A Squirrel
It's a squirrel that runs around by Wellman.
Who knows??
Very unpredictable and likes to create havok... especially when it's upset about the massive tumor on its cheek the size of a walnut!

Lumpy is an insane squirrel. It has a tumor on the side of its face and inhabits the area by Wellman Hall on the UCD campus. It's pretty funny until it runs after you. Reports from a disclosed source residing on the Lacrosse team has seen it with his own two eyes and fears it! Find Lumpy, it's a rare treat!

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2008-06-11 10:52:52   Y'know, if squirrels are anything like mice, I've had several with tumors or abscesses on the sides of their faces (and on their sides). It's a pretty common problem with all the rodents I'm familiar with (mice groups tend to overlap rat and cavy groups). It is quite possible that there is no single "Lumpy" or that if this Lumpy passes, another shadowtail will develop a similar lump and be dubbed "Lumpy". —JabberWokky

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