MU Bagel Place


bagel-bagel-bagel.jpgAn uncommonly short bagel line due to finals The MU Bagel Place is part of the Coffee House, located in the Memorial Union on the UCD campus. The bagel counter offers a wide selection of bagels (from Main Street Bagel Cafe in Sac) and several quality "Coho-made" spreads and salads. All the spreads are made with low-fat cream cheese.

Listing of Menu Choices

Types of bagels

Types of spreads/salads

Not Bagels

In the morning hours, you can also order a breakfast bagel made with egg patties, cheese, and sausage.

The Bagel area is also the home to cereal, oatmeal (in the morning), pizza bagels (in the afternoon), breakfast spreads such as butter and jam, and various munchies. On the left side of the bagel counter is the giant case of Odwalla juices, as well as bottled soda, water, milk, and other beverages.

The bagel counter is open from 7am to 6pm (3pm on Fridays), but bagel selection dwindles considerably by the afternoon. Once in a while the MU Bagel Area will positively reek with some godawful, burnt stench, likely the bagel toaster. If you go to the bagel place enough, you'll either grow to love or hate the phrase "bag or plate?".

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