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[[Image[[Image(IMG_4440.jpg, thumbnail, 400, left)]] [[Image(IMG_4440.jpg, thumbnail, 400, left)]]

Losing a pet is a horrible thing. This page is meant to help people get a start on finding their beloved pet! Or, if you've found someone else's pet, you can post here to try to reach an owner. Please remember to add dates to postings.
Due to the number of missing pets, those who have been missing for one year or longer may be moved to the Lost Pets Archive page.

In addition, it helps to be proactive! Don't let your pet outside unsupervised in the first place (especially rabbits, with the heat and predators and [WWW]read here why you shouldn't let your cat outside). Whether they are indoor or outdoor, you should have your pet implanted with a small microchip. Although you cannot track a missing pet with a microchip, a person will likely contact a local animal humane society, shelter, animal hospital, etc., and one of the first things they will do is scan the animal to see if there's a microchip implanted, which will have all the relevant information to return your pet to you! This costs only $45 (plus an office visit) at the VMTH, and can be done by most veterinarians, and is highly recommended! Some people with indoor cats keep a breakaway collar on them just in case they slip out. It helps to engrave "indoor cat" along with contact information so whoever finds them knows they are lost rather than just wandering.

(scroll down for instructions on adding a pet)

Adding a Lost/Found Pet Listing to DavisWiki

You'll need to login, add your listing by editing the page, then preview and save your edit.

  1. New to DavisWiki? To add a listing you'll need to sign up for a username. It's quick and easy...click on the new user link at the top of the page.

  2. After you login, click on Edit.

  3. Locate the =List of lost or found pets= heading in the editor window. There are some instructions there. In a nutshell:

  4. Add your listing below the heading. It's easiest to simply copy and edit one of the previous listings for your own, or follow these steps:

    • Add a title for your listing by placing double "equals" signs on either side. Examples:

       ==LOST DOG: mm/dd/yy. "Snoopy". Beagle. White with black ears and black nose.== 

       ==FOUND CAT: mm/dd/yy. All black with white paws== 

    • Add an image if possible. Look at the examples for how to place the images so they look nice. See Help with Images for more info. Examples:

       [[Image(snoopy1.jpg, thumbnail, 400, left)]] 

       [[Image(blackcatfound_jan7_2013.jpg, thumbnail, 400, left)]] 

    • Add information about the pet below the image (or title if no image): a detailed description, where and when last seen (or found), your contact info, etc.

    • Add separator lines, one line of four equal signs "====" and one line of four minus signs "----". This keeps your entry visually separated from the next one.

  5. When your pet makes it home, be sure to come back and remove the listing or move it to Success Stories page!

What Else You Can Do

When you first lose (or find) a pet, here are some practical first steps you should take:

  1. Visit the Yolo County Animal Shelter (where your pet will likely end up if it is taken to the police, or if somebody finds it) in Woodland at 2640 E. Gibson Rd. It is open Tuesday-Saturday 10-6, closed for lunch 1-2 and closed on Sundays and Mondays. A shelter employee will gather information on your pet and walk you through the shelter to see if your pet is there. You may also file a lost-report at this location, complete with pictures if you have them. Your lost report will be on file with the SPCA on-site employee and will be checked with every animal brought into the shelter. They can also scan animals to check for microchips, so knowing your pet's microchip number is handy.

  2. Call the Yolo County [WWW]SPCA at 758-7722 and provide a detailed description of your pet. If you have digital photos of your pet, you can email these to a SPCA representative.

  3. Post fliers within a 3-block radius from your home or last seen location and talk to your neighbors directly.

  4. Call the Davis Police Department at their non-emergency number (530)747-5400 (The people who found our dog called the Police Department).

  5. In addition to the Davis Wiki, post ads in [WWW]Craig's List, [WWW]Davis Enterprise, [WWW]Petfinder and [WWW]Pet Harbor. Someone also formed a [WWW]facebook group. Members include YSPCA and UCD VMTH as well as several area vets. Please join this group and check it often so that it can be an effective community resource.

  6. Post a flier at Petco's bulletin board and other pet stores.

  7. If you lost a cat, realize that the cat may be hiding during the day due to all the commotion and dogs being walked outside. Go out at night when it is quiet and call your cat's name. You may find that the cat has been hiding in the neighborhood nearby. They often don't go very far.

  8. Call all of the animal clinics in Davis- people bring and report found animals often.

  9. If you FOUND a pet, take it to a veterinarian to get it scanned for a microchip.

  10. Remember that found cats may not be lost! DO NOT take them to the shelter. They have a high kill rate there, and if the cat is an outdoor cat they can't walk home from inside a cage.

GOOD LUCK everyone, and don't give up!!!

List of lost or found pets

LOST DOG: 07/04/13. "Cookie" 65lbs., black and white Catahoula (looks like Australian Sheppard/Lab mix)

Upload new image "IMG_4440.jpg" Escaped our backyard just North of Covell. Collar came off during the great fireworks escape of 2013. Please call Lisa at 865-567-2155. Thanks!

LOST CAT: 7/3/13. "Bean". 14-year-old, calico, female

BEAN.JPG Cat missing from North Davis, July 2, for over 24 hours. Please email bettypat345@yahoo.com if you have any info!

FOUND DOG: 6/21/13. Small Brown Dachshund/Mix

Browndog.jpg Was found in front of our house on Frontera Drive in East Davis. She seems young with no tags and no microchip. She is wearing a collar. If you think this is your dog please email me at nickerson714@aol.com.

LOST CAT: 6/19/13. "Pierre". Large, black short hair, with 3 white hairs on chest.

Upload new image "IMG_0268.JPG" Pierre was last seen near Portage Bay West and Lake Blvd. He escaped from Sone Gate Village, next door to Arlington Farms Apts. Pierre is black with green eyes, an indoor cat, and does not wear a collar. He is very long (30in) and weights about 15 LBS. He has a very loud meow and a brown freckle on the green iris of his left eye. If you have seen him please call Jenn at 310-309-7736. Thank you so much.

LOST CAT: 6/17/2013. "Pudge." Thick fur; tan; chocolate brown legs, tail, face, and ears; blue eyes.

Pudge.JPG Lost near the intersection of Sycamore and Quail streets. He may have wandered onto the greenbelt. He has no collar (he takes them off). His microchip# is 981020003764040. Pudge has a potentially fatal medical condition that needs treatment, so we need to find him soon. Call 530-902-1163.

FOUND DOG: 6/9/13. Male shepherd mix

Upload new image "image_name.jpg" 8th and college park this morning at 9am, running in traffic. shaved recently. if someone from the neighborhood who is set up for dogs could take him until an owner appears, I would appreciate it. I have had him since 9am and am not equipped for keeping him. If you are the owner, or can foster him, please respond to the ad on craigslist: [WWW]http://sacramento.craigslist.org/pet/3860273203.html

FOUND DOG: 5/31/13. white small dog

white_dog.jpg Lost dog in North Davis! If you or anyone you know lost him please contact me. He has a flea collar but that's it. I'm taking him tomorrow to the Cat Clinic to see if he has a microchip though
If you lost or know the owners, call (626)379-4290

LOST DOG: 5/23/13. "Cali". Female brindal pitbull puppy

cali.jpg Cali went missing today by Birch Lane Elementary School (southeast of Covell & Poleline). She has no tags or microchip.

If you find her, call (530) 402-5712 or (530) 312-3718

LOST DOG: 5/23/15. Small black chihuahua

Found this dog on the greenbelt, but escaped from our fence. Wearing tags with Sacramento number. Name: "Hercules" (on tags). Young and sweet, but ran too fast for me:( Last seen running towards L Street from East Davis. Headed downtown. Please call Stacia at 530-574-8186 if you have seen/captured him.

FOUND CAT:05/15/13. Young, Light orange & white, male tabby

orangetabby.jpg Found in south Davis near Research Park Drive. Taken to vet: no microchip found. Loud & frequent purring. Very friendly. Obviously socialized with humans. A tad timid. Thinner build. Appears to be ~1year old, but his molars are off-white indicating he may be a few years young. Please call Pari at 925-699-1539.

LOST CAT: 5/5/13. "Isis" Female Spayed 20 year DSH, thin, Black with white paw tips and under chin

Isis.jpg She went missing 5/5/13 around 8:30pm in Woodland- west side cross streets Northwood Dr and West. No collar. Microchipped. VERY friendly. Thin. Please call Liz at 510-932-4002 if found or have seen since missing. $200 Reward if found. Thank you.

LOST CAT: 5/5/13. "Belchik". Neutered, 1 year-old Russian Blue cat, all grey with green eyes.

Belchik Cat.JPG He went missing between 5/4/2013 and 5/5/2013 near the intersection of 7th and F Sts., downtown Davis. Please contact David Jefferson at (717) 574-7377 or return to 614 7th St. There is a $50.00 cash reward if you find him. Thank you.

FOUND DOG: 4/29/13. Female Australian Shepard.

Found on Villanova Drive and Lemon Lane in Davis. She is wearing a purple paisley collar with no tags. She is very friendly. Text (or call but better to text) 530-220-4579.

FOUND BIRD: 4/18/13. Small light blue parakeet (not sure actually, what kind of bird)

bird.JPG Extremely well socialized, small, light blue, parakeet was found today at the Hickey Pool on the UC Davis campus. Not sure of the sex, but it has an ankle bracelet. I will post a picture tomorrow. I've also reported the bird found to the police department and will try to drop it off at the Yolo County Animal Shelter tomorrow or Monday. If you can give me the # on the ankle bracelet, I will gladly return this bird to you. My number is (650)714-5061.

LOST CAT: 4/13/13. 1 yr old Male Maine Coon mix

My indoor only cat went missing and has yet to turn up. He is a maine coon mix with medium/long greyish/brown hair. He has 4 white feet and a white underbelly, and is also missing one of his front teeth. Please let me know is you have any info about where he might be!!! Call/text 818-823-1275. Last seen in west davis around Lake and Portage Bay West. My boyfriend and I are desperate to get him back and are offering a reward for his return.

LOST CAT: 3/28/13. "Red". Orange Neutered Male Tabby

Pic of Red.jpg Last seen in Wildhorse area, Davis, cross streets Nevelson Court and Moore St
Name is "Red", 13 yrs old, about 12 lbs
No collar, but microchipped - # 464F130714
Beloved family pet.
If you find him, please call 916-812-3371. Thank you.

FOUND CAT: 3/30/13 Male Grey Tabby, distinct markings, not neutered

Found at the Arboretum on campus around 6:30pm, very friendly large cat. Please contact me if you are missing a cat matching this description! Call/text 425-244-5107.

FOUND DOG: 3/29/13 Female dachshund/pug cross?, beige with black face, etc.

Found in South Davis running with another mix in reddish color (couldn't catch her companion). Call 916-806-3141.

LOST DOG: 3/24/13. "Hunter". Golden Lab

Lost in Mace Ranch. Call 530-370-6643. Watching him for a friend so tags are from Sacramento


Very friendly, all white. Found in Pirate Park in Mace Ranch
Please call 847-507-1326 to claim

LOST DOG: 1/27/13. "Wally". Male mini schnauzer, blackish gray

Names is Wally. Lives in East Davis. Call 753-9768.

FOUND CAT:01/15/13. Young/kitten female? calico

Stray kitten resized.jpgI am 99% sure this is a girl, she looks pretty dirty right now, kind of skinny, I had to sit for a while before she would let me pet her, talkative, very sweet though. When I tried to pick her up she jumped out of my arms and now she wont let me get that close. No collar. Put out some food for her, she was very hungry and scared. This was in the Lexington apartment complex near campus and In-N-Out. Please call/txt (949)456-2479 if this could be your cat! Sorry picture is so bad, I was going to take her inside and now I can't get too close so this is the best I could manage.

FOUND DOG: 1/4/13. Male Chihuahua mix, rust-colored with white paws

found on Sunset Court near Anderson. Call 530-753-3183.

Update 1/10/13: Dog was taken to the animal shelter on Sat 1/5/13. As of today, he still has not been claimed or adopted.

FOUND CAT: 12/12/12. Brown Tabby Cat

Upload new image "cat found 12_12_12.jpg" very skinny intact male brown tabby cat found in the Arbors Apartment complex on Olive Drive. No collar, no microchip but is litterbox trained and loves people. If you have any information please contact Rachel at (805)338-0269.

FOUND CAT: 12/8/12. Female Tuxedo

Upload new image "cat_2012-12-08_tuxedo.jpg" No collar or microchip, vicinity of Duke & M Streets, Davis. Call 530-753-7605

FOUND CAT: 11/18/12. Large Gray

Upload new image "hoover.jpg" Near corner of Anderson & Covell, mid-November. This cat is fluffy & friendly, and has been sleeping on our porch for the past several days. If you recognize him/her, please email sjmcdonnell@mac.com.

FOUND CAT: 11/11/12. Olive Tabby, Medium hair

Upload new image "la habra cat.jpg" Found near La Habre Court, South Davis, early November. No collar. Medium hair tabby with white socks and white chest. Please contact Leah at 530-304-8288 or Jerry at 541-232-0836.

FOUND CAT: 11/3/12. Black/Grayish Female

photo.jpg Found Female Around Valdez St. 708 Valdez St.

LOST CAT: 9/15/12. "Posey". Calico

Upload new image "Posey2.jpg" Posey is 1 ½ years old and weighs about 10 pounds. She is very friendly. Posey lives at 743 Anderson Rd in Davis. Posey got out at 4:00 AM on 9/15/12. She hasn’t been seen since. She has an Avid Microchip # 057-856-057. Please call Philip: 530-304-3321 or email: palba@gbis.com.
Upload new image "Posey1.jpg"

LOST DOG: 9/15/12. "Cricket". Small, Black and White toy fox terrier

Toy fox terrier, she has one white eye with caterac, lost on Purdue Drive, 95616, her name is Cricket, She can not hear very well, but can hear. She runs on three legs, has no tail. Very sweet, 13 years old. Please help us find this little dog, new to the area, not used to the heat!!! my cell (415) 850 1527. My son Anthony, who actually lives there on Purdue Drive, cell phone 415 850-1423. Thank you so much. algdc3@aol.com or joton3@aol.com

FOUND DOG: 9/9/12. White, medium-sized, wearing cone

Upload new image "dog.jpg" medium sized white dog, found near bueno drive on September 9th. No collars and wearing a cone for what looks like a bloody ear. If this dog belongs to you or someone you know please call (530) 400-4974

LOST RABBIT: 8/27/12. White and Black

Upload new image "MrHat.png" Bunny is a neutered male mini lop. Went missing from my front yard on Drexel Dr. in old central east Davis. Any info would be appreciated: sightings, maulings, etc... I would really appreciate having him back or knowing what happened to him. Please call Nikki at 530-756-3210 or email nlnicola@ucdavis.edu. Thank you!

Update 1/9/13: Still missing.

LOST CAT: 8/27/12. "Tux". Tuxedo coat

Upload new image "tux1.jpg" Tux did not come home with his companion Nero, on Monday night 8/27/12. He almost 3 months old. Brown eyes with a "tuxedo" coat (All black with white paws and white chest) He has random white hairs mixed in with black hairs on his tail and a white patch on his nose. His whiskers are really long and white. He is wearing a black and white collar with a tiny bell. He was last seen on Anderson Road four doors up from the Davis Chinese Church. If you've seen him please call Alex at (530) 718-9008. Thank you!
Upload new image "tux2.jpg" Upload new image "tux3.jpg"

LOST CAT: 8/25/12. "Maddi". Abyssinian Cat

Upload new image "maddi.jpg" Lost female Abyssinian cat in North Davis. Small cat, scratch on her back, microchipped. Please call 530-570-0419 with any information. Reward for her safe return.

LOST CAT: 8/21/12. "Mara". Small black/brown torty

We've lost Mara, a small black/brown torty cat. Lost on evening of 21 Aug. 2012 from our home at the intersection of Clara Ln and Birch Ln. She has a microchip. If you find her please call 530-758-5712. Thanks, Chris

LOST CAT: 8/15/12. "Cat". Tabby with brown, black, orange and tan markings. Green eyes

Upload new image "cat1.jpg" Cat is a female tabby cat with brown, black, orange and tan markings with green eyes. She was last seen on about August 15, 2012 on Drake Drive in Davis. She has no tag or microchip. She has a shaved stomach from a recent ultrasound. She is an indoor/outdoor cat but rarely stays out for longer than a day. She loves to go exploring so if you live in the area around Drake Drive if you could check your yard or garage, she may have wandered in! We would really appreciate any info, we miss her very much!!! If you see her please call Amanda at (805) 750-9888 or Katie at (805)490-4904. Thank you!


Upload new image "Bit pull pup.jpg" Found at Nothstar Park on 8/13/12
The dog is still young, with a red collar, while with brown/gray spots. Very sweet.
please call 530-908-6714

FOUND CAT: 8/9/12. Male Grey Tabby, very friendly,

Upload new image "lost_kitty.jpeg" Found 8/9/12

He was found in Davis, on the greenbelt near the corner of Cowell and Lillard, behind the Green Terrace condominiums.

The cat appears to be a young, neutered male.

He has a medium-length grey/brown tabby fir. He has a clear white mark up his nose, and a bit of white on all of his paws.

He is small and lean, but fit, and he has an outgoing personality.

He did not have a collar, but he is microchipped. *We have tried repeatedly to contact his owner, but have received no return call.


LOST CAT: 8/7/12. "Miss Kitty". Black with some white hairs, white patch on chest.

Upload new image "Miss Kitty.jpg" The only reward I can offer is a free hug and my undying appreciation.

My cat is missing. I have had her for her entire 10 years of life. She's been with me through everything and in most of my son's life and my daughter's entire life.

She is mostly black with subtle white hairs from aging randomly placed over her body. She has also developed a small white patch on her chest, as well. Her eyes are mostly yellow, with green directly around the pupils. Her collar is NOT currently on.

She answers to "Miss Kitty" and is very docile. She used to follow me everywhere and when she didn't come home, one night, it has put me in a worried panic.

Please, please, if you see her, call J at 860.461.9072 or email me at misscinrose@gmail.com.

Last seen, where Burnside Ave and Larrabee Street intersect in East Hartford, CT on 7 August 2012.

Update 1/10/13: "I have not gotten my dear kitty back. :("

Note - I'm not sure why this is on a community wiki 3000 miles away from the cat's home. However, pictures of cute cats are what the internet is all about.

LOST CAT: 7/22/12. "Athena". Calico, short hair, mostly black w/ tortiose shell white&orange patches

Upload new image "athena.jpg" Small COLLARED Calico w/ short hair mostly black with tortoise shell patches of white and orange==

Heart Shaped purple collar reads Athena and has 2404 E. 8th Street (530)848-3095. Also Chipped Chip is 028362349. So even if collar is missing has ID Chip. Cat has white paws. Back is mostly black.

Last night [Sunday 7/22], she escaped at 2404 East 8th. near corner of Pole Line and 8th. She responds to food and may be in your garage or back yard sun bathing or hiding in a bush or in shade. Please call Brooke at (530)848-3095 if you have any information. Thanks

LOST CAT: 7/22/12. "Karma". Small Tabby w/ Sock Around neck

Upload new image "karma2.jpg" Last night [Sunday 7/22], she escaped near Pacific Drive (near north davis nugget). She has a sock around or neck or some irritated skin on the back of her neck. She is very dearly missed, if you have any information please contact Andrew @ 707-303-5407.
Upload new image "karma1.jpg"

FOUND CAT: 7/20/12. White with different colored spots

Upload new image "FOUNDcatStonegate.jpg" white with different colored spots
found 7/20/2012 at Stonegate Village Apartments
very friendly

LOST CAT: 7/12/12. "Barney". Long haired Maine Coon

Upload new image "lost cat barney.jpg" Barney is really friendly and hangs out on campus, usually near the Tri Co-ops, Segundo student housing area,
and the ARC. He is a silver/grey/white long-haired Maine Coon. He was last seen around July 12. At the time he had a collar with a nametag on it. He is also micro-chipped. He is missed terribly, especially by his brother Seymour… If you’ve seen him in the past few days, or have any information, please call 562-665-9144 (my cell phone) or 530-754-1310 (Agrarian Effort Co-op)

LOST CAT: 7/6/12. "Angus". Black with small white patch on chest

Upload new image "angus.jpg" REWARD! He is all black with a small patch of white on his chest. Small cyst on right shoulder and has ear tattoos. He is a retired blood donor from UC Davis. Please contact Ryland Behrens if found 916.591.0424 Day or Night! He is loved very much and missed more than words can say!

LOST CAT: 6/27/12. "Boris". All Black, red collar

Upload new image "Boris1.jpg" HAVE YOU SEEN BORIS? He ran away on Wed Jun 27 from Cranbrook Court Apartments (wearing a red collar at the time). He’s a 10 year old, all black cat, super sweet but very skittish. The SPCA said he is likely hiding out nearby. Note that his look-alike sister has a blue collar and is confident outdoors. Please call Anne at 510-847-9223 AT ANY TIME if you see him. Reward $ for return. THANK YOU!
Upload new image "Boris2.jpg" Upload new image "Boris3.jpg"

FOUND BIRD: 6/27/12. Cockatiel - white and yellow

white and yellow
found 6/27, overheated under a bush on Brown Drive (West Davis)
Please call Yolo County Animal Shelter

LOST CAT: 6/25/12. "Willow". Short-haired tabby

Upload new image "Willow1.jpg" Willow is a short haired tabby about two years old. He has a docked right ear and is microchipped. He is not wearing a collar. He went missing from the Willows Apartments on the corner of Lake Blvd. and Covell Blvd. on June 25th, 2012. He is loved and has been missed. If you find him or spot him, please call me at (415) 250-7562. Thank you.
Upload new image "Willow2.jpg"

LOST DOG: 6/16/12. "Chad". Light brown chihuahua mix

Upload new image "chad.jpg" Chad is a light brown chihuahua mix who escaped from the backyard on Marina Circle, Davis, the evening of June 16th. He is 4 years old, and very shy of strangers. He has a collor with a SF tag and is microchipped. If you have found him, please call us at 415-425-1064 or (415) 449-1270. Thank you.

FOUND DOG: 6/15/12. Tri-color Beagle, friendly, full-figured

Upload new image "found_beagle.jpg" Wandered into yard on Bates Drive (East Davis)

Very frienldy, female, middle aged, full-figured. No ID or chip found. Please contact Cheri at (530) 759-0334

LOST DOG: 6/8/12. "Rose". Mostly black chihuahua mix, white paws and whiskers

Upload new image "rose1.jpg" Rose wandered out of our yard on Cabrillo Ave. in North Davis in the morning of June 8th when the gardener opened the gate. She is a mostly black chihuahua mix, approximately 10 lbs. and 8 years old, with some white on her paws and whiskers. She is missing her collar but is microchipped. She is very much loved. If you have found her, please call us at (530) 400-1358. Thank you.

FOUND CAT: 6/2/12. Persian-like, black and orange, declawed

Upload new image "Fiona.jpg" Adams and Arthur 6/2/12 (Davis)

Found a female, black and orange, longed hair, declawed, persian-like cat.
Very friendly, and well kept. She is really nice and she seems young.
Please contact Catalina at (530) 400-2197

LOST DOG: 5/5/12. "Bistro". Red Mini Australian Shepherd with white bits. Dog is BLIND!

Upload new image "Bistro May 2012.jpg" May 5, County Rd 97 Woodland. Red Mini Australian Shepherd named Bistro. He is blind, scared, and new to the area. Dragging a leash, has a name tag that says "Sophie" (from my dear doggie that passed away in February). Please call if you see him or if you want to help find him: 668-4144/304-4110

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