His name is Scarf. last seen on San Tomas St in South Davis on morning of 1/31. No collar.
We miss him!!!
Call 415-990-4899
Upload new image "Scarf.jpg"

Lost Cat: Female Black and White named Mina

Long hair, tuxedo fluffy long tail, microchipped and neutered. Approximately 6 to 7 years old. Shy but sweet.
Missing around mid December 2010. Lost around 7th and C street in Davis.
Irregular facial markings (not symmetrical).
Call 530-219-1060
Upload new image "mina.JPG"


Her name is Bailey. She is a healthy 15 year old. Very timid. Last seen in Downtown Davis Orange Court 129 E Street. She is the sweetest loving cat ever. Please contact me if you have any information about my best friend 530-400-9962 or ninagatewood@gmail.com
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Lost cat: Black and White Tabby

Oliver is a 7 year-old, black and white tabby with a brown spot on his face. I lost him in the Market Place after visiting the Cat Clinic. He has a hurt front leg and needs attention. Please call me 530-867-3303 or email vickiwhetten@comcast.net


North Davis @ Temescal Apartment 11/26/2010
My dog, Turbo, went missing earlier this evening and I have not been able to find him in the past 5 hrs. He's a yorkie-toy poodle mix with yorkie colors (8-9 lbs). He does not have a tag, just a black collar. He was last seen in the back of Temescal Apartments. If anyone has seen him or could spread the word, please call or text Stephanie at 209.241.7688 any time. Please help me find him, he is dearly missed. Thank you!

Upload new image "TURBO FIND.jpg"


Moe has been missing from home since 11/11 and he is missed terribly! He is very sweet, orange with long hair, a brown collar with stars and a bell, and he limps on the right front leg. He has a microchip. He lives in West Davis on Seabright Avenue. I would be so indebted to anyone who can help bring him home. He is very loved. Call anytime or email: Joanne 530-386-0986, jhodges@ucdavis.edu
Thank you for helping bring Monroe home!

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Lost Male Cat: Near Sycamore/Cassel Lane (Greenbelt Area)- 11/17/2010

"Tubs" was last seen on Tuesday November 9, 2010. He is dealthy affraid of cars, so we believe he was picked up by someone. He is very affectionate towards people, but doesn't like dogs. His meow is long and withdrawn and his purr is very strong. He is neutered, is medium sized with a very long tail. His hair is short and slick. He is a mostly brown tabby cat so his legs and tail have dark stripes. He is 1 and 3 months old. We miss him so much, and would love any help we can get in finding him.
If you have seen Tubs, please call: 530-574-2661 (Anytime) or 530-867-2670 (Anytime) Thanks!!!
Upload new image "Tubs1.jpg" Upload new image "Tubs2.jpg"

Lost Large Orange Male Tabby with white chest and paws 11/11/2010

Willowbank Area. Call: (530) 665-3036.

Lost Dog: Chihuahua/miniature pincher

He got out of our yard 11/10/10 around Chestnut park. He is tanish brown and has hazel eyes. His name is jeico, he can be shy around people but is playful with dogs. if you have seen him please call 530-220-5382 or 530-220-5446.
[[WWW]300, thumbnail]

Lost Cats: $250 reward for either 10/30/2010

We have lost two of our three cats in a month. We don't know what is going on, but after living here for years without incident and then losing two so close together, we suspect that someone in the area may be taking them. We live on the far north edge of Davis, just off Anderson. Please let us know if you see either of the two cats below.

Lost Cat #1: Mostly white, some orange - $250 Reward

This mostly white cat has some orange, particularly on his tail, ears and face. He is normally inside almost all day. His safety collar has likely come off. He whines lot, is very loving, and sort of answers to "Randall." We love and miss him, so please call 858-342-5144 or 619-866-6106 or 619-335-3003 if you see him.
Upload new image "RandallCat1.jpg" Upload new image "RandallCat2.jpg" Upload new image "RandallCat3.jpg"

Lost Cat #2: Gray striped cat - $250 Reward

Lost Dog: golden retriever mix 10/26/2010

Buddy was last seen Monday, October 25, 2010. He likes to dig under the fence and when he squeezes out his collar comes off. He's yellow/gold, very sweet, will come up to just about anybody. You may have seen him around Beech and 14th. We live near the high school. If you have him or have seen him, please call me at 916-335-9897 (cell) or 530-758-2356.
Upload new image "buddy.jpg"

LOST CAT: White Short Hair Male 10/19/10

Lost Dog: lab/golden retriever mix 10/17/2010

Lost Dog






Lost: Small White Dog

LOST Grey Cat


LOST CAT: Tortie/Siamese mix, blue eyes.

LOST CAT: Brown, black, and gray tabby 7/16/2010

LOST: Cat, Gray w/ White Paws and Belly 7/16/2010

Upload new image "123.jpg" Upload new image "1234.jpg"

LOST: grey female tabby

Finny has been missing from 1017 E. 8th Street since July 8th, 2010. She is a grey tabby with green eyes, about 8 lbs., tattoo in her ear, and a black collar. She a bit slower and doesn't do well outdoors as she is a rescued lab cat. If you've seen her around J and 8th at all or have any information please contact me at (818)744-1306 or (714)743-5837. We are worried sick about her! posted 7/10/10

Lost Cat 6/23/10



Cat lost in North Davis near Seville Court

Lost Female Cat named "Mittens"

Lost: Maya (female cat)

LOST CAT: 1-year-old male orange tabby

Lost: Male Great Dane

Lost Great Dane responds to the name Prang and is not neutered. He is a tan/camel brown with a dark muzzle. His muzzle has some gray hairs. Approach with caution and ease. He is not use to being around people. He was rescued from an abusive home and dose not take well to men. Please use a gentle voice and allow him to come to you. Last seen around the Waxwing entrance to the greenbelt in North Davis (farthest north point.) He is visibly underweight.

Lost Male Cream Shiba Dog

Lost Orange Male Cat, smallish

Lost Cat, Mr. Kitty

Lost Dog - black, white and brown (tri-color) sheltie named 'Tobi'

Lost Dogs - Black Lab and Yellow Lab (mother and daughter)


Lost:Ridgeback_Pitmix "CARMEN" 3-6-2010

Lost Kitten, 3/3/2010

Lost Elderly Cat 2/23/1010



LOST DOG: White Terrier mix (Dec. 8, 2008)

Lost Dec. 8 on Co. Road 95, one mile north of 31. Has tags and microchip.
Please call Pat 530-304-1727

LOST CAT: TORI (Nov. 11, 2008)

Tori is 3 years old, spayed, and around 13 lbs has always been a indoor only cat since I adopted her when she was 2 months.
She is a short hair tabby comprised of dark colors Black Brown Tan markings with white chest and belly (her belly is very low hanging "spay sag" and sways like blubber)
She has yellowish/green eyes and black pads on her paws.
She has a bit of white on her paws, not too much. Her fur is pretty soft (might be little coarse now that she's been out for a while)
She was lost Veteran's Day 11/11/2008 1AM : Escaped from my apartment's front door ( never been out =*( )
She was wearing a magenta/ruby/dark red colored collar with a silver reflector stripe and attached to that a gold heart-shape tag
that has her name Tori "Neko" and my phone number (415)200-9168
I have colored flyers posted all over West Davis by my apartment Portage Bay Apartments
Some people have called and said they may have seen her on Ganges, Arlington road, and Danube, Marina, Humbolt, Imperial, Hampton, Trawler (streets in West Davis).
She is friendly and loves food and treat bags and (sound and taste) of can cat food.
She even chirps and talk me at home knows "let's go" "come on"
Be sure to get low if you see her and call her name "Tori" or "come here" or "let's go" in a high pitch voice and click your tongue or reach out your hand,
so she may rub you and get close.
Very friendly cat, doesn't bite or attack, but if you pick her up she's a bit squirmy. She may be shy around new people, but if you talk to her she may come over.
If you can get her, please hold on to her and I will come get her in an instant with REWARD to whoever finds her. I promise. I love my cat.
If you see her, please call Christina at (415)200-9168 Thank you so much for spending the time to read this.

LOST DOG: HERMAN (Oct. 2, 2008)

Herman is a 6 year old black and tan mini-dachshund.
He has a distinctive scar running down his back.
He was lost on 10/2/08 between 10:30 and 3pm
He is wearing a red collar w/ paw prints but no tags.
Last seen in my backyard, near W. 14th and Oak (across from the high school)
Please call Ayn (559)679-9719

My little buddy Ralphie is Missing (Aug. 23, 2008)

Last seen on August 23rd by E. 8th Street
Please call Diana at (530) 570-2048
He is very shy to strangers so even if you just see him, please call and so I can come get him.

Bailey Is Missing (Aug. 10, 2008)

Last Seen August 10 Downtown at Davis Townhouse Apartments
Please Call 530.400.9962

Missing Kitten: Token (8/7/08)

All black, short haired, about 4 months old. No collar/tags. Usually comes when called, named "Token"
Very friendly and cuddly. Wandered off Tuesday, August 5 2008 around 3 pm from the corner of Drexel and Cypress Lane in Davis.
Please call if found: Jessica at 818 653 9950

Cat:Varado (7/18/08)

Scrawny, long-haired orange tabby cat with white chest & paws wearing a green collar. Last seen at La Buena Vida pool area on Fremont Court at 9:00pm on Friday, July 18th. Very thin, arthritic, may respond to "Varado." Needs medication. If sighted/found, please email me at mmbrown@ucdavis.edu or call me at 530-758-3714.


Missing as of 7/5/08 near University Ave. He has very visible stripes on his stomach, long legs, skinny frame and long white whiskers. He is a friendly confident male. Reward upon return. If found, please call 415-505-7080. Thanks!


Gray Mouse was last seen Wed June 18th on J st between 4th and 5th in Davis. He is a very soft charcoal gray Russion Blue and is very shy and this is his first time out of doors. Please do not try to catch him, that will only scare him, he may hiss or scratch if you try. If you hear a cat meowing but cant find it please call, that may be my cat, if you have him or think you may have seen a cat fitting this description, please call me at 530-902-4838 or email me at missinggraycat@yahoo.com Thanks.


CAT (Brown-Grey TABBY): EDDIE (June 15, 2008)

Eddie is missing since june 15. He is a big handsome tabby male cat (neutered). He has black feet. He is 5 year old. He has a big tattoo inside his ear with his ID# ETA 069. He is very social with people and loves other cats. We live in the Radcliffe-Anderson-Sycamore area. If you see him, please call us at 415 531 63 86. Thanks !


CAT (Abyssinian): Ruca (Mar. 19, 2008)

Ruca, an Aby, went missing since the evening of March 19th, Wednesday. She was last seen in the area of Wild Horse near the golf course club house. She is small, about 7.5 lbs, about 10 years old and is not microchipped. She was an indoor/outdoor cat, and she is very friendly and adventurous. She generally covers a pretty wide area in and around Rockwell Dr. She was wearing a collar and name tag with her name and our number (530)792-7007. If you have any information regarding Ruca, please please contact us. Our family misses her very much...she is very loved. Thanks!!

Neighbor called the other day and found Ruca's collar and skull...she must have gotten hit and was able to crawl away...we are saddened by the news and comforted with the truth...RIP.

Shadow (Big Black Cat): Shadow (Feb. 22, 2008)

Shadow, a big black cat, has been missing since the PM of February 22nd 2008. He was last seen leaving a house on Rio Grande St. He is short haired, all black and has a small white star on his chest. He doesn't wear a collar and is not microchipped. He has always been an outdoor cat but we think he might have ran off because of the storm. He is very friendly & adventurous and the greenbelt on the west side of 113 is his stomping ground. Please help bring him home. If you have Shadow or have seen him please call (530) 297-0778. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cat (Black Longhair): Smokey (Feb. 3, 2008)

New house and a windy night were too much for Smokey. He ran off and can't find his way home. Missing since PM of 2-3-08 near Renoir and Mattisse. 5 years old. Big, longhair, weepy eyes. Has a small crook at tip of tail. No collar but has microchip. Very friendly...but likely very skittish. Please help bring him home to his family. (530) 758-2457 or jkmcn@att.net.


Cat (B&W): Astro: Near L St. & Drexel

Astro's been a bit too adventurous and can't find his way home. He's a Black and White 2 yo male with a black chin. Very friendly and too cute. Please help us find him. (530-756-3210 or nlnicola@ucdavis.edu)


Lost Dog: Calvin (Kalvin) (Jan. 4, 2008)

Male white bichon/poodle mix, 15 pounds. Went missing at Lake and Russel at 1/4/08 at 9 pm. He is wearing a collar and is microchipped. He is very friendly and I miss him a lot. If you have any information on him, please call 951) 218-2591 or the number on his tag.

Lost Cat: Squeaky (Nov. 23, 2007)

Orange/White Tabby, Green Eyes, Freckles on the Nose. Was wearing a collar with a bell and tags but could have taken them off. Very friendly and sweet. Lives in the Willowbank area of South Davis near Putah Creek. Has been missing since Friday November, 23, 2007....We love and miss him very much. please call (530) 753-6705 or email colby.davidson@ucla.edu for more information!!!

Lost Cat: Bubba (Oct. 27, 2007)

White with Black cat (colored like a black and white Holstein milk cow): white body, black markings along back, black tail, black on head and neck, ears white/black, black patch over right eye, white patch over left eye. Kind of short legs, little bit of a belly. Very sweet and friendly. He is my buddy, my absolute joy, and I am distraught that he is missing. I live on North Davis greenbelt, Camino Ct. x Alvarado Ave. Has health issues, must have special diet and medicine. He holds his left eye slightly more closed than his right. Please call with any info!!! (530) 574-6755 monicabu@earthlink.net. Last saw him Saturday Oct. 27th, 2007.

Lost Cat: Todi (Sep. 24, 2007)

Todi got scared of a bike and ran from 735 G st early on the morning of September 24th, 2007. He has a kink/curl at the end of his tail that is very obvious and hard to miss. He is somewhat intimidated by large and loud men. This kitty is my best friend so please, please, please contact me at (805) 453 6350 if you have any information. I really miss him.


Cat: Licorice 8/21/07

"Licorice" 3 yr old black cat with white stripe down face, white paws, chest, and belly. Medium length hair. Has a very short (about 4 inches), crooked tail. No collar, but has microchip. Is indoor only. Missing from Mace Ranch greenbelt area. Please check your garage:). Thank you so much for keeping an eye out for him! Please call 530-758-4609 or email <jim AT primal DOT ucdavis DOT edu> or <e_chalfant AT mac DOT com>


Dog: St. Bernard pup in Mace Ranch

Our next-door neighbor's 3 month-old St. Bernard puppy got out sometime last night. The children are beside themselves with despair. He's got a collar on but I think no tag. He's a sweetheart.
Please call 400-4470 if you've found him or even seen him. (If you find him please grab him and call.)
Thank you!

Missing Persian / Long-haired Cat - Reward (July 25, 2007)

Missing from 1113 Oeste Drive near Rutgers/Anderson roads, Wednesday, July 25. Davis.

Long-haired Black-Grey-Brownish Persian male with a little white on front paws, saucer-shaped copper eyes, named "Bear". Breathes with loud wheezing sound, hair loss around neck, is allergic and must eat special diet. Possibly he was poisoned, if you have any info regarding a dead cat, please let me know. We miss him very much. Thank you.

Please call 530-400-8575, or email <boone AT dcn DOT org>


Cat: Siamese Mix (May 4, 2007)

Nese (pronounced Nesh-ay) has been missing since May 4, 2007 and is missed tremendously. It is very unlike him to not come in at night, as he usually doesn't venture far from the house. He has striking blue eyes, is 2 years old, and was wearing a blue break-away collar with bell. He did not have an ID on him nor is he micro-chipped. Please call Catherine at 530-753-6062 or email her at <catgordon AT ucdavis DOT edu>. REWARD.

Thank you!!


Cat: Dante

An all black, tiny-ish cat, with red collar/tag
gone all night long at Cranbrook Apartments (J & Covell streets).
He is extremely friendly, short hair, male, likes to nuzzle
please email <fuzzymango AT gmail DOT com> if you have seen him.
...he is sorely missed.

around 2002-4, a similar cat hung out behind Valley Oak quite often...

Dog: Blaze (May 20, 2006)

Got an email from Jackie Gilson with Central California Labrador Retriever Rescue about a lost black lab. Her name is Blaze and she was lost near the Davis Farmers Market on Saturday, May 20. She had recent surgery on her neck. If anyone has info on her, please call ASAP to 209-951-3697 or 530-902-4336 or email Jackie at <jackilab AT comcast DOT net>. Pam

Cat: Veihmeyer's Frank (May 18, 2006)

Last seen: Thursday, May 18, 2006 outside Veihmeyer Hall, UC Davis campus

The UCD Veihmeyer Hall cat, Frank, has not been seen since Thursday, May 18, 2006. We are heartbroken and desperate to know where he is and if he is okay. Perhaps he was taken home by someone who adores him? If you have any information, PLEASE call Libby at 753-1478, or leave a message at 752-3575, or email <dahunt AT ucdavis DOT edu>. Thank you! Posted Sunday, May 21, 2006.

UPDATE: A REWARD is now offered for Frank's return OR, at the very least, contact with the person who has Frank and the opportunity to see Frank. His many friends desperately want to know if he is okay. Please use the contact information listed above. Posted Tuesday, May 30, 2006.

UPDATE: ANONYMOUS information about Frank's whereabouts may be mailed to PO Box 73202, Davis, CA 95617 if you are not comfortable using the contact information listed above. We are heartbroken that our dear friend is missing and desperately want to know if he is alive and well. Posted Friday, June 16, 2006.


Dog, unknown

Saw a very small male dog running down Loyola Dr. Tried to get a look at his tags, but he ran away. Call me at 753-8774.

Lost Cat: Tigga

Brown Tabby, with very distinct stripes on the stomach! He has long legs and is quite skinny. Brown/Green eyes. Long white whiskers. High-pitched meow. I miss him VERY much and am trying everything to bring him back home. If you've seen him please contact me! Reward for return! - Alissa Jones

Found Pets

Found Himalayan cat, darker colors of the breed, 12/28/2011

On east side of Pole Line just north of Loyola, just inside the bike lane. Dead, apparently run over by a motor vehicle. I called Yolo County Dispatch to pick up the kitty. Animal Control says they check for chips.

Found small fluffy black cat, tiny white patch on chest 12/21

Found small fluffy black female cat in our north Davis yard. Looks like about 1 yr old. Super friendly, no collar or micro-chip (had her scanned at Acorn Vet). Please call if you might be the owner: 530-792-8870.

Found gray small lhasa apso, blind in one eye

Found small, friendly gray dog at the corner of 6th and D. Dog was on a leash but no owner in sight. Please call if you know this dog or are the owner: 336-482-6009.

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Upload new image "DSCN0730.JPG"

Found chicken

Found on Colgate Dr., she was in our garage. 12/7/11. Gold/white/black, has feathered legs, maybe a Bantam? Not so good with chicken breeds. please contact me acblum@ucdavis.edu if you recognize her.

Upload new image "Chicken 1.JPG" Upload new image "Chicken 2.JPG"

Found, white male pitbull w/blk harness, nose, spots

Found - Yolo County near Davis
Hello, I found a white male pitbull on Sunday 12/4/11 on County Rd. 32A near County Rd. 105 just outside of Davis. Found him on CR 32A in the middle of the road between the train tracks and Hwy 80. He is a white male pitbull with a blk nose, blk spots on his face. He was wearing a blk harness with no leash when I found him. Please pick up your dog at Yolo County Animal Services ASAP! Strays only have 4 days before they are put down if no one claims them!!!!! He seems to be a very sweet dog, and I'm sure he wants to go home. Please call me at 562-676-7925 if this is your dog and you have any other questions, or contact the Yolo County Animal services if you want to adopt him.

Upload new image "IMG_3710.jpg"

Found: Orange Cat, white tip paws, 11/11/2011

Very friendly, Cranbrook Apartments on November 1, 2011
Please call 415 317 2646 to claim the cat.

Found young (approx. 6-8mo) female tabby cat 11/9/11

Small (about 5-6 pounds) tabby female cat. No microchip, not spayed (no scar), no collar. Found hiding under a dumpster outside the dance studio at Anderson and Covell. Very sweet and talkative. She is currently living in our guest room. If this is your cat or your recognize her, please email me at acblum@ucdavis.edu.

Upload new image "tabby female cat 1.JPG" Upload new image "tabby female cat 2.JPG"

FOUND! Very Friendly Female Cat, 11/5/2011, East Granby, CT

I don't want to give too many details, because I want to be able to confirm ownership, but this cat is an adult. No chip or collar when found. Thin, but healthy. Vocal (maybe in heat-can't tell if she's spade). Found in Granby Village Condominium area. Please email me @ email_jesi@yahoo.com if you have lost a cat that fits this description. (ps none of the cats listed here are her).

Found: Black dog!!

He looks like a Lab, found on Sunday Nov. 6 in the evening off of Lake Blvd. He had on a blue collar, but no tags. He is very friendly and seems to be young. I will give him to the SPCA on Tuesday. Please call (925) 683-7485 to claim before then.

Found grey kitten, W. Davis nr Westlake Market 10/31/2011

Email for specifics if s/he is yours: comm-rwzeb-2681838086@craigslist.org

Upload new image "grey-kitty.jpg"

Found medium-sized adult white, orange and black cat

in central Davis on 10/28/2011. Looks similar to Snickers (under the lost listing) with slightly different markings. Medium-long hair and fluffy tail. Pink collar with rhinestones was stretched around his/her ribcage. Very friendly and talkative. Call 304-886-6080 for more info.

Found small kitten in South Davis on Sunday night (10/23)

Please call to identify specifics (age, sex etc). 510-409-4744
Upload new image "kittybuc.jpg"

Found gray and white pitbull on drexel and j street

He is friendly and has some training. No collar or tags. Please call 617-620-7353 if you know how to get him home to his family.
Upload new image "pitbulldrexel.jpg"


Mostly white, with orange and black patches, orange eyes
Near Concord & Evans in South Davis
5-6 months old
Very friendly!
Call/text 650-283-6342 or e-mail ktchiu@ucdavis.edu for more pictures.
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FOUND Young Mottled Black and White Cat

Amtrak parking lot Friday October 7, 2011 a little before 10pm. Very friendly, hardly scroungy, obviously someone's pet who got out on accident. Not very savvy about cars and may not be fixed (perhaps why she left home?). No collar, no chance to take to vet for microchip scan yet. At my home until her family is found; I'm an experienced cat owner. Please call 530-902-0814 to claim her, photo will be posted soon.

Found gray and white female cat near Arroyo Park 10/1

This is a small, extremely thin female cat. She is tabby/tortoise shell with white chest and nose and wearing a blue collar with a small blue bell attached. Very affectionate too. Call 530-220-4759 for more info.
Upload new image "found cat arroyo park.jpg"

FOUND! Bobtailed Grey/Brown and White Cat!

Found in Temescal parking lot 9/23/11 (2477 Sycamore Lane). Unneutered male. less than a year old, and very very friendly. Relatively talkative too. Call or txt (510) 851-2950 if he's yours!
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FOUND, Bearded Dragon

Caught outside of Crescent Villa Apartments on 8th street near Pole Line
Normal color (not a morph) very friendly and clearly someone's pet. It looks to be full grown and completely comfortable with people.
Please call or text 408-390-0089 if its is yours.
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Found, female Chocolate Labrador 09/22/2011


The residents of 801 N. Campus found a lost dog. He (the dog) is dark fawn colored, large (looks like
a hound/boxer mix?) with a blue shock collar. He is very friendly. If he is yours, or you know to
whom he belongs, could you go pick him up at 801 N. Campus? They guys are currently walking him
around the neighborhood to see if he recognizes his home. Email pnieberg@dcn.org

Found dog: pug, male, no collar

on 09/16/2011 at E.8th/Oeste Dr. Call 530-219-8476
Upload new image "pug dog found 110916.jpg"


Found off Lillard by the school in Davis. Blue collar but no tag, just a bell. Kitten is with me at home being fed and given water. Very sweet and perky! Email at Carmela.Hartman@gmail.com or call 707.695.5172 if this is your precious little kitten!
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Found Dog: Australian Shepherd red merle coloring 9/06/11

Found on corner of Lake and Portage Bay West. Collar but no tags. Phone: 808 264 2721


gray striped male tabby in El Macero...very friendly and wants to find his home! Please email me at kimdanko@gmail.com if he belongs to you!
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FOUND Dog - female puppy found 8/1/2011

Found at around 9am this morning (Monday 8/1) in Tandem Properties parking lot (corner of F and Anderson Rd.).
Female, no microchip. Vet thinks she's 8-10 months old.
Phone 530-564-1179.
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Found Dog: Female Blonde Cow Dog Mix

Found in the Davis Arroyo Park Neighborhood on Sunday, July 31st. Call 530-574-6302.

FOUND Cat - medium hair, black w/ reddish brown and white markings

Has been hanging around in a garden behind Borders for a few days now. Very friendly but also on edge and easy to startle. Looking a bit more bedraggled than last week. If this sounds familiar, text 530-341-3196. I hope this kit is just on an adventure and not truly lost!

FOUND Dog - brown Doberman 7/8/11

Found at about 11 this morning running down L st. at 8th. Wearing only a green rope choke collar, no tags. Likely not spayed and has no microchip. Seems like she's older.
If this is your dog, please call Alissa at 617-633-4385 or email at acblum@ucdavis.edu.
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FOUND female orange tabby

pink collar with rhinestones
Found at Greystone Apartments 7/5 - call 530-574-1301

5/28/11 Found rabbit

Hanging out on our street Spruce/Pacific, east Davis. Brown and white. Email 08pascale@comcast.net for more info.

Found Small Grey Male Dog 4-16-2011

FOUND gray 6# domestic medium hair kitty

with brown markings on feet and face
Living in bushes between pole line and Davis Cemetary (near pole line and 8th.) very sweet & affectionate, but weary. looks like she's been out there awhile. call 484-225-8411 leave message.
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Brown rabbit sighting on J St. 2/28/11

Medium sized brown rabbit spotted under car parked on east side of J St. near 8th St.
My friend who saw her/him was on her way to work and could not stop. Hope you find your rabbit.
UPDATE: saw a similar (the same one?) in the field behind the cemetary on 8th and pole line 3/1/11.

Found Dog: Black w/white stripe on belly & face, white feet

Found on Feb 24 2011 Male around 8 months old. Boxer/pittbull mix? No collar. Found by the Wake Forest Apartments on Sycamore Lane and Wake Forest Drive. Very Friendly. Email ededles@ucdavis.edu

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Found Cat: Black & white female kitten 2/12/11

No collar or microchip. 4 or 5 months old. Found in the Royal Oaks (near Research Park Drive) around 7:30pm. Very friendly. Email jenny.usagi+other@gmail.com.
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Found Cat: Adult Orange Male Tabby, 8th St. 2/7/11

No collar, doesn't have a tag, very friendly, followed me home, yellow eyes,larger in size, may be 3 or 4 years old. estimated 10-11 lbs,
Call Marlene (760) 235-3685

FOUND DOG: Cream/Gray Terrier mix

Small-Medium sized terrier mix found 2/2/2011 on Cowell Blvd. in South Davis @ ~6:30pm. Wearing a Halloween collar, no tags. Microchip, but owner information not up-to-date. Very friendly, knows basic commands, and plays well with other dogs. Neutered male. Call Rachele @ (707) 601-2885.
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Found black/white male "tuxedo" cat

on 1/28/11 near 11th and D St
Medium-sized mostly black cat with white throat, belly and toes. He was hanging around outside our house for over a week, and we took him inside on 1/28. He is very friendly - loves to sit on laps. He has very little energy, essentially sleeps all day and night. If this sounds like your cat, call Nicole at (530)754-8979.

Found Small cat longhaired possibly a Himalayan

Found in Mace Ranch. 530-756-9511


Two big white rabbits with some small black markings. Also a little brownish baby rabbit. They have moved into my backyard on Rutgers near Anderson. Call Kim at 530-756-5638 or 530-574-7363.


Brown and white, 4 months old, no collar, no chip.
Call 530-400-9404 and describe your lost puppy.

Cat Seen at Cranbrook Apartments

Grey Tabby cat seen 12/23 ~9pm near main parking lot of Cranbrook Apartments (Intersection of J & Covell)
Medium-small, slightly plump.
Scared (meowing loudly) and very wary of people so I couldn't tell if it was male or female.
Didn't look immediately like any of the pictures on the LOST page, but again hard to tell.
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Found Kitten North Davis.

Found in North Davis ~12/18/10
Please call 530 304 6064

Found Female Cat at Drake Dr, near Sycamore Ln

Green/grey tabby, white legs and white chest. Follow the link to see some pictures.

FOUND: Young Male Pit Bull or Pit Mix

Chestnut Brown and White Male Pitbull found while jogging near the American River. The dog had a choke chain collar but no tags. He is very sweet but also very timid and submissive which leads me to believe he may have been mistreated at some point in his life. Very friendly dog when you get to know him and doesn't bark at all. The dog knows some basic commands such as sit and lie down. If you are missing a pet like this or interested in adopting this dog please call (775)772-1370 or (530)219-7432 or Email holly.bramble@gmail.com or kdub85@gmail.com. Our landlord does not allow pitbulls so we are really trying to find him a good home.
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Found Small cat long hair

2010-11-29 19:40:53   Found a small cat possibly an older kitten. It looks like a longhair Siamese.
Found in Mace ranch area on Arroyo Ave. 530-756-9511 —ConnieEsparcia

Found small Himalayan

Small Himalayan. Very scared and is hiding in my garage, but eats, drinks and uses the litter
box provided. Found in my garage in Mace Ranch subdivison and I think has been in my garage for a month or so. It just came out of hiding last night and we were able to get a good look at it. Don't know yet if it is male or female, but it looks like an older kitten because it is small. Very, very scared and gets along with our outside cat. 530-756-9511.


FOUND: Medium Sized Dog Black and White

FOUND: Dark Gray Taby Cat

Found: Mostly White Cat on 9/30/2010

Found Female Dog!


Found Cat

Found: Black long hair medium sized dog

Found Lab

FOUND: Small Rabbit

Found: Cockatiel

FOUND: Black Cat

FOUND CAT: small grey cat with green eyes

Found: Juvenile black female cat 7/18/2010

SEEN Cat, 04/06/10

Found Female Corgi 4/4/10


Found cat: Older female cat 2-26-2010

FOUND DOG 2-14-2010

FOUND DOG 2-13-2010 on Shasta Drive

FOUND KITTY 02/06/2010 Grey tabby near Holmes Jr. High

FOUND CAT 02/06/2010 Grey Cat

FOUND CAT 1/14/10

Found Jan 12, 2010: orange and white female cat

Found Jan 2, 2010: Furry chocolate brown puppy


Found Black Bunny Rabbit 1/1/2010


Found Cat: Black/white female, 12/23/09

Found Cat: Black,female, 11/26/09

FOUND: small black male dog, very cute, Sunday 2/14/10 in West Davis. Call 219-2060. He would love to get home!

1/7/10 around 2pm Found Male Moca Labrador retriever in Dixon, CA near North Lincoln

Probably 100lbs, has a brown leather colar but no tags. I'm going to take him to a clinic tomorrow to see if he is microchipped, but as of now, he is relaxing in my backyard. please contact Lauren at (530) 902-4083 or lauren@hughestechnology.com. I'm sure he misses his owner, because he followed me home! Will post photo tonight.

Found Dogs, 12/21/08

Small Black Dog(Female maybe Terrier) and a Large Orange Dog (male), I found these guys cruising along L St and 8th. Contact jrchase@ucdavis.edu

Found Dog, 12/11/08

Small chihuahua, terrier mix found in Alder Ridge Apartments Parking Lot on 12/11/08. Very small, very friendly. Large ears. Please contact gmcaison@ucdavis.edu

Found Dog, 11/28/08

Found in the Woodland Beamer Park area. Small, white, mixed breed. Very sweet, housebroken. Has collar with no tags. If this is your dog, please email mkchudy@wavecable.com

Found Grey Cat, 11/08/08

We found this cat yesterday when he wouldn't leave our porch all day (North Sycamore Lane). The cat has mostly grey fur with white feet, white chest and some white on nose. Yellow eyes. Seems to be an adolescent cat. No collar! Please call (530) 514-3133 if you think this may be your cat!

Found Male Grey Tabby Cat, 07/01/2008

We first noticed him in mid-June hanging around our home near Entrada and Arroyo in Mace Ranch. He seems healthy, but he is a little skittish around people. Please call 530-750-0226 or email yvettecarrie@yahoo.com

Found White, Black and Orange Cat, early morning of 5/10/08

Found outside our bedroom window in our place behind the University Mall. Seems to be rather dirty with a scratch on its nose. Unsure of its gender but it is a very sweet, affectionate cat with tons of personality. We'd love to return it to its family. For more info: sezils@ucdavis.edu.
(If this is the cat I saw posted on Craigslist, the best way to describe her is a calico. They are also, always female. Good luck!!!

Found Female Grey Tabby Cat, 05/05/08

Found outside Veihmeyer hall (not Frank). Friendly with a persistent meow. No collar and no micochip
(I checked with a scanner). For more information: mboisvert@ucdavis.edu

FOUND Female Choc Lab in West Davis April 10th, 2008


Hey everyone!
I really hope you can help me find this girl's home! We found her today
wandering the Arroyo Park in West Davis around 7pm today. No collar or
tags, no working microchip, no tattoos.

She's an older (think 5-8yrs) purebred chocolate lab. 60 pounds, but more
the English style—short, stocky, blocky head. Looks like she may have had
puppies in the past (has the belly pouch), some greying around the lips and
paws. SUPER sweet, knows quite a few commands. In good health and appears
to be housebroken.

Any help in spreading the word would be greatly appreciated!
Rachel Kaplan <rfkaplan@ucdavis.edu

Found Male Cat at Lake and Coho March 31, 2008

Large male adult with dark stripes, white paws, white chest and face. Distinctive long tail. Please call 530-852-7934.


Found Dog German Wirehaired Pointer March 30th

Intact Male German Wirehaired Pointer. Has collar but no tags. Call to identify. Update: He has a microchip, and hopefully will be going home this evening.

Found Female Kitten (tortie) Pioneer Park March 23, 2008

On 3/23, in the evening, a small cat or kitten (vet estimates 9 months old) was following my girlfriend and I around Pioneer Park. It was meowing constantly in a distressed way and was very affectionate when we stopped to pet her. As can be seen from the pic, she's tortoiseshell colored ("tortie" for short).

The cat looked hungry so we're feeding it for now.

[UPDATE] I wanted to make sure she was ok, so I've taken her to the vet and had her tested for feline leukemia and feline AIDS (both negative). I started her shots, got her ears cleaned (she had some gunk in there), de-wormed, flea treatment etc... We even bathed the dirt off her fur, so she's in like-new condition hehe. She's a little underweight, but eating well.

She is so amazingly affectionate, I know she has to belong to someone. Maybe the owners are away for Spring Break? Please, if you've lost your kitty and/or recognize the photos, help me pair her with her owner. If she isn't claimed by next Wednesday, I may just keep this adorable little girl for myself. Call Chris or Anna at 530-759-9923.


Female Chocolate Lab, March 20, 2008

No tags or collar. Followed my sister home from work at the Davis Athletic Center. Contact Allison at 925 285 6514 or email at allison.daley@gmail.com

rabbit at sterling point January 7, 2008

I'm pretty sure it is a pet rabbit and not a wild one, it is black with a white spot and seems to be very comfortable with humans. I have a cat and so can't take it in. If you are missing your rabbit or feel comfortable taking one in, it was last seen at Sterling Point apartments, 1805 Anderson Rd, in the grassy area.

Dog @ Tulip and Loyola 2008-01-01

Medium-sized female white dog with black speckles on ears. No tags or collar. Extremely friendly but timid. Please contact Kellan at (707) 484-7736 or e-mail <kpreagan AT ucdavis DOT edu> if you recognize this dog. Thanks.


Found Siamese young female cat

( kitty) in East part of Davis( Madrone). very nice( fluffy) and friendly with pink antiflea collar. Has been stationed at my place for 2 days. well fed and washed but cant keep her. please call (530)9029784 or email lenadawkins@yahoo.com


Found: Black/Grey and White Bunny

Medium-sized male bunny found on L between 8th and Covell. Call 760 505 9959 to claim.

Dog: White Male I-505

October 7, 2007s
A large all white male dog (maybe Husky mix)w/yellowish eyes was running on I-505 southbound. He was brought to Animal Service Shelter/SPCA in Woodland on E.Gibson Rd. He was not wearing a collar but walked fine on a leash. He had a great temperment, just a little scared. Was able to feed him and give him water w/ease. I was driving thru the area from Washington to the Bay Area, so thought it was best to bring him to a local shelter rather than one in the bay area.

Cat: Princess?

September 12, 2007

Found a cat named Princess a couple days ago over by Almondwood on Alvarado. Called the number on tag, it never connected or rang. Cat was white with brown/black spots. Prolly still over there.

Cat: Orange Tabby

September 2, 2007

Very friendly male orange tabby cat, hangs out in our backyard and the neighborhood close to the intersection of L and 8th streets. Contact okreylos@ucdavis.edu if you think he's yours.


Cat: Orange Tabby

August 9, 2007
Friendly small orange tabby cat, skinny, bony, and with a hurt left ear, seen in northwest Stonegate near Marina Circle. I was walking in the neighborhood and could not carry the cat all the way home before it squirmed out of my grasp. Will look for it again tomorrow.
Update (Aug 13): I looked several times and couldn't find the kitty again.

Found tortoise/tabby cat

Augutst 8 2007
This cat has been around my house in Mace Ranch for approx. 5 days.
I think it's a female with a white chest and white paws. Tortoise shell with grey tabby.
Very very friendly and affectionate. Has a very loud meow. Let me know if you think
it might be your cat. ktina2404@yahoo.com

Found lost rabbit

May 28 2007
Location: East Davis, near 5th Street.
Please contact heymsfoley@aol.com

Found white cat "Marlee"

May 25 2007
We've been feeding this cat. One blue one green eye. It is all white, just happens to be dirty. It is very far from home and the phone number on the collar is not a working number. Let me know if you're missing it. eamoffitt@excite.com


Found ginger cat

7th April 2007
We and our neighbours woke to hear this cat mewing loudly outside our rooms at Greystone Apartments (near 5th and Poleline). The cat is a large-ish ginger and white fluffy type, with a docked tail. Email me at keithwho@mac.com

Found a sweet big black dog

1/4/05 around 11 AM Berryessa Area Napa/Solono/Yolo County Backroads Found a SWEET big black dog comming from Capell Valley 121/128 as I was heading to Winters. This dog is obviously someones, and I am sure they want her back. She is a sweet girl with long black hair hair, bouncy for her size...and gets along pretty well with my dog. I live at the Capell Vally Estates (the 3 way mark of Steele Canyon, Monticello Rd, and Capell Valley in Napa County. This morning I was on my way to work, I work in Novato (Marin County) and the way I would normally go was blocked off because of the mud slides and all...so I had to make the trip all the way to Winters to get on I-80 to go to work... ANYWAY!! This dog was wet, confused, and had almost gotten' hit by someone in a big hurry. A CalTrans guy and I stopped, I said I would try to see if the dog would get in my truck...so I opened up my truck door and she came up to it and kind of sat there...so I got out of the truck and she was just so sweet, she rolled over on her back and wiggled. She acted like she wanted to get in the truck, but wasent too sure about it, so I had to pick up the big girl and put her in. (Long black wet dog hair...you gotta love em'!) So, she is fine...dry...fed...at work with me at my group home I run in Novato. I'll be going home tonight up that way. If this sweet pooch matches your missing sweet pooch Shoot me an E-Mail at Loriplifehouse@aol.com

Cat: Black and White

Just found a female cat tonight (11/2/2005) at the Arbors Apartment Complex at 1280 Olive Dr. She is black and white and starving. Picture below. Please call Rachel at 530-756-3342 if you think she might be yours.


Cat: Orange and White Tabby

Orange and white tabby, found at Lakeshore Apartments 7/31/2005. This guy has an AVID microchip tag but the only information given is that he was last registered somewhere in Utah. He's been wandering around the complex for a week or so. He is so sweet and cuddly and someone must be missing him somewhere! He is orange striped with white paws, belly, and a small white spot on his back. Contact: Kalen or Jackie, 753-4679 or kmridenour@gmail.com

Found cat: Grey, short hair, green eyes, young

Found on 6/8/08 in between The Lexington and Caesar Chavez apartment complexes. Male, skinny, under foot. Contact Jules at goldenstar345@yahoo.com or 415-939-4537. thanks!

Found Kitten: Female Calico Kitten about 6 weeks old. Mostly black with white and orange splotches.

Found on June 1, 2008 near the north Davis Nugget. If she is yours, or if you want to adopt her, contact me at (530) 758 4903 or lhomec@gmail.com.

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