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Lucas Frerichs is a candidate for City Council in the 2012 City Council Election. He currently chairs the City of Davis Planning Commission and is a member of the Innovation Park Task Force. Previously he served on the Social Services Commission as well on the city's General Plan Housing Element Update Steering Committee.

He has indicated that his top priority on Council, if elected, would be the city's budget and fiscal situation. "We can't do a lot of the things that we'd like to do if we don't have the fiscal house in order," Frerichs has said. "I think a big part of that is sales tax revenue...Local governments, by and large, are funded through sales tax dollars and this city has a fair amount of sales tax leakage." If elected, his focus would also be on the surface water project, specifically, exploring the possibility of a publicly owned utility rather than the privately oriented model first proposed, as well as strengthening the city's relationship with UC Davis.

Lucas Frerichs graduated from Davis High School in 1997 and holds a degree in government from Sacramento State University and a certificate in land use and environmental planning from UC Davis. He has worked in state government since 2005, and currently serves as a policy consultant for Assemblyman Rich Gordon. He lives in Davis with his wife Stacie.

Volunteer Leadership

Additional community service as Board of Director


2012 City Council election endorsements

Elected Officials

City Commissioners

Other Officials

Former Elected and Appointed Officials


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