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10/16/13 Lost Turquoise kids backpack. Kindle with purple case in small pocket, also key chain with flash drive attached. Taken from Slide Hill Park the evening of 10/16/13. email tj82472@yahoo.com if found. No questions asked and I will reward whoever returns it.

For bicycles, go here, for everything else, continue...

If you have lost or found an item, (after doing the things below), list it here. You should also make tags/stickers reading "Reward for Return email: xxxxx phone xxxx" and place them on all your valuables, ESPECIALLY those things you carry with you or move around alot. Many, possibly most, people are honest and ethical and will return your item to you -for free- if you just make it reasonably possible for them to do so. Make a list of your items with descriptions, serial numbers, and photographs -that way you'll have something to go on when they disappear. Make a photocopy of the items in your wallet and your key ring. That way you'll know what you lost/who to contact and can also remember what keys went where. Don't carry around more than you reasonably use. Make backups and spares, keep them in a safe at home.

Lost items in Davis

Found items in Davis

You can put down your name and leave your number at the both the UCDPD office and the MU Info Desk, but there is little else you can do except hope a Good Samaritan turns it in while you wait. The majority of people are ethical and will return valuable lost items if they can. It's only a tiny number of individuals who do all the damage in society.

Make sure you have contact information on the items you carry, so if something is lost someone is able to return it to you. If there's no such info, they have little hope of returning it no matter how much they want to. I put my email and phone number on such items (i.e. cell phone). Larger supermarkets have plastic key ring tags which will allow them to get lost keys back to you, assuming you give accurate contact information.

Found items on Campus

Lost Items in Davis

10/4/2013 Lost colorful Strada purse on Unitrans. I can't remember if it was the J or W line, but it was on one of those buses. If you found it, please email me immediately at mtnguye@ucdavis.edu. Inside are very important items.

8/21/2013 Lost Dior sunglasses, Brown. I left them in the private restroom in the Student Community Center. If you have found them, I would really appreciate emailing me at bruzda@hotmail.com It was a gift from my mother and it means a lot to me. Thank you.

8/19/2013 Lost Oakley sunglasses around the Arboretum, Whole foods, Plutos Cafe, Trader Joes or various other places in between. Please email me at alyoung90@yahoo.com if you found it. This was my small graduation gift from my uncle.

8/7/13 LOST A GoPro in a brown patterned pouch/bag at Walnut Park in South Davis, either across from Brisa Villas on Lillard Drive OR the entrance from Sorrento/Brisa on Barony St. Could also be somewhere within the Sorrento Apartments complex. There are 4-5 videos on the memory card (I can describe the contents to you if you're able to view them). Reward if found, please contact 949.468.8383 or email mchiu@ucdavis.edu; I'd REALLY appreciate it as this was a goodbye gift from friends. Thank you.

7/13/13 LOST A Blue and Green Fabric Wallet at the Davis Farmers Market on Saturday, July 13. It has my ID, bank card, and other important cards (including my son's health insurance card). $50 REWARD. If found please contact 530.902.0712 or nora.cary@gmail.com. Thank you!

7/6/13 LOST A Brown Wallet. Only two cards inside. -$50 REWARD- Last place known to have was at F Street in Davis downtown. May have fallen out during bicycle ride home (The Atrium Apartment). If found please contact 530.574.2158 or jwyang@ucdavis.edu. THANK YOU!
Lost brown wallet.jpg

6/5/13 LOST A PINK CARD HOLDER with my ID and laundry card inside. lost it on the way from tercero to soc sci 1100. If found please email hwzhou@ucdavis.edu. THANKYOU!
5/10/13 LOST set of motorcycle keys with remote along Loyola - Pole Line - Research Park Drive. If found please call 916-690-1754. Thanks!
4/26/13 LOST IPOD TOUCH 4th Gen. ( with otterbox casing) Last place seen was Roessler 66. IF found please call 510-386-0073 or email aplatero11@sbcglobal.net. THANK YOU.
4/24/13 LOST BLACK WALLET-$$$ REWARD- Last place known to have was at the Pink Berry/Whole Foods Quad. May have fallen out during bicycle ride home. If found please call 530.302.7588.
4/20/13 LOST GRAY/SILVER NIKE GLASSES CASE with prescription eyeglasses inside, on Picnic Day, likely on Unitrans. If found, please contact me bkllew@ucdavis.edu I can give details about them. Thank you!
4/13/13 LOST Set of Keys. I must have dropped them somewhere in/near the Science Laboratory Building on Campus. They have a pink/purple Carabiner and a set of colorful keys. If found, please contact me at gurtecho@ucdavis.edu and I'll be happy to give you a reward! Thanks.
4/10/13—lost my wallet. I lost in somewhere in Davis, probably in west Davis. It is black with an orange zipper. It has all of my IDs and some dog tags inside. I will give a cash reward if found. If found, please email mesnider@ucdavis.edu.
4/8/13 — Lost my iPhone 5. It must have fallen out while I was biking from Cuarto across Russell. It has a filthy screen protector and an Otterbox Case. Email ethan.i.carr@gmail.com if found. Thanks.
3/21/2013 - Lost my Passport near Our House(or even at the very place). I am a foreign student, I REALLY need it. If found email f.queiroz.md@gmail.com
3/21/2013 - Dropped my cell phone on Unitrans (Route P from Memorial Union) at noon yesterday; Unitrans doesn't have the phone so I'm hoping someone might have found it. I'm a grad student — I can't afford a new phone! Take pity. Besides, it's clunky, slow, and has terrible battery life. email kreddy at ucdavis dot edu.

3/13/2013 - Lost my purse either on the Unitrans or possibly around the Anderson Plaza area at approximately 2:37pm. It is a multi-colored Strada purse. Inside, there is my cell phone, pens, index cards, my California state ID, student ID, and my bank card. Contact me at mtnguye@ucdavis.edu.

3/11/2013 - Lost my backpack at the Silo outdoor patio, at approximately 12:30 PM. It is green with silver accents, and has a hole in the top-front of the backpack. Inside, there's a camel pack tucked in it, along with a book on Discrete Mathematics, a notebook, and a blue book labeled "UWP 101-9 Journal." Contact me at kssassen@ucdavis.edu

2/14/2013- Lost keys, somewhere between Plant Environmental Sciences (PES) and the Domes, going between the Tri-Coops and the ARC Parking lot. There were many campus keys, as wells as for a saturn, bike, blue carabiner, flashlight, swiss army knife. Please email me at wml113g@gmail.com

2/1/2013 - Lost my keys in the wee hours of the morning. Would really appreciate getting them back. They're on a UCD lanyard, with a green bottle opener on the key chain. Email me at bjedwards@ucdavis.edu

1/20/2013 - Lost ~2am January 20th - Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 smart phone. It is white, bigger than an iPhone, has NOKIA and AT&T at the top of the screen on the front. I lost it downtown somewhere or along Olive Dr (maybe University of Beer, Tres Hermanas, Jack in the Box, or somewhere in between or along Olive Drive. Might have also been left in a cab). Please text/call me at 414-916-1036 or email at mckallerud@ucdavis.edu

1/3/2013 - REWARD!!! Long shot, But....I lost a wallet given to me for christmas a week ago on campus. It is a white wallet with a pattern of rainbow jellyfish with heart shaped eyes (bungalow 360 brand.) I walked from Storer to the CoHo and back, and a few hours later (still in storer) I realized it was missing. I have checked the CoHo lost and found, talked to the people in the storer office, and reported it to the police, but it is VERY important to me that I get it back as it was a really precious present. I am willing to give the cost of the wallet, which was $20. If you have it or know where I can get it, email me at carunyan@ucdavis.edu

11/9/2012 - I lost a white Tommy Hilfiger wallet while biking, somewhere on the South Davis Bike Path between Allegre Apartments and D Street, or along E street from 1st to 3rd. I was biking from Allegre Apartments to the corner of E street and 3rd when I saw the wallet was no longer in my sweatshirt pocket—must have fallen out somewhere along the way. I've looked, but I haven't found it. Please, if anyone finds a white wallet with "Anthony Armendariz" California ID card in it, PLEASE call/text me at (650)644-5483 or email me at ajarmendariz@ucdavis.edu.

10/10/2012 lost keys on blue carabiner key ring on B or C st. between 3rd and 8th. about 8-10 keys plus car key, please help! Mike at (530)341-3411.

10/10/2012 walking from chem 194 to SCC down california ave., brand new apple iphone headphones fell off my book bag. i know they are only headphones but please return! 925.470.6191 / mfuy@ucdavis.edu

10/6/2012 LOST! Soccer Referee bag. Left at Davinci HS soccer field on 9/29/2012. Large black duffle bag, contains numerous referee shirts + flags + other items. Please call 530 401-6923.

7/20/2012 LOST! Dark grey Benchmade pocket knife, probably dropped along Russell Rd. bike path west of Rt. 113. Please call or text 530-902-4138.

7/10/2012: REWARD!!!!My wedding/engagement ring was stolen from Natural Nail and spa (235 F street) on July 10. Please return if found this is very sentimental and I'm just just sickened with the loss.
Lost Wedding ring.JPGplease contact SybilHansen if found 916-212-9454, Wedding ring 2.JPGplease contact SybilHansen if found 916-212-9454

6/5/2012: I lost a Casio android phone during the fireworks last night! I have not been able to locate it, so if somebody picks it up please call 925-708-3746. Offering a reward!

6/5/2012: LOST RING; Single, gold band. Engravement on inside and I can verify it to confirm ownership. Stars on outside. HUGE sentimental value; I will gladly provide a reward for your trouble. Thanks so much. zagarnica@ucdavis.edu


3/21/2012: Lost a black JanSport backpack in or around vicinity of de Veres. If found please contact me at 415-823-2900 or email erod@ucdavis.edu REWARD!

3/20/2012 - lost a green pencil bag with red lining (like a watermelon). It contains a lot of things of sentimental value, and it's a sentimental object as well because I made the bag myself. Please text 510-972-3327 or email ssschen@ucdavis.edu if you see it anywhere/have it. Thank you!

3/02/2012: Lost favorite pair of jeans! :( Description: Blue women's jeans Where: Women's bathroom - Haring Hall, around Rm. 1250 When: yesterday 03/01/12, from 5-8pm. If found please call 415-531-1813. Ask for Michelle or Alex. Please, please return them! Thank you!!!!!

2/28/2012: Lost General Chemistry textbook (for CHE 2 series) in Science Lecture hall. If found, please call 530-220-5413, reward!!

2/24/2010: I lost my black T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 710 on the night of Friday Feb 24/morning of Satuday the 25th. I believe I lost it somewhere in downtown Davis. If you found it you can email me at rpmendoza@ucdavis.edu. I am offering a reward for whoever can return it to me. Thank you.

2/13/2012: Lost my itouch on the valdora/barony st. It has scratches on the back, no cover, if anyone's seen it please please please email me at acpascual@ucdavis.edu

2/06/2012 I lost my Black Wallet with Burberry pattern on the inside at the "IN n OUT" in Davis on Friday the 3rd of February. If found, please contact 609-216-3131, thanks.

2/01/2012 I lost my UC Davis navy blue lanyard with my car keys (Honda), apartment key (small brass key), bike lock key and a silver memento key chain that has the name "Tim" engraved on it. It was lost somewhere around or in Olson Hall on Wednesday afternoon. If found PLEASE call 916-505-0605 Thanks
1/30/12 monday afternoon. I lost my silver sony recorder at science lab building in the study area. If found, please call 415-306-2346

1/25/12 Wednesday afternoon, I lost my Rilakkuma wallet on campus (either near MU or Meyer Hall). It's yellow and has a brown bear on it. The cards that are in it are deactivated but I received the wallet as a Christmas present. Please e-mail ahan1120@gmail.com if found. Thank you!

1/21/12 Saturday night, lost a set of keys on a ring with a small grey Sea to Summit carabiner, most probably somewhere on 9th/10th. Please call 530-902-6828 if found. Thank you!

1/13/12 Friday morning, lost a set of keys on a black carabiner. 5-7 keys attached to a clear plastic key chain reading "XPO" and a black whistle. Call 650 892 8541 if found. Thank you!!!!!

1/13/12 Friday night, lost a set of metal keys (6) with a blue "Ramble Apartments" blue horse key chain. Possible areas where lost: around The Viridian Apartments parking lot/close to Community College street (Jade Street) in UC Davis West Village & McDonalds parking lot off of Mace Blvd. close to street area. $100 REWARD IF FOUND. email me asap: ramblekeys@gmail.com

1/11/12 Putah Creek Park
Lost: Iphone 4, black with black/grey cover. Reward. Please email h2oschmo@yahoo.com
Update: Iphone was found and returned. Thanks Davis Parks & Rec!!!

dear davis.

the hand painted FAT FACE sign was tragically stolen yesterday from the L street location.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE return it and unbreak the owner/ sign creator's lovely heart.

as a reward for returning it or for information leading to its return, i will make you food, or give you $100.

you have no idea how important this is.

call caitlin with any info

201-519-8929 cell.

11/21/2011 - Lost black wallet, probably around MU. Contains one card (which I already cancelled), a few rewards cards to Safeway and CVS, and driver's license and student ID, last name Ram on both. If you find it, please email clram@ucdavis.edu ASAP. I need picture ID to get home. :(

11/5/2011 - (REWARD $$$ if found soon!)Lost iPhone 4 in burgandy/brown rubber case Saturday. If you find this please, please email sbgreer@ucdavis.edu. Thank you so so much!!!

11/4/2011 - Lost several keys on a pink stretchy (wrist) lanyard. Bike key, silver key, gold key, Car key, and a large white card key. Lost somewhere around MU area, or on a Unitrans bus. Please email jysarvi@ucdavis.edu if found! THANK YOU.

10/22/2011- Lost gold Canon PowerShot SD960 IS on way from A Street to Tercero living area. Around 10pm on Saturday night, biked on Hutchinson Drive, cut through Everson, past Roessler, and onto Bainer Hall Dr. Please please please contact me at bh1688@gmail.com if you found it! (: Thanks in advance!
(12.1-Megapixel Digital ELPH Digital Camera)

10/05/2011 - (REWARD! $$) Lost Blue Aggie Lanyard. On the lanyard is 2 house keys and a VW car key. If found please contact me at 415-646-5431 or email me at berlouie@ucdavis.edu THANKS!

Friday (7/1/11). They have silver-colored metal frames, aviator-style (tear-drop) clear plastic lenses, and are prescription (progressive). They were in a black, clip-on-the-belt, soft case. May have fallen out along with a 7/1/11 Sac Bee newspaper and current News&Review. $10 reward for return of the eye-glasses in one piece. 530-758-7030 (ignore anti-telemarketing "noise") or tps5352@sbcglobal.net. Thanks!

6/3/2011 LOST JACKET. I left my olive green jacket in Wellman 106 last night, it wasn't there this morning. Its a military green with a hood, pictured below. It has small bloodstains on the right sleeve, also on the inside the sleeves. Please email rnkirby@ucdavis.edu if you have it, thanks!

6/3/2011 LOST Marachon round tortoise-shell 1987 eye-glasses, lost somewhere on the walk from 8th and A street to Shields library. Please email kdmckinney@ucdavis.edu if found. Thanks!

5/23/2011 LOST BURBERRY WALLET!!! Somewhere near MU, Arb, or on Unitrans? Would love to get my IDs etc. back without having to go through a bunch of hassle - reward for return! Email osalpdemir@ucdavis.edu

5/23/2011 LOST Black Zune MP3 Player with black silicon cover, lost either outside SciLab or in SocSci 123, please email kaljohnson@ucdavis.edu Thank you!

5/22/2011 LOST Keys with UC Davis Lanyard on the field at Arroyo Park, please email oliwang@ucdavis.edu Thanks!

5/20/2011 LOST IPHONE 3G. It has a gold cover && when trying to access the phone, there is a picture of a white puppy in laker's jersey. Please email kkdang@ucdavis.edu

5/5/2011 LOST ENGRAVED HTC INCREDIBLE. It's a little dinged up and is engraved "Jamie-Lee" on the back. Please email jlwilson@ucdavis.edu if found. REWARD FOR RETURN.

5/4/2011 LOST UC DAVIS LANYARD WITH 3 KEYS and FLASHLIGHT- Lost between Webster (Cuarto) Dorm and Olson Building.
These keys have a dorm key, a small black bike key, a silver tool looking piece of metal, and an iNova Microlight (mini flashlight) that's smoke and clear colored. I really need these keys back, REWARD REWARD REWARD REWARD

email zmbegan@ucavis.edu
call (805) 205-0462

5/1/11 LOST BLACK CANON POWERSHOT SD1400 IS CAMERA - little point and shoot black Canon camera. I think I lost it somewhere between N St and F St on 8th St. I really do not want to lose the pictures... Will definitely offer reward! Please email me at jonnybsay@gmail.com or call 530-646-9160.

4/28/11 LOST SWEATSHIRT AND IPOD NANO- ipod is red, ucd gray sweatshirt. Please email bon_fromage@rocketmail.com if found

4/20/11 LOST 1 PAIR OF GLASSES - They're black-framed women's glasses with blue swirls on the sides. I lost them on campus somewhere between A St. and Social Sciences 1100. If found please email me at cyonan@ucdavis.edu.

4/20 LOST 2 PAIRS OF GLASSES - 1 PAIR OF FARSIDED READING GLASSES AND 1 PAIR OF BLACK ARNETTES - The glasses are both pretty scratched up, and I lost them somewhere between F and 8th ST and the Davis Cemetary. If found please call Yuri at (916) 284-4153 or email me at yradzik@yahoo.com

4/18/11: LOST DRIVERS LICENSE AND STUDENT ID - California DL and UCD student ID, both with the same name "Heather E" on them. Lost either downtown on 3rd Street between G and K, at the apartments on 3rd and Kst, or in south Davis around Lillard and Drummond Ave. If found please call (916) 390-1688. Thanks!!!!

lost cat:tabby hurt leg/oliver 12/2== lost in the Market Place 530-867-3303 or email vickiwhetten@comcast.net

2/28/2011: LOST RING.. AGAIN! navy blue thread. says I LOVE EK. please please please email me at sjvoong@ucdavis.edu or call me at 916-509-0178 if you might have picked it up or seen it somewhere. there's a story behind that ring! =(

2011-2-14: Lost my iPod touch. It's an 8GB with a black rubber Speck case. It was lost in 127 Wellman on Friday February 11. The picture on the screen is of me and two of my female teammates. If found, please email me at: f22rapt02@gmail.com or call/text me at: 530-276-4042

2011-02-8: I lost my black pencil case in Olson yesterday. I think that I forgot it in room 205, but it wasn't in the room when I checked today. Inside is a single mechanical pencil, and a black Moleskein notebook with all my contact info inside the front cover. There may also be an empty Jelly Belly bag inside. It was a gift, so I can give a small reward if you find and return it. Thanks Davis Wikiites. Found! Thanks Sociology Dept!

2011-02-3: I lost my ipod today at the arc. It has gray/silver headphones and its covered with a purpleish sticker skin with a robot on it. If found, please return it to me! Its an old ipod video and i've had it for a very long time. everything about it is outdated, even the music on it. thank you so much guys 5106196549

Lost Today January 31,2011. I dropped my wallet around the South Davis Safeway Area. It has my name Dzokerayi Nathalie Minya but has an Oregon Drivers License. Please call me if you found it or any of my cards. 660 229 0552

2011-01-30: Found! :)

2011-01-06: Lost UCD lanyard, UCD ID holder (with my ID in it), and a set of keys. I lost it either on the G line Unitran or Wellman 202. I lost it anywhere from 1:10pm-3:20pm today. It's of no value to anyone else but they're very important items to me. So if found, please email me at pkycheung@ucdavis.edu! Please and thank you so much!

2010-12-10: Lost Brown Wallet. I lost it at Quickly's or outside there parking lot Friday the 10th at midnight. It has my CA ID, debit card, gift cards, cash, and important contact information. If found, please email dmawright@yahoo.com or call 9167196910 if found. Thank you!!!

2010-12-01: Lost Toyota car key. Black top with Toyota logo and has a Clifford alarm attached to it. May have been lost in Giedt 1001, Science Lecture Hall 123, or on a D-Line Unitrans bus. Please email me at jnpha@ucdavis.edu or call at 408 316 2790 if you have found it. Thank you so much!

2010-11-18: Lost black asymmetrical Puma jacket on Hutchison field between 9:00PM 11/17 and 8:00AM 11/18. If anyone picked it up please email me at slan@ucdavis.edu. This jacket has a lot of sentimental value. Thank you!!!

2010-10-15: Lost blackberry phone at some point between Baggins End (the domes) and the greenhouses across the street from them. I really, really can't buy another. mzarizvi@ucdavis.edu <3

2010-10-5: Lost bike lock key a few days ago in either Central Davis or North Davis Greenbelt. deichkawa@gmail.com

2010-8-18: I lost a pink Juicy Couture key purse on my way to school around 6 pm on Aug 18th, 2010. It could be any where on this route [WWW]http://tiny.cc/hphdq (Orchard Park — ARC — Police Office — Hutchison — Kemper Hall )
If you find it please contact me and I greatly appreciate your help! yuhsuanchan@gmail.com [WWW]https://sites.google.com/site/yuhsuanchan/key-purse-lost

2010-8-02: Lost black headphones w. clear earbuds. "Shure" emblazoned on each bud. most likely on a bench at the MU nearest to Coho (near grassy area) or Olson Hall. adsoto@ucdavis.edu

2010-7-16: LOST a blue hand-made elastic bracelet made out of "sculpey" and plastic beads. To anyone, it would be of little worth, but it holds so much sentimental value for me. If anyone finds it, could you please please PLEASE contact me at 650-483-6108 OR kztgee@ucdavis.edu. Here's a picture of it:

Hi Davis residents! Yesterday, some bike/trikes were stolen from my son's preschool. These are special, heavy-duty trikes that allow two passengers to ride on the rear seat while a third kid pedals — they have been a favorite activity at school since they were purchased. It looks like some people broke into the yard, drank wine/liquor, had themselves a little 4th of July party and then took the trikes out for a joyride. Please let us know if you see these abandoned somewhere around town! Contact edubin.sub@gmail.com


2010-6-26: Lost a black Olympus Stylus 840 camera with black leather case on bench in civic center park at 9:30 PM. If found, please e-mail ch.schroeter@gmx.net, thanks! No questions asked, we just care so much about the precious family moments that we had captured in the photos and would appreciate an honest person returning the camera to us.

2010-6-22: blackberry flip somewhere biking in davis through downtown, chestnut park, central park, through the plant and environmental science building and to the co-ops on campus. please email wmL113g@gmail.com with information. Will give REWARD!

2010-4-28: Left a small green composition notebook with a picture of a dog on the cover on the Q bus. Half-filled with sketches and writing. If found, please email tomatocaco@yahoo.com.

2010-4-13 Lost a set of keys with a black Honda key, a black masterlock key, a silver key, a black bike lock key all attached to a carabiner. Please email andrewsoto@gmail.com Thanks!

2010-3-22: Lost a set of keys on a small red carabeaner, possibly in Community Park, Sunday March 21, 2010. One is an electronic Toyota key and one is brass with the number 41 cratched into it. Please email gkrisser@gmail.com with any info. Thank you.

2010-3-18: I lost a rather hefty black corduroy Hurley wallet last Saturday (3/13) around 4:30/5. I had gone to the CVS on Covell and the Nugget on Covell, still having it at the Nugget to pay for my things but not having it once I arrived at home. I have checked CVS and the Nugget already. Included in it is my ID, credit card, debit card, and a bunch of other things. If found, please email me at akim@ucdavis.edu. Thanks! -AlisaKim

Found items

Found: several (car) keys on a ring on County Highway E6, Davis. If you can tell me what's on the plastic tag attached to them, they're yours and come and pick them up. ✌ Else, I guess I will have to bike or drive to the Police Station to drop them off. I will wait a little.
Email me at info@my Davis Wiki name without capitals.com ConstantiaOomen
Keys-8-9-2013.jpgFound car keys on County Highway E6

Found: Several keys on a ring in East Davis.
Email rachelahamm@gmail.com to claim

Found light blue Kodak camera in the crosswalk between Cowell and Valdora. It looks like it's been run over...maybe a few times :/
Email me: acwimenta@ucdavis.edu

Found set of keys on 5/13/12! They were on the bike path that extends between Russell/arthur intersection and ucd, near the bridge over 113. Found them on whole earth weekend. Contact Kim or George at 530 753 6844 with descriptive details to claim.

Found inside Rite Aid on corner of Anderson and Russell. About a year old. Gray stripes with a white tummy and chin. If yours, please contact me (925) 451 8672.

Found 02/13/12 One pair of automobile keys for a Toyota near Bistro 33 on the corner of F & 3rd streets. Keys will be at Droms Comics and Cards until 4pm. After this time the keys will be turned in at the Davis Police Station on 5th Street. Droms may be reached @ 530-758-2280 and is located at 231 G Street Suite #4. Ask for Wes. Wes-P

Found 1/30/12 Small floral clinique bag outside bainer. Email kaljohnson@ucdavis.edu with contents to claim.

Keys found on West Davis bike path. Out walking about 7 p.m. on March 21, 2010 and found keys on path between Rushmore and Pinnacle. Contact Katherine at 909-362-4162 to describe and claim, or email me at knoblegoodman@yahoo.com

Found 2008-12-11: Mountain bike at the corner of Cowell and Drew. Yours? email me at kat1628@hotmail.com and describe it. Looks like there may have been an accident and the bike was left behind. Or it was stolen and dumped.

Found 2009-10-4: Wool Cap at corner of Pine and Harvard. Leave a comment on my page with a description and I'll arrange to have it returned. scottmorgan

Found DOG-Aug. 5,2010: Lost Male Lab running around East Davis around 8pm. Very nice and Friendly. Followed me home. If Yours? Contact Dorothy 858-336-9122 (I will be up till Midnight)

Found 11/12/2010 Fox gloves found outside Bike Barn. Turned into staff inside so ask them.

Found 9/17/2011 Bike lock keys. I suspect they're for a bike lock as that is what came up first when I googled the name on the keys. Found on Orchard Road. Call me at 408-693-1172.

Found 9/12/2012: iPhone 4 of Dane Denkers, on West Covell Blvd. Trying to reach Davis' ☺ * Dane Denkers * via the internet has not yet worked. Dane, I have found your iPhone and it rings all the time. The screen is totally crushed, so I can't pick it up, but for the rest it's working and intact. Please call 530 400 2737 (my hub's mobile number) to come and get it. I think this must be yours, because this name was in it when I connected it to iTunes.

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