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History loss alert: [WWW] is a heavy edit that presumably removed games that are gone, but without having a place for the departed games.

Also Loss off zazz with the removal of the ATM / Bathroom comments

Not really cool with the big edit, but I lack the ambition and knowledge of the current MU games to really dig into it. I do, however, believe that it's worth noting departed games because they didn't really change all that often and were fixtures in a sense. - SM

So I made a section for former games and made a lot of restoration of photos and general character that were removed from the page. I'm positive that my accuracy is not 100%, and I'm a little skeptical about some of the games that were purportedly added or taken away. Next time I go bowling at the MU, I will double-check the games that are still there and see where exactly they are located. Until then, if anybody can help fix any parts that are wrong, please do! —ScottMeehleib

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