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2013-07-29 12:52:28   —— Is the dog Dahiana still lost? I don't think so*, but then why are there still flyers all over the place near Research Park in Davis? I don't think that is such a nice thing to let them hanging there, putting people on the wrong foot; still kindly and worriedly looking for this dog. They should be removed by owner!

* Considering this: - posted on Friday, July 26! -

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Image Dahiana.jpg deleted. gcoville
Dahiana is reunited with her owner. Quite the tale on the fb lost pets page. gcoville"

Of course I'm very glad Dahiana is home again, but the owner should have removed them by now.
Not everybody is reading and remembering the Davis Wiki updates as well as I do.

How can you be so sure they won't read this? They used the Davis Wiki to their own good, now they can use it again, to the benefit of all.
But feel free to make that phone call, because I won't. I don't like making phone calls.
This comment must be on a relevant place, and since they were using this page to search for their dog, I will use it to search for their removing of flyers that are hanging around in vain.


Are you the one to judge where a comment page is appropriate? I thought all people had equal rights here?
Still, I don't think it's wise. People might think that all flyers are old and not applicable anymore. They stop being attentive and looking all together. I bike there almost every day. Could well be the flyers are at more places than only along this bike path. I counted at least 5, near Research Park.
btw: stop lambasting me.



Well, it sure feels that way. I am making a legit point, and where else than here, where pet lovers (who are hanging flyers) will read it?
Should I scrape the flyers of all the lampposts? I made 5 different-place snapshot photos today (!) of this same dog, on just a small track! Look, how this flyer is attached. CO

NotALostDogSmall.jpgNot a lost dog

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