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MUGA might be reduced in size to accommodate the [wikipedia]Americans with Disabilities Act. [WWW]More details.
Website [WWW]
Hours (Summer 2012) Monday - Wednesday, 10 AM - 10 PM
Thursday - Saturday, 10 AM - 12 AM
Sunday, 11 AM - 11 PM

JerryNunes.jpgJerry Nunes. Was Head manager. He also is a UCD bowling team coach, and teaches PE as pictured


Located in the lower level of the Memorial Union, under the UC Davis Bookstore, the MU Games Area, often abbreviated MUGA, is a fantastic and magical place filled with over 50 Arcade games, a bowling alley and ten pool tables. While all activities are open to the public, those who present their Aggie Card can pay reduced rates for bowling and pool. The Games Area also hosts children's birthdays during the day and Rock 'N Bowl Thursday-Saturday evenings.

The MU Games Area is also home to the UC Davis Bowling Club, who are currently ranked in the top 25 in the nation. (There are actually 100s of teams across the country who compete nationally in college bowling.)

Below is a list of all the games in alphabetical order (in addition to the 10 billiards table and 16 bowling lanes)

Central Area:


2-4 tables are on the floor at any given time. All games are set to 5 balls per game. The Stern games are considerably newer, while the others are frequently swapped out when in need of repairs.

The Arcade Room.JPGThe Arcade Room anonmechanic.jpgAn anonymous mechanic fixes Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

The Arcade Room [Dark area; it was once mostly filled with fighting games]:



The pool room now has roughly four or five pool related artwork pieces that have glowing accents on them.

Prize Games:


The MUGA is a melting pot (more of a salad bowl, actually) of different gaming groups. They tend to divide themselves as such:

Warning: Use the bathrooms here at your own risk!! It isn't pretty at all. StevenDaubert thinks this lies, the Games Area has made an effort to clean up the male bathrooms.

Former Games

Central Area:


The Arcade Room:


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2010-02-27 01:27:10   It's such a crock about the ADA, the bookstore chooses to not open the lower doors (next to pump it up and fast and furious motorcyle) when they do the textbook buyback. Wheelchairs can use that lower door after taking the elevator. They stopped using that lower door to make people go in and out of bookstore thru the upper entrances —StevenDaubert

2011-07-02 03:09:13   JUMP TO LEVEL 24 (unlock 16 characters) Enter Game Test Mode. Move cursor to Demo Sound. Press in order: Assist 2, Assist 1, Roundhouse, Fierce, Short, Jab. Exit Game Test Mode. JUMP TO LEVEL 48 (unlock 8 characters) Enter Game Test Mode. Move cursor to Damage Level. Press in order: Roundhouse, Assist 2, Assist 1, Roundhouse, Fierce, Roundhouse. Exit Test Mode.
JUMP TO LEVEL 72 (unlock 8 characters) Enter Game Test Mode. Move cursor to Continue. Press in order: Jab, Fierce, Jab, Assist 1, Short, Fierce. Exit Game Test Mode.
JUMP TO LEVEL 84 (unlock 4 characters) Enter Game Test Mode. Move cursor to Difficulty. Press in order: Fierce, Short, Assist 1, Jab, Assist 2, Jab. Exit Game Test Mode. —StevenDaubert

2011-10-31 04:35:46   Love it! I challenge anyone to a game of old school Street Fighter II. I'm always Chun Li. She's the original girl—so I'm her. —AshleyHamidi

2013-12-05 14:52:01   Aw no, they sold Medieval Madness? That was the best pinball game ever made! Now what am I going to do with the rest of my decade-old stash of tokens? —BarnabasTruman

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