Manor Pool

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1525 Tulip Lane
Open late May through mid September
See the [WWW]Recreational Swimming page for pool hours
(530) 758-2000
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Manor Pool is a public pool located in Slide Hill Park/Manor Park. After years of neglect, the pool complex was closed summer 2007 for renovations and opened anew during summer 2008.


Water Slide:
You must be 48 inches to ride the water slide. No age requirement. 300lb weight limit. The water slide is much smaller than the one at Arroyo Pool.

Lap Lanes:
Total of 3 lap lanes during rec swim. There are lap lanes for fast, medium, and slow speed swimmers. Rest of the pool is free swim. [Arroyo Pool] is more suited for lap swim as the pool is much deeper and there are 4 lap lanes.

sprinklers.jpgSplash Pad slide.jpgWater Slide manor diving pool.jpgDiving Pool

Did you get your toes wet here?

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2008-06-22 16:14:16   So does anyone know when this will actually reopen? Says 'June, 2008' above, but June is almost over. The city website says the grand opening has been postponed and has no specific date info. It's especially frustrating since it looks like it's been complete for a month now. —jackmon

2008-07-06 21:24:21   Just got back from the official grand reopening, although the pool actually opened a couple days ago. The pool appeared to be extremely crowded the past couple days, however it wasn't as packed today. We had a very good time, and got to see pictures of the renovations, which seem like a vast improvement over the previous incarnation (although we only moved to Davis this past year). For those wondering, entrance to the pool is $3.25 for those over 18, and slightly less for those younger. (A season pass is apparently also available.) Also of note is the new sprinkler play area, which although geared towards the younger kids, can easily be enjoyed by those of all ages. Highly recommended for anyone ready for a good time on these hot summer days. It's like having a water park right here in Davis! —hokusman

2008-07-13 19:37:27   Don't know if they changed the rules at Arroyo too, but the slide here requires you to be 4 feet tall to ride. At Arroyo the last 2 years, I could take my daughter in my lap or she could ride alone if she could demonstrate being able to swim 25 feet, regardless of her height. The bar is higher at the Manor slide even though the slide is much smaller. The city pools are generally much stricter than the Rec pool, which while I understand the fear of lawsuits and such, it's unfortunate. Also, the hours are weird. They change several times throughout the summer, and at times they're only open a couple of hours in a day. Why go to all the trouble of constructing such a nice pool if you're only going to be open 3:45 to 6pm on some days? Be sure to check the website for the hours before you get suited up; you might be disappointed. —MatthewPearson

2008-07-25 15:51:25   I was wondering if its possible to just swim laps by myself, Im 12, please answer Im desperate for someplace to swim laps. —KaylaRobinson

2010-06-06 14:08:44   Manor Pool is expected to open for recreational swimming on Tuesday June 1, 2010.

Special & Holiday Hours:

# July 4, 2010 - Independence Day:
Arroyo, Manor, and Community Pools will be open 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.
# September 6, 2009 - Labor Day:
Manor Pools will be open from 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. —charlespersson

2011-06-06 09:24:37   Does anybody use this pool? I know it says lap pool but do they have actual lane lines to separate people who want to splash around from people who want to swim laps? Is it 25 yards long or is it some odd length? Also, $68 for a season pass?? REALLY?! The Six Flags season pass is less than that. —MeggoWaffle

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